The Fashion Confessional is Open

It’s been at least 7 years since I paid more than $15 for a haircut. While I appreciate what a great hairstylist can do, I’ve never found one myself. I go to Cost Cutters.

I have never seen a single Chanel piece that I’ve liked. Ever.

Aside from yellow and orange, I have tall boots in pretty much every color of the rainbow. Including pink.

At some point, laziness overtook me and I stopped hand-washing my tights. I throw them in a pillowcase, tie it shut, and put the whole mess in the machine with the rest of my laundry. Seems to work just fine.

Mixing patterns still scares me.

I can usually make myself do it, but I get super nervous browsing in Jil Sander, Max Mara, and the like. I always feel like I’m gonna set off some sort of “non-wealthy poseur” alarm.

I have matching PJ sets for winter, but none for summer. I wear a mismatched hodgepodge of old graphic tees with HM‘s hand-me-down boxers and it drives me BJONKERS. I long to match. (Though, clearly, not enough to invest in summer PJ sets.)

Planning outfits relaxes me. And once I get sucked into it, I can plan for several hours at a stretch.

I play with my hair. Incessantly.

I can pack a carry-on for a 10-day trip to Iceland, but whenever we take a road trip I feel perfectly free to pack the largest suitcase we own. Even if it’s a 2-day trip to visit my parents.

Nobody at my office would care AT ALL, but I just can’t bring myself to wear anything denim on a non-Friday work day.

Sometimes HM and I accidentally dress matchy for the gym – black hoodies and blue shirts, or black pants and brown shirts. I always make sure one of us changes before we leave the house.

I love polyester with a passion.

And you?

Image courtesy Travel Salem.

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139 Responses to “The Fashion Confessional is Open”

  1. Deborah

    I play with my hair as well.

    I own way too many hoodies. I am even embarrassed to use the word “hoodie,” but there it is!

    I avoid color at all costs. I have no idea why!

    I would kill for a Chanel handbag!

    I adore my Louis Vuitton with embarrassing passion.

    I am a handbag ho. Truly and deeply.

    I love fashion. Completely.

  2. Cynthia

    I have never, ever in my entire life had a manicure, or a pedicure. I clip. I don’t wear nail polish.

    I machine wash silk. And cashmere. If it can’t survive the delicate cycle it shouldn’t be living with me.

    I can not walk past Anthropologie without going in. I swear they must use subsonic mind control.

  3. unmitigated me

    I pay an almost obscene amount of money for haircuts and coloring, and I won’t. stop. Seriously, cut/color/highlights + generous tips for the geniuses involved runs me over $200. I guess that’s just a crazy amount for metro Detroit. If I lived in Chicago, or on the east or west coast, that would probably be a deal. Worth every penny for how it makes me feel.

  4. Courtney

    Ooooh, I love the premise. Let’s see…

    I am so fond of black and white prints that I have at least seven or eight dresses that are graphic black and white, plus scarves and blouses… something about a really strong print is so appealing to me!

    I also own more boots than I care to count.

    My summer casual clothes are pathetic. My small son said to me, when he was even smaller, “Why do you wear dat same fing every day? Dat shirt, dose pants, dose shoes.” And he was right. I changed, but it’s a rut! Capris and Keens and a black tshirt are so easy and so boring.

    When my kids were very small, I would more often than I liked find myself accidentally dressed like them. It perpetuated itself with the laundry cycle, as all the blue t-shirts were dirty at the same time, and then clean at the same time… still, a little embarassing.

    I totally test out work outfits at church. If it works for that hour plus, I know I’ll be comfortable for a whole day. This means my church clothes can be decidedly non-traditional.

  5. Elizabeth Anderson

    I always wondered why those Chanel bags are so iconic. The ones that look like quilted pillows. On the other hand, I’ve never touched one and maybe they are like butter.

    I travel excessively. It’s my passion like clothing is your passion. I don’t want to state how many times I’ve been on an airplane, because it’s embarrassing (vacation time I mean, not work). However, I still cannot pack light. I don’t remember the last time I took only a carryon bag. This isn’t to say I am a fashion plate, so I’m not sure why this is. Well, I do take a lot of camera gear and a laptop so that doesn’t help.

    When I do laundry, the vast majority of the clothing are PJs. I put them on the second I get home at night. I need to stop doing this.

  6. AnaJan

    I do my own hair cut and epilation. It’s not about the money I’d spend at hairdresser’s/beautician, it’s about the time it would take me to arrange the appointment, to get there and to get back home.
    I dress up every day for my work, even though we don’t have any sort of dressing code in my firm. I feel better when I look better.
    I pack myself in the smallest suitcase I have, no matter how long my trip will take and what kind of transportation I’m using. I feel somewhat greedy and unpractical if I carry more than I need. Subsequently, I often feel sorry that I didn’t pack this or that while in the trip.
    I feel free to enter any sort of expensive store while shopping abroad. I lack the courage to do the same when I’m home.

  7. Nique

    I wear a bra to sleep because somehow I got it in my head that it would help prevent my breasts from sagging.

  8. heather

    I love my Aveda Institute- so I pay 18 per cut
    I have an addiction to black. I’m trying to fix it
    I can’t mix patterns well either

  9. Jen

    This could become a novel if I really got going….

    I have my closet organized by color-the vast majority of items fall into white/black/grey/navy.

    I am so hard on shoes I only buy a few each year and wear them out. I covet a vast shoe wardrobe, but know it would be murderous.

    Four years ago I had a child and lost all sense of style. I am working on learning this skill all over again as a 32 year-old. (Read: t-shirts & jeans are NOT acceptable unless gardening or mowing)

    Every fall I purchase a brand-new black turtleneck that I wear at least once each week and have to get rid of at the start of spring because I typically stain it/tear it/wear it out. It has been the go to piece of my wardrobe for over 10 years.

    I have always been an expert with make-up, and the salespeople at our local Sephora know me by name. At least in that area, I rock it out. Hopefully soon my closet will follow suit!

  10. Kat

    I throw everything that looks like it might survive into the washing machine, even if the care tag says it should be dry-cleaned.

    I own an entire dresser drawer full of tights. I still want more, because I don’t have every color and pattern yet.

    I think that brown Louis Vuitton pattern looks horrible.

    I don’t have any desire for expensive handbags, jewelry, or shoes. Not even as gifts–I don’t want the pressure of wearing things that I’ll feel bad about ruining or losing.

    I don’t buy anything I’d have to wear a special bra with.

    I hate shopping in boutiques where the sales staff are actually aware of my presence; I’m probably just browsing so I’d rather be unnoticed. I especially hate shopping in boutiques where I’m at the top of the size range they carry.

    About 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted, and almost all of the “expensive” part was–it’s rare that I spend more than $20 for anything. I always wonder if people assume I spend much more of my money on clothes than I do (and feel less sympathy when I claim to be broke).

    I work in a sartorially-conservative field in a sartorially-conservative city, and I am envious of my friends in other places who can take more liberties with workwear.

    I don’t care that I am too old for “teenager” stores; grownup stores don’t sell the crazier things I like except in pricey designer ranges.

  11. Mandy

    I often put on a cute outfit and then talk myself out of it before I leave the house, and change. (This is one of my 2011 resolutions; to stop doing this!)

    I have no idea how to style my hair. It’s like I was born without that gene.

    I live in my yoga pants when I’m at home.

  12. poodletail

    1. I don’t know why I feel the need to try changing your mind about Chanel but I do. Maybe a field trip to Nordstrom is in order for you & me if you’re open to it. We can kill two birds with one stone because …
    2. Think of the boutiques as art galleries. You live in one of those!
    3. It saddens me that the Coach bag company has strayed so far from their roots. The simple, soft, butchiness of the Bonnie Cashin pieces is long gone and they have totally lost their way.

    • GingerR

      I’m totally with you about Coach. They have cornered the market on gaudy handbags.

  13. futurelint

    I’ve never bought make-up anywhere but Target or Walgreen’s.

    I cut my own hair.

    Part of the reason I wear my hair up all the time is I twist one section of my hair constantly if it’s down (since I was about 2 years old). Only one specific spot but it’s incessant and I don’t even notice I’m doing it!

    I never buy clothes unless I’m sure they fit and I want them because I’m too embarrassed to return things (except online purchases, like shoes).

    I think I look silly in big hoop earrings or dangly ones so I’ve worn the same silver ball earrings for like 8 years.

  14. Katie

    I pay $50/haircut, but then go 6+ months between cuts.

    I’ve had bangs for the past three months because an illness made me lose a bunch of hair at the front of my head. There’s a lot I can handle, but losing my hair has really broken me.

    I can’t stand The Sartorialist, and I don’t read fashion magazines.

    Even though I view navy as a neutral, it’s hard for me to wear denim without incorporating other blues into my outfit.

    I have outside clothing and inside clothing. As soon as I get home, I change out of my nice pieces and put on leggings and one of the boyfriend’s tshirts. This routine can have me change clothes 4+ times on some days.

    I only wear lipstick for my OOTD photos. Other than that, I hate the stuff.

    I don’t like being asked “Can I help you?” in stores. Very polite, yes, but it makes me feel self-conscious.

    I have curly hair that I know how to style, but am usually too lazy to do. The hair elastic and I have developed an unhealthy relationship.

  15. Katie W

    Mixing patterns scares me too.

    I will buy exactly two purses per year, one for warm seasons and one for cold, and it will never cost more than $50.

    If allowed, I would wear leggings everyday.

    I always over-pack.

    Polyester is my best friend!

    I carry a sweater or hoodie everywhere because I’m always cold!

    Basically, I’m much more stylish in my head than reality.

  16. Eliza

    I’ve worn or admired tights in amost every shade of the rainbow- except yellow.

    I save photos of designer clothing to try to diy, even when there is absolutely no way I will be able to do this.

    I have not owned an effective raincoat since childhood.

    I depend on my shoes being flattering (make my feet look smaller/narrower, and add the illusion of a little more height) particuarly if the rest of my outfit isn’t. If I’m wearing unflattering shoes, I tend to spend three times as long picking out my outfit.

    I have a whole stash of “painting” clothes that I do not wear out of the house ( not even down the driveway to get the mail), and I never wear the rest of my clothing while painting/cleaning/doing anything potentially messy. I’ve discovered the hard way that mixing the two is a slippery slope.

    On my birthday, I go to a local outlet mall, and spend up to $200 on a single “silly” purchase. One year, I bought the perfect elbow length leather gloves. Another year, designer sunglasses. This is the only time all year I’ll buy an item I love without analyzing how it will work with the other pieces in my closet.

    I buy multiples of my wardrobe staples. I’ve been buying the same black flats for years, whenever they wear out. I bought a second pair of my favorite gladiator sandals on ebay, when I saw they were looking worn after three years of heavy wear. I’d re-buy at least half my clothing, if I came across it again.

    • Andrea

      That’s nice about your birthday 🙂 I do it too but not necessarily with clothing items, it’s nice to buy something that you want but don’t need once in a while 😀

  17. MarieP

    I hear you, but Max Mara is so worth it! I only own two pieces but they are fab.

    My confession? I hate my haircut but I won’t switch stylists b/c it seems too cruel to do that in this economy. I’ve been going to her for years and, well, it would just seem wrong.

  18. Cara

    I love this!

    I NEVER pay full price for almost anything, but more specifically, shoes. I’ve given myself a fairly generous budget for shoes for my upcoming wedding, and yet I’m still cruising the sale section.

    I name my shoes, usually after the guy I was dating when I bought them. In all cases, the shoes have lasted longer than the relationships. I haven’t named any shoes after my fiancé because I don’t want to test that theory.

    I purposely shop at thrift stores because it drives my sister (who is far more affluent) crazy when I arrive at her house wearing the same skirt that she owns, but having paid a tenth of the price.

    Not only is my wardrobe big enough I can go for months without needing to do laundry, I also have enough underwear I could easily double that. The only thing stopping me is the fact my laundry hamper isn’t bigger!

    I have to wear my newest purchase when I meet up with out of town friends, even if it’s likely they haven’t seen any of the purchases I’d made since the last time I saw them.

    • Andrea

      Same here with the laundry hamper not being big enough! And now I feel the urge to try out the shoes-partner thing!!

  19. Cal

    I went from a funky creative work environment to a culturally and sartorially conservative workplace. (Seriously, people ask me how I can walk in high heels. I tell them the same way most homo sapiens do: upright, placing one foot in front of the other.) This year I’m going to step it up and start dressing more creatively and true to myself. And if someone snarks on my tattoos I will them them whatever, I own them and like them and that’s not going to change.

    I have terrrrible buyer’s remorse, and way too often buy shoes, clothes, bags, get them home, change my mind, then trek back to the store to return…I chalk up my sartorial commitment issues to insecurity about taking risks both financially and style-wise.
    So, this year, if I can truly afford it (ie I’ve paid the bills first) and the piece is versatile, well-made and will have lasting value in my closet, I will buy it and keep it and love it and not regret it. A no-brainer, but something I’m going to work on.

    I color my own hair, grew out the unforgiving layered haircut, and have gone way minimalist with my makeup and hair products. But brow tinting…now a necessity.

    I will continue to shamelessly waste time window-shopping online.

  20. Mia

    I used to wear jeans & pants almost everyday, when I suddenly got deadly tired of it and now I wear skirts & dresses almost exclusively (they flatter my figure better anyway).
    I never wear sexy high heels even though I like to look at them.
    My most fav shoes are from ECCO.
    I’m very self-conscious about my broad shoulders and try not to show it much (both my self-consciousness AND my broad shoulders).
    I used to dislike red and now it’s one of my most fav & most worn colors.
    I dream about looking all vintage and pin-up, but I don’t really have the guts to walk outta the house like that!
    I love geisha hair accessories.
    Yellow tights make me happy!

    My hair is straight, brown and I totally can’t style it.

  21. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Great idea Sal. Here are mine:

    My wardrobe is never, ever tidy but I am always in the process of sorting it out.

    I have to plan outfits in advance because it takes me so long to find any of the items I am looking for.

    Most of my colour combinations come together when I am taking things out of the washing machine or sorting the laundry.

    I never wear anything other than mascara because I would rather spend the extra time in bed. But I wash my hair every morning without fail.

    I own a lot of boots. I don’t know how many because counting them would be like admitting I have a problem (which I do).

    I would love to own a jumpsuit but I have never found one that doesn’t make my bum look like it descends to my knees.

    I would rather own 20 cheap items than one designer one.

  22. Sarah Eagle

    Hmm, this is fun…but let’s see…

    I’ve tried thrift shopping, but I just can’t do it, I realize that its cheaper/more environmental/ totally safe/ great way to buy more expensive clothing at immensely reduced prices but for some reason I just feel icky wearing something that someone else has already worn.

    I know that I should part my hair down the side, but in the morning I’m trying so hard to get out the door that I never bother…meaning that my hair ends up in some semblance of a bun by the end of the day.

    I never blow dry my hair, even when its winter and Boston and it actually freezes my hair.

    I have a near unhealthy relationship to belts…I fervently believe that they will make anything fit, even if my bf says otherwise…

    I buy one pair of ballet flats and then wear them until there are literally holes in the soles and then spend months trying to find another pair of flats (never the exact same ones, mind you) that will once again fit the bill.

    The only makeup I can bring myself to wear is a little bit of powder and blush, I don’t normally wear mascara since I hate the extra time it takes to get it off

    • Elise

      I think of thrifted clothing as an intriguing mystery. I wonder who owned the item before me, how they wore it, and what adventures they had while wearing it.

    • Gracey

      I love that you mention that your hair freezes in Boston in the winter. I visited Boston one January, years back, and I also don’t blow dry my hair. Ever. And it froze. And I was amazed. I still tell that story and it makes me inordinately happy not to be alone in the frozen hair experience!

  23. Velma

    1) I’m with Kat: a very large proportion of my wardrobe is secondhand from thrift stores or ebay, including most of the “expensive” items (cashmere sweaters, dressy skirts and trousers, silk blouses, blazers, scarves, and so on). Gosh, I dearly love to tell people how much I paid! I think this is sometimes a fun gotcha, and sometimes because I fear friends assume I spend a ridiculous amount on my wardrobe.

    2) I lived in Texas for nearly 15 years. This has left me with a total inability to say no to Western styling and cowboy boots–by far the quirkiest part of my wardrobe, now that I live far from the Lone Star state.

  24. Izabela

    I hate buying purses and I never spend more than $30 for one — I wear them out far too easily.

    I own enough clothes that I could wear something different for a year, maybe more. But I only wear a handful of the things I own.

    I am slightly afraid of wearing my “nice” clothes becasue I feel that I might, somehow, ruin them.

    I am way too lazy to do anything with my hair, ever.

    All of my clothes are thrown into the washing machine.

    I prefer shopping alone. When I’m shopping with anyone else, a sister, mother, or a friend, I feel pressure to ask them their opinon or give my opinion. I know the things I like, nobofy can convince me otherwise, and I’m far too biased when I give my opinion — I wouldn’t want someone looking bad becasue of me! There is just too much pressure to shop with other people.

    Sal, you come up with the best discussion topics — I love this!

  25. Elissa

    I color my hair in my bathroom sink. I just can’t deal with paying $100+ to do the exact same thing my hairdresser would.

    When I buy something new, I have to wear it either immediately or, at the latest, the next day. I am impatient and excitable and don’t belive in “saving” things for a better day.

    I adore getting my nails done. Indeed, manicures are the only thing I really treat myself with. I have acrylics, mostly because my own nails are weak and icky and they wouldn’t grow beyond a milimeter without breaking.

    I am a denim hoarder. Seriously, it’s bad. I love high-end jeans, but I won’t pay retail for them;Mine are from eBay or Plato’s Closet or fortutious thrift store finds. Jeans make me happy in a way nothing else does.

    I cannot go a day without makeup. Even if I’m sick or staying home with a good book and a glass of wine. Makeup makes me feel, well, pretty.

  26. Ann V

    I have gone to the same hairstylist exclusively since 1988. Literally no one else has cut my hair in 23 years. He knows me and my hair so well and I get perfect haircuts every time.

    I buy a purse and wear it everyday for years until it falls apart and then I buy a new purse. Switching everything between purses is WAY too much work. I have to carry epi pens and an inhaler and it’s not worth risking forgetting them.

    In 1995, when I was in high school, I inherited a 70s v-neck black sweater from my dad. I’ve worn it once a week every winter since then. It’s made out of some kind of crazy acrylic that would survive a nuclear holocaust.

    I don’t own sweatpants.

    I wear lipstick even if don’t plan on leaving the house.

    I don’t own cloths that need to be dry cleaned. I only own a few things that can’t go in the dryer.

  27. Lydia

    Much of my wardrobe is second-hand…either from thrift stores, Ebay, or hand-me downs. Hey, no one knows the difference!

    I have never gotten a manicure, and only a pedicure once.

    I throw all my clothes, of whatever type, into the laundry machine together. With no extra steps whatsoever involved.

    I own no high-end perfumes.

    The clothes in my closet are color-organized.

    I have a weakness for fun, crazy socks.

    Almost all the shoes I own are black.

    I always way over-pack.

  28. Liz

    I love this website; I’ve been lurking for months.

    I only cut my hair once or twice per year and have been going to the same hairdresser for more than 20 years.

    I have always been willing to pay bigger money for good purses and bags–I own very few, and I get the per-wear cost down to pennies. I, too, lament the descent of Coach into gaudiness. I carry all my old Coach bags and purses, but will not set foot in a Coach store these days.

    I have a European-esque closet–it is tiny, and I prefer it that way. My husband has the bigger closet in our room. I did a major purge of my closet two years ago and have been militant in terms of what I allow myself to purchase now.

    I love seriously amazing, crazy, beautiful shoes and the way they make me feel when wearing them. Half of that tiny closet of mine is a floor to ceiling shelf for shoes. Years of running, however, have forced me to create a whole new set of parameters for shoes, and this blog has introduced me to some great styles!

    I will put together an entire outfit the night before, but when I wake up I almost always wear something completely different. I love to plan outfits but seldom wear them when I think I will.

    There is absolutely no dress code at my office but I will never, ever wear too-casual clothes to work. That said, I’ll never wear suits either. I dislike blazers and jackets intensely–they make me feel very constricted.

    I’m hoping that the new year will see me add some color/texture/pattern to my ferociously neutral wardrobe. Sal, your photos are very inspiring and get me thinking about how to liven up my closet!

  29. Amy

    1. I feel silly wearing a wide belt – like I’m a poser

    2. I have only one bag that’s not a Vera Bradley bag. It’s a green Coach bag I got for my birthday last year because I felt I should have a non-quilted bag in my possession!

    3. On the other hand I have way more clutches than I will ever need, but I love them all

    4. I’m pregnant and I really, really hope I don’t have to tone down my hair and makeup budget to make room for baby …

    5. I rarely wear heels. If I must, it’s a wedge. I’ve realized over the last few years that pumps just aren’t me! I have short legs and am pear shaped but I can’t bring myself to care when I wear flats. Ahh, comfort and style.

    6. If I could I would wear a jersey dress, long cardigan, tights and boots every single day of my life. At least during the winter.

  30. Amanda

    I machine wash all my sweaters.
    As soon as I get home, I am out of my “real” clothes and into a variation of the following: flannel or fleece PJ pants or yoga pant and oversize old sweatshirt.
    I am almost always cold. I wear the above flannel pants in the summer sometimes too.
    I secretly want a pair of Uggs (hey I’m about to move to MI… the winter for pete’s sake.). I do promise I will not wear them in public. Other than the grocery store.
    I love, love, love shoes, especially dressy boots and colored heels. Yet, I wear tennis and dansko clogs to work most days.
    I wear leggings and jeggings as pants! as PANTS! and sometimes my shirt doesn’t cover my butt!
    I adore makeup, even more than I do shoes. I collect it excessively. And lots of days I don’t even wear it.
    For loving shoes and makeup, I tend to not “do” my hair-I sleep on it wet without product, then just brush it and put it in a bun in the morning.

  31. kpriss

    I’m not courageous enough to try new hairstyles or haircolors (it takes courage, I’m telling you!). Consequently, I will never change my classic cut and most likely never dye my hair.

    I’m addicted to nail polish and it’s unlikely that I don’t do my manicure (I do it myself) at least once a week.

    I can’t bring myself around to wearing wristwatches or any other jewelry except my wedding ring and my earrings (which I never change).

    I used to wear these ginormous totes (especially to carry all the napkins, diapers and changes my baby and my kids need while around town). And I love carrying them around, despite they weighting a ton. Now I can’t do more than a minuscule across body bag (something like a quilted Chanel, only 40 times cheaper, minus the quilted and the chain parts).

    I love to dance. Amateurish and undoubtedly chaotic, but I love my dancing.

    I can’t stand pajamas. If I could (read: if our house wasn’t filled with children), I wouldn’t wear anything except what God gave me to sleep in.

    I can’t stand slippers around the house.

    I’m sure the list would go on, but I think it’s enough for a first confession. 😉

  32. Lena (fröken_lila)

    i have a passion for tights and want to own them in every colour and almost every pattern there is, so i have 3 drawers full of them and still i buy more whenever i can. i bought my most expensive pair on iceland and i never bothered to look up the price in my own currency. however, i almost never wear lace-tights since i think most of them are extremely uncomfortable. and of course i wash them in the machine, i own a few of those thin laundry-bags that work basically like your pillowcase.

    i’m really bad at buying basics. i always forget which basics i really need so i end up with three black sweaters which i never wear, and only one cream sweater which i wear all the time because it fits with most of my stuff.

    i’m also really bad at buying really dressy stuff. whenever i visit the opera (which is frequently) i make do with my somewhat excentric but non glittery- and non-shiny wardrobe and feel slightly underdressed. if however i buy something very dressy it never gets worn because i don’t have a suitable skirt/cardigan/blazer/scarf.

    i don’t paint my nails. i would love to, because i like the concept of painted nails and it would probably look nice, but i can’t stand the thought of how a coat of paint would feel on my nails.

    i hate buying practical clothes, such as functional sportswear for skiing. so i don’t own any.

    i only wear leather shoes and bags. with the exception of my converse all stars which are canvas. i will never again wear anthing pleather.

  33. A-C

    If I’m lucky–I get my hair cut 2 times a year. Sometimes less.

    I also just throw my tights in with the wash, except I use a really big lingerie bag. I do, however, set them out to dry either on a hanger or out flat.

    I’m really bad about washing my face when I go to bed. To allow for my laziness, I use makeup remover or face wash wipes which has worked excellently.

    I hate plucking my eyebrows so I let them grow out WAAAAAY longer than I should. The flip-side is I don’t like my fuzzy eyebrows, so I don’t have much of a choice.

    I wash my hair every other day or every 3rd day. Looks and feels better that way.

  34. Lucky Lucy

    I pay for good cuts and color, always have, probably always will. My hairdresser has become a friend…she needs me.

    Polyester (not all, most) reminds me of Leisure Suits, Crappy then, really crappy now … and highly flammable.

    Chanel anything is classic, beautiful and quality. Not necessarily appropriate for a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart for diapers and diet soda, but stunning. The quality of construction for a Real Chanel piece can provide some insight into couture. The difference between professional assembly and off-shore slave labor

    Caring properly for your clothing will extend its life and save you $ and reduce the waste so prevalent in our society.

    Fine tights look good, heavy ones look clunky and stumpy on most women, sorry, they do. Seeing a lovely dress on someone well put together with fantastic shoes, then, the woolie legs, not so good.

    I iron everything. I hate it, but I do. I have a professional ironing contraption that cost lots. When I see clothing that is otherwise lovely with puckering at the seams because it was not ironed I take a deep breath and try to understand. Beautiful photographs with wrinkles and creases drive me nuts!

    I don’t understand how mixing plaids and florals in one outfit translates as good. Scale and dimension need to be perfect to make it work, it usually just looks amateurish.

    Oh well, that’s it, need to go iron!

  35. joann, sidewalk chic

    Oooh, what a great idea, Sal.

    I don’t really like getting manicures and pedicures, mainly because I don’t like spending money on something I know will chip the next day.
    I adore buying makeup, especially lipstick/lipgloss.
    I try not to spend more than $15 on all of my thrift/vintage trips.
    I love the color yellow, but I’m scared of actually wearing it close to my face.
    Almost all of my sweaters are too big for me, but I wear them with belts to cinch them in place.
    I just spent $45 on a haircut, and I don’t think I will ever go more expensive again. I just got the same cut.
    I plan my outfits and blog posts a week in advance.

  36. Kylara7

    1. I get my hair cut and highlighted by the trainees at the Aveda Institute (two different cities in the last 10 years!) for ~$60 and have never been disappointed.
    2. I buy all of my jeans from Target (US) and Joe Fresh (Canada) for $15-30 and have yet to find a high-end pair that I think are worth the price tag.
    3. I like to wear matching bra and undies just for ME (and sometimes I don’t wear either or both).
    4. I wear the same makeup basics from M.A.C. that I bought 5-6 years ago (getting the right colors for my skin and getting some basic application tips has made it a five-min morning routine).
    5. I hate handbags. I used to put my credit card, ID, and cash in one pocket and my lipgloss in the other. The addition of a cell phone finally made me get a tiny wristlet, one in black and one in tan.
    6. I don’t shower every day and I don’t wash my hair more than 1-2 times a week; my skin and hair have never looked better (and my close friends have assured me that I don’t stink!).
    7. I wear either sneakers and flip-flops OR very high heels. I don’t like the in-betweens.

    (and I adore the comments posted by others here…enlightenment, inspiration, and amusement!)

    • Amy

      I’m with you on non-daily showering – I wash my hair maximum every 3rd day and usually shower every other day. Much easier and better on my skin and hair! 🙂

  37. malevolent andrea

    I don’t handwash anything. Ever. Including my $50 Wacoal bras. They last three years at a whack even so.

    I sleep in my bra if I’m sleeping alone.

    I own a lot of leopard print and I don’t care who thinks it’s tacky.

    I wear makeup every day and I cannot leave the house without at least mineral powder, mascara, and something on my lips, even if it’s just colored chapstick.

    I adore platform shoes, especially my Kork Ease sandals which look exactly like the knock-off ones I had when I was 12.

    I have never plucked my eyebrows, other than a stray hair here or there, and never had them done professionally.

    Hairdressers intimidate me greatly, and I think I’m sticking with the one I’ve been going to for the last few months primarily because she’s even shyer than I am.

    I was well into my 30s before I could bear to wear a bra and underwear that didn’t match–not just each other, but what I was wearing on top. Thanks, Mom!

  38. K-Line

    The Jil Sander comment cracked me up! I look like a homeless person with unwashed stringy hair for most of the weekend – or whenever I know I won’t be going out. It’s high – or really LOW – for me 🙂

    Oh, and I only wear matching sets of lingerie.

  39. Leah

    I love everyone’s responses. Particularly the person who splurges $200 on something amazing on her birthday. I’m picking that up.

    I wear mismatched socks, but it bothers me when my bra and undies don’t match.
    I have over 30 dresses, 16 skirts and 2 functional blouses. I always think the dress is a better deal. I really really need blouses.
    I am scared of not being on the bleeding edge of trends. I bought flares 6 months ago.
    I throw away at least half of what I buy at thrift stores without ever wearing it. But factoring in that cost, it’s still cheaper to thrift considering the other half comprises my most worn items.
    I won’t pay more than $50 for jeans.

  40. Extra X

    I never know when something is too tatty to wear anymore. I wait for my 74 year old mother to tell me.

    I loved wearing a uniform at school. I knew no one could make fun of me for what I had on. I would have joined the military for the same reason, except that I can’t do push-ups.

    Sewing is my passion and I would make everything except that it is so hard to find decent fashion fabric where I live.

    This year I want to learn how to wear scarves.

    When I was 10 I told all my relatives that I hated jewelry, because I was afraid that was all I’d ever get as presents and I’d never get toys again.

    I always keep a pair of fat pants in the closet because I believe that if I throw them away I’ll immediately gain back the weight.

  41. Becca

    Okay: confession of a thrifty person who worries about the implications of debt and compulsive consumption.

    I love my old Frye boots. I love my thrifted clothes, and my Gloverall duffel coat from 2003. I think wear is a beautiful (and ethical!) thing. I want to wear my clothes for years and years without worrying about trendiness…

    …but sometimes I go to the mall, and catch a glimpse of myself in my respectably worn black tall boots and my old coat and I look around at the sheer quantity of SHINY! NEW! TRENDY! ON SALE! and feel the urge to BUY! BUY! BUY! because I feel old, and a bit worn, and so… thrifty… among all the beautifully groomed young kids with disposable incomes.

    This is even with mall brands that I know, intellectually, are chintzy and won’t work for me and will collapse after a couple of months. It’s even knowing I do better wearing my old cowboy boots for another couple of years rather than springing for something temporary. No matter how committed I am, a tiny part of myself is wistful for the shiny, the cheap, the instant and the disposable. I confess!

  42. Megan Mae

    I change my hair constantly. The color, cut, anything. I refuse to just let it be. Some days I’ll grab my scissors and just snip away at my bangs a bit.

    I can easily drop money on shoes, but when it comes to paying for actual clothes I waffle over it.

    I hate ‘purses’. I own one bag that I carry everywhere for every occasion and feel no need to own a clutch/tote/etc.

    I’m totally stealing your tight-washing regime. I skip out on wearing dresses or skirts because I’m too lazy to get my tights washed.

    Speaking of, I still don’t own a slip. It drives me bananas.

    I love my Louboutins (ebay ya’ll), but I was so much more excited to receive my Miz Mooz boots.

    And to round it all off, I can’t wear super high heels anymore. Some days I could, but I figure it’s better to keep myself comfortable for the long haul.

  43. Ms O

    I love me a confessional so here goes

    I’d love to thrift but I can’t just bring myself to do it. On the plus side, I don’t buy anything at full retail price. I shop the clearance racks

    I got tired of devoting one day of my weekend to the salon so I started dreadlocs myself and I maintain them myself

    When I was 20, I looked at my closet and saw black, white, grey and blue. Since then, I can’t stay away from bright colors

    I over-declutter my closet. Right now I own just two handbags and looks like I gave away all my sweaters while high on some pregnancy hormone last year.

    I love boots and I love jeans. No matter where I live or what I do, my goto outfit always ends up being jeans and booties

    Yes, I’m too self-conscious to go into the high end designer stores too. That actually applies to the more expensive stores in the mall as well. In fact, I won’t step into a store if there are no customers already inside. Pathetic shyness is to blame 🙂

  44. PaGirl

    I love being a girl and doing girly things (hair, nails, makeup shopping) but I always feel like I don’t belong in the stores/spas and am convinced everyone is laughing at me behind my back. I think it’s left-over trauma from my first real shopping expedition to Michigan Ave and was treated rudely by the sales women. Ditto for boutique shopping – love it, but am so dang intimidated by the size 2 perfectly turned out sales staff that always work at them.

    I’ve worn the same earrings for 4 years – but I’m starting to break out thanks to Miss Sally’s wonderful inspiration! I bought a pair of silver hoops this weekend.

    I don’t understand 90% of fashion terminology – in fact, I had to look up “sartorial” after so many posters used it. 🙂

    I think LV and Coach bags are among the ugliest creations ever. Thank you to the lovely ladies for letting me know I’m not alone.

    I never, ever, ever wear sneakers with anything but workout wear. I think they make my feet look like boats. Even in high school I wore penny loafers with my jeans.

    I love accessories, but don’t know the first thing about using them (hence the earrings statement!).

    I’m terrified to try coloring my own hair.

    And finally, I’m SOOO glad I found this amazing blog.

  45. Kyla

    I have never owned white socks, and have only a single pair of black socks. When I was a kid my mom had trouble telling my sister’s and my socks apart, so my sister got all black and white and I got all colours and I still feel weird in non-coloured socks.

    I don’t need to wear office-style clothes to work, but I do because I like the idea of having the work and home parts of my life sartorially separated.

    I’m a fabric snob. I can’t stand the feel of polyester, acrylic, or pleather. It makes shopping frustrating sometimes.

    I don’t wash my bras as often as I should.

    I have wide, very fussy feet and don’t like the style of most “wide width” shoes, so I have a closet of shoes that are either too narrow or too long. For a while, I’d have to bring extra pairs of shoes with me to school so I could switch from one that gave me blisters on the toes to one that gave me blisters on the heels halfway through the day.

  46. rb

    I go on must-wear-color shopping binges every couple of years, but then continue to only wear black, gray and other neutrals.

    I wear makeup every day. Less on the weekends, but still some makeup.

    I always have polish on my toes even when it’s the dead of winter and they never show. (this is not really good for the toenails)

    I am way too into long cardigans right now and they are more hiding than showing type garments.

    I get botox in my forehead every six months or so, not to reduce wrinkles but because I love the peaceful feeling of being less frowny.

    My platinum and diamond wedding rings make my finger rashy in the winter (trapped moisture underneath.)

    I have lots of real pearls and I have them stashed in various hidey holes all over my house in case we ever get robbed.

    I realize that if we got robbed they’d probably be more interested in electronics.

    And we probably won’t get robbed because we have a burglar alarm and use it.

    But I still obsess about someone stealing my pearls. 🙂

  47. Lorena

    I loved this!
    Let me jump in:
    1- I wash cashmere in the washing machine
    2- I have gone to the same salon for over 12 years
    3- Have over 100 pairs of shoes but am making the effort to downsize.
    4- EBAY is my best friend when it comes to shoes.
    5- I constantly purge my pj drawer as I want to make sure my pjs are presentable, just in case there is an earthquake in the middle of the night and I have to run out. ITS HAPPENED BEFORE

  48. Style Odyssey

    This is neat. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stuff!

    At my hairdresser’s in the islands, I paid $38 for a really nice cut. It was my only option really. However- visiting Miami and having a friend talk me into a Vidal Sassoon salon experience ruined me! haha. I was hooked. No Sassoon where I currently live but I pay way more for haircuts than I probably should. I’m very picky about my hair.

    I’ve never understood those Louis Vuitton plastic handbags with the LV all over them. I know the handles and trim are leather but…plastic everywhere else.

    Wow, Sal- that was fun! Now I’m off to read some of the comments.

    Happy New Year!

    Now that I live where I can have an automatic washing machine, I put my hand washables in a zip mesh bag and wash on delicate- including, like you- tights. No problems so far!

    I don’t wear exercise clothes, trainers or loungewear except for said purposes- never as street attire.

    I love consignment, thrift and vintage shopping.

  49. Gracey

    Great topic, Sal. Once again. I do love reading your blog – it makes me happy.

    Let’s see…

    I love color. Almost too much. I’m wearing mustard-yellow cords today and they make me very happy.

    I don’t change out my purse. I buy one purse (on the sort of expensive side) and then I carry it until I want another. I can carry a bag for years, only carrying a different one for evenings/special occasions.

    That being said, I have a lot of purses. Especially clutches. I love clutches even though I rarely use them – some I haven’t used at all.

    I also get inexpensive (cheap, whatever) haircuts, when I bother to get my hair cut. I’ve never had a cut that I loved so much that I’d spend a lot of money getting it recreated.

    I have a lot of accessories in the form of scarves, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. And I only wear the scarves on a regular basis – I rarely even wear earrings to work.

    I love thrift shopping, but have never found a really awesome deal – I just like not spending a lot of money.

    My bra and panties never, ever, ever match. I don’t think I even own a matching set.

    I never paint my fingernails (it just chips off) and paint my toes so rarely that by the end my big toes are the only nails with polish.

    I don’t wear makeup on a day-to-day basis. Well, mascara, but that’s it. I never wear foundation.

    I like mixing patterns but am not sure I’m especially good at it or always successful with it. I keep trying though because I like how it looks.

  50. Tabithia

    I have always hated designer purses except Betsy Johnson. LV, Coach, Channel? Forget them all.

    I have found myself wearing a lot more black now that I’m dating someone that is so rock ‘n’ roll even though he has always complimented whatever I wear.

    I don’t care if hippie clothes are in or out of style or if I look like a stoner in them, when I’m hanging out with musicians all the time only corporate america cares. I am even looking for some now.

  51. Freya

    What a brilliant idea!

    I have always kept my fancy underwear and my everday underwear in separate drawers.
    I have a complete inability to buy sale items or find bargains
    I don’t understand the horrid LV bags that are brown with the logo stamped all over them, nor the Gucci ones in black/grey. I’m afraid I think they look ugly and cheap – sorry to anyone who owns these items.
    I think I wear only 5% of my wardrobe.
    The last time I browsed in an expensive shop, I think it was miu miu – I swear the security guard was following me…
    My favourite eBay purchase are a pair of ridiculously 80’s Gina heels – I love them. Yet, I have never actually worn them except for round the house.

  52. The Waves

    I am growing my hair out only because I don’t have access to my own hairdresser who works in Finland.

    Going to up-scale clothing stores scares me – even though I used to work in one, and know that the sales associates don’t care how scruffy I look.

    I machine wash almost everything. If something requires washing by hand, it might stay in the laundry basket for a month or more.

    I don’t use any hair styling products. No conditioner, either.

    I don’t use foundation or powder.

    I don’t own a single blazer, black slacks or black pumps.

  53. Liz in Montreal

    I’m poor now, so I don’t shop for clothes much. I have some favorite things from the Salvation Army that get a lot of wear including some nice work skirts and pants, and some old suits from Zara and Club Monaco and Tristan I bought at half-price, and that’s it. I’ve decided I can’t afford to care about fashion. All I want in terms of clothes are affordable and classic things, of good quality, and which fit well. Pants and skirts that hug my natural waist. I claim not to like polyester but I’m wearing a suit in black poly right now, which has been on HIGH rotation in my wardrobe for over 5 years. So I think I really like the stuff. In protest against the ill-fitting imitations of clothes which currently saturate the shops, I thought I would try to learn to sew… but discovered that I’d rather read books and go cross country skiing than wrassle with patterns and fabric and fitting. So, I’ll have to go to charity shops more often… but on the sly somehow, as my boyfriend doesnt like me buying used clothes – he finds it sort of sad. He’ll buy me new things to wear, but I hate to ask, and I hate to spend that kind of money, frankly!
    I have a few old white blouses, some tee-shirts, and a couple of other blouses that don’t really go with anything… I wear the same t-shirts with everything.. suits, jeans (I only own 1 pair of jeans btw), skirts…
    But i did buy myself a nice new London Fog trench coat in gunmetal gray with a thick warm removable lining, for $90 at the boxing week sale last week!!! Yayyy! So now I can get rid of my old hand-me-down trench that isn’t warm OR waterproof…
    My boyfriend bought me new leather gloves, lined with wool, and a new brown m0851 shoulder bag this year… I love them! They go with my brown coat and brown boots… that’s my winter outfit: BROWN. I like it.
    My hair is down to my elbows because I hate to pay to have it cut… I go 6-8 months between cuts. For most of my life I lived in ponytails but now I’ve figured out how to do a chignon type thing with a million bobby pins, so I live in that hairstyle every day so no-one has to look at my split ends. People (ok, my mom and boyfriend) tell me I look nice with my hair like that and that’s good enough for me. Do I dye it? No I don’t. Do I have any grey hair? Three strands only, that I pluck out whenever they grow back, every once in a while. So that’s one way in which I am fortunate 🙂
    The last time I made silly fashion purchases was last spring before going on holiday to San Francisco. I was afraid I had nothing pretty, so I bought a bunch of skirts, a dress, some blouses and a cardigan at Simons… wound up returning most of it and regretting the rest of it. None of it practical or particularly flattering, but I thought it would make me look somehow more “fun” or “sparky.” In reality it did nothing of the sort. I am going to aim for “classic” and “conservative” in the future and am sure I will be much more at ease with my clothes.
    Shoes: gack lets just change the topic shall we? I have a box with some very pretty shoes in them, but I live in a cold mucky climate and I do a lot of walking so they do me precious little good. I wear the same black heels every day for 6 years now, with a little variety when the weather is nice, and other than that, winter boots, hiking boots, and I think I am gonna get me some penny loafers for the spring. Cheap, mind you. I am thinking Sally-Ann for price…

  54. Elly

    What a fun list! (Thanks for the idea, Sal! And Happy New Year!)

    I love thrifted clothing and shoes. In the last two years, my wardrobe has grown many times larger, thanks to the local used-clothing-by-the-pound store. As in, far more clothing than I have closet space for or can wear on a regular basis. (One of my goals for the new year is to do some serious closet-paring and organization.)

    On a related note, my shoe selection used to consist of sneakers, a couple of pairs of flats/flat lace up shoes, flip flops, dance shoes, a couple of pairs of dressy heels, and rain and snow boots. Now I also have dozens of thrifted heels, sandals, and dress boots. I’m embarrassed for people to know how many pairs of shoes I own even though all of the thrifted shoes probably cost less than one or two pairs of nice shoes.

    I almost never wear makeup. Though I wish I did, because I love the colors.

    I machine wash everything, and machine dry almost everything. If it can’t survive a delicate wash cycle, it’s not a good choice for my wardrobe. (However, this means my wool skirts go for a really long time without getting cleaned, because I don’t want to destroy them…)

    I’ve never gotten a manicure or pedicure.

    I can’t stand it when I visibly sweat under my arms, so I now wear very few bright-colored tops or dresses.

    And yes, I too feel uncomfortable browsing in expensive shops and department stores! Makes me feel like I look particularly young and particularly poor.

  55. Joelle

    Even if it’s 10 degrees out and I’ll be wearing jeans and knee high socks under my jeans, my toe nails will be painted.

    I dont like to wear black.

    My hair is in a ponytail 99% of the time because it is too heavy to do anything else with! I would love to have it styled, or up in some cute way, but the headaches aren’t worth it and I cannot stand it falling in my face.

    I dont leave the house without earrings in.

  56. RK

    What a great idea!

    I never buy anything white because I am so prone to spilling, especially coffee. The last white button-up shirt I bought (a month ago, in an effort to confront my fears) is still sitting with its tags in my closet.

    I have only recently started wearing sleeveless anything because I was insecure about how my arms looked.

    Even though nobody at my work dresses up, I like to wear pencil skirts and dresses because it gets me into “work mode.”

    I really, really love jeggings – not only because they’re comfortable and make my butt look great, but also because they tend to have shorter inseams than most jeans I can find. As a petite woman, this is a huge plus.

    Mustard yellow is my favourite colour.

    I used to be really afraid of wearing neutrals because I was afraid they made me look boring, but lately I’ve realized just how great they can look.

    I love the way heels make me look, but hate the way they restrict my mobility. So I don’t wear them that often.

  57. Caroline

    I always pay a lot of money to get my hair colored and cut, more than I’d like to, and I feel guilty about it….However, I don’t trust myself to color my own hair, since the one time I tried, it came out uneven. Plus, I’ve been going to my colorist since sophomore year of high school (5 years ago, I believe) and she has always given me great hair colors. Also, she’s one of the most awesome chicks I know! However, while I like my hair cutter, she tends to give me basically the same hairstyle every time I see her. I need to find someone new.

    I tend to wear the same pair of flats every day until they wear out, and then start the same cycle over again with a new pair of flats. I’ve been trying to branch out and get more pairs of flats, in different colors, but it’s hard since I am very, very picky about my shoes. I currently have a pair of red flats that I ADORE, but they are very well-worn, and I shall have to look for a new pair soon.

    I will also wear the same pair of jeans all the time until the jeans develop holes and I have to get a new pair. Also, I only wear American Eagle jeans because they are the brand that I have found fits me the best. And, despite my hourglass figure and the media telling me I should stay away from skinny jeans, I prefer skinny jeans over over kinds of jeans.

    I wear minimal makeup. Just powder, mascara, and lip gloss. I am young enough that I can get away with this, but I don’t look forward to the day when I will probably have to add more. Makeup confuses me. I don’t think eye shadow and liner look good on me, but I don’t really know how to apply eye shadow.

    I like to look good. I like to look put together, although some days I’m perfectly happy wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

    I used to wear my hair in a ponytail all the time because I hated the amount of work it took to straighten and style my hair. Now I wear my hair down a lot more than I used to. The only difference is that I have learned how to style my curly hair. It looks good curly and requires far less effort. Just add mousse, crunch, spray with hair spray, and leave!

    I do not have pierced ears, although I used to many years ago. Some days I feel an urge to get my ears pierced and wear all these fabulous earrings that I admire so much, but I probably never will. I’m much more of a necklace person. I don’t really like rings. Wearing them bothers me.

  58. LQ (used to post as V, but there are two of us)

    I do not care about visible panty lines. If they’re really as egregiously obvious as all that, fine, that means the outerwear item is too thin and clingy and thus no good to me anyway. If they’re just kinda vaguely perceptible? Too bad. That’s life. I have a big butt and hips as compared to my legs so it’s either a. chill the hell out b. have thong where it don’t belong c. never wear trousers again.

    (With a skirt or dress, VPL doesn’t ever come up: A-lines, tights, slips.)

  59. chaidrinkingfool

    I also do not ever blow-dry my hair. Maybe we should start a club! I had no idea there were other women who go out even in the cold with damp/wet hair. And I’ve not used hairspray in, it would be fair to say, decades…

    I do not paint my fingernails, though I’d love to do so with the colors that are currently fashionable. My fingernails grow too fast to make it worth it.

    I’ve never had a manicure or a pedicure.

    I wait as long as possible between haircuts, though I’m trying to start getting my hair cut often enough so that it doesn’t start to look raggedy/odd/shapeless.

    I do not own clothing that cannot survive the washing machine. “Hand-wash” clothing goes in on the delicate cycle. Anything that catches my eye that’s “dry clean only” and on sale at the thrift store can be risked in the washing machine.

    BTW, for any commenters who fear thrift store clothing–I know this is not 100% good for killing all bacteria/viruses, but I wash everything I buy with safe-for-colors bleach before I wear it.

  60. sisty

    I have never colored my hair, except for once or twice with Natural Instincts or whatever that stuff is called, and it made my hair feel dry and weird.

    I wear only cotton underpants, and they’ve got to be briefs — “granny pannies” but I don’t care — I only feel comfortable when the line of demarcation is at my natural waist.

    I rarely wear makeup of any kind, but I do try to put on lipstick when I remember. I should probably remember more often.

    I, too, overpack — especially shoes.

    I have pretty much stopped wearing jeans, except for one highish-waisted, wide legged pair — I look a lot better in skirts and realize wearing skirts is just as comfortable as wearing pants/jeans.

    I have become completely devoted to fishnet pantihose — I hardly wear anything else, and I wear them to work.

    I make it a rule to put on one — and only one — item of jewelry per day. If I wear earrings, I don’t wear a necklace, and vice versa (not counting my wedding rings, which are the only rings I wear — though I have two sets!).

    I find bracelets a distraction and an annoyance and I hardly ever wear them, unless I’m going to be standing up at a party.

    I’m completely useless at blow-drying, which is why I always get a haircut that doesn’t require it.

  61. Erin

    I haven’t had a haircut – even a trim – since at least last May, I think. I have lost track. It’s long and straight, so I can get away with it, but I am beginning to look like a bit of a hobo.

    I am guilty of pairing bright color with black often because I am (a) lazy and (b) somehow afraid that color with color will be “wrong” or too bold somehow, even though I love it on other people.

    I am an apple and I used to hate belts. I just started wearing them a couple of months ago because I finally got hips after having a baby, and now my jeans do that thing where they fall off your butt if you’re not wearing a belt. I am growing to love them. I love Sal’s obi belts.

    I am not a purse person, but I do have some and a few of those little wristlet things. None cost me more than $60. I realized I might want to start carrying a purse this weekend at the grocery store, when my coat pockets were so stuffed I looked like (more of) a linebacker!

    I am a perfume lover and have at least six that I currently wear. I coordinate them with my outfits – a more feminine scent for a ruffly outfit, something bolder for a power outfit. And they are definitely seasonal as well.

    I am a kid about nail polish and have yellow, blue, and green as well as the traditional colors. I love that this is now acceptable for grown-ups too!

  62. Trystan

    Oh this has been awesome to read! Lots of little similarities & oddities 😉 So my turn…

    I hate getting my hair cut & do it maybe once a year. My inner hippie rebels at being shorn. But I do dye my hair (roots) regularly.

    I almost exclusively wear novelty Halloween ankle socks, plus a few black ankle socks, whenever I wear socks.

    I automatically put on sunglasses (currently, the style is one that clips over my everyday cat-eye glasses) whenever I go outside. Only partly for medical reasons.

    I’m another one who doesn’t blow-dry her hair. It makes frizz worse, besides, I don’t want to spend the time!

    I always wear dark/bright lipstick, tho’ I recently got to the point where I feel ok running out to the grocery store or similar quick, boring errand without it.

    I think mixing prints in an outfit looks a bit clownish 95% of the time.

    When I get home, I’d rather take off my shoes & my bra than feed the (yowling, demanding) cat. Doesn’t matter how comfy the shoes or well-fitted the bra. Off they go!

    I have no problem wearing a two-piece swimsuit, despite how much my belly hangs out. And there are pix online to prove it!

    I wear black tights with skirt/dress outfits year-round, except for the dozen 90+ degree days that occur in my hometown. Bec. it looks good.

    I far prefer Ru-Paul’s Drag Race to Project Runway.

  63. Kimberly

    Wow, definitely some interesting confessions here. I do a complete hair and makeup routine everyday (sometimes twice a day if I am going out in the evening) with the exception of Sundays. If I am just doing my normal Sunday errands I go with my hair as is and keep the makeup to powder, mascara and lipgloss.

    I am a complete trend junky and enjoy trying new things. I buy a lot of clothes and donate a lot of clothes every year because I tire of the same stuff quickly. If something is over a year old and I am still wearing it I surprise myself!

    While, the vast majority of my clothes cost less than $50 per item I am a complete purse snob. I buy one designer bag ($700 +) per year and have never regretted it. I carry and love them all. Also, I could never imagine carrying a cheap purse again.

    I am slightly embarrassed when guests come to stay and there is no room in the guest closet for their things because it is absolutely stuffed full of my clothes and 1/2 of one of the wall is covered with shoes in their boxes.

    I love jewelry and scarves and many times go with the thought that more is better. Screw being simplistic – this life is no dress rehearsal. Live large!!

  64. spacegeek

    This is fun!
    I really want a DVF wrap dress.
    I spend an obscene amount of money on skincare products, and am thrilled with the way my 40-yr old skin looks.
    I finally have the hair I’ve always wanted–not curly–due to brazilian blowout.
    I shop online way too much. But I don’t buy (always), just shop.
    I’m happy with getting older.
    I wash all my hand-washables in the machine, but on the super-gentle cycle, and lay out or hang to dry as needed.
    I am 50 lbs heavier than I’d “like” to be, but still shop and dress to fit the body I’m in. The amount of clothing I have due to size changes, is, as a result, also obscene. I am not ready to do what it takes to be thinner and in better shape.

  65. erinsuzanne

    Loved this post, loved the comments that followed!

    1) I recently started buying all my professional/work clothes at thrift stores again, and have had amazing luck with fun things (I’m a science teacher, so my income is not large and I’m hard on all my clothes anyway)

    2) I love shoes, but only own practical things that can survive walking 2 miles to work in the snow/slush/salt that is the upper midwest’s winter

    3) I don’t wear make up, blow dry or style my hair, or remember to wear jewelry very often…

    4) My fashion goal for 2010 was to look more polished*, my goal for 2011 is to have more fun with my wardrobe (color, texture, less dependence on trouser-style jeans/blouse/sweater as my work “uniform”)

    * #3 probably indicates my level of success with this goal!

  66. hlynn

    1. I love fun hats and big, bright scarves, but I’m so picky about the ones I wear I don’t own many at all.

    2. I like to stay the weight that I am so that I can wear good pieces of basic clothing from six years ago. Who really wants to buy new black pants?

    3. I own and wear a lot of dresses and skirts. Sometimes I just wear skirts and tights around the house…my parents or my roommates ask where I’m going. Getting coffee?

    4. I don’t like the part of What Not to Wear where they actually tell you that prices of the outfits. Can I get a What Not to Wear on a Real Budget season?

  67. Nanina

    I hate most modern (spell: crazy) fashion designs. Especially handbags, and then especially the hyped ones. I think

    most fashion bloggers – from which you, dear Sal, are a refreshing exception – mostly look like they fell headfirst

    into a pile of coke and then got dressed. By someone else. In the dark. This so-called “Bloggerstyle” makes my toenails

    curl up.

    I don’t see any sense in buying expensive cosmetics. I do see sense in buying products your skin loves best, or

    products just to feel luxurious, but please: Owning all taupe Chanel, Mac, Guerlain, Lancome (…) eye shadows? You

    might have spent hundreds of dollars, and no one is going to see the difference. In fact, any normal human being will

    be hard pressed to even see the difference between any of the high-end colors and good drugstore products, once the

    color is on your lid. I have a theory that this is where beauty blogs come from: So that bloggers and enthusiasts can

    praise each other’s buys, so that they get any praise at all. Because in daily life, they don’t. Because no one sees

    the difference. Nevertheless, I read a lot of beauty blogs. I do laugh at them and refuse to buy all that stuff, but I

    read them. And when I’m inspired, I look at the stuff I have, and when I feel I want something that isn’t there, I go

    to the drugstore and buy it. Period.

    I don’t buy online, as colors and fit are almost never right. And I’m someone who has little trouble finding fitting

    clothing otherwise.

    I can’t stand The Sartorialist either, and I think Chloe Sevigny is butt-ugly (sorry Chloe 🙁 ). I do read InStyle

    from time to time though, even if I rarely like something that is inside.

    I usually hate when someone is mixing patterns. Like a leopard dress with a plaid shirt underneath, artsy peek-a-boo

    tights and a mustard scarf. And everyone is swooning. Are you kidding me?

    I rarely buy clothes for more than 50€. I buy clothes in sales or on discounts, or in stores that aren’t that expensive

    to begin with. Ok, I live on a PhD’s salary, so there is little else to do, but still. On the positive side, I’ve asked

    a few close and trustworthy persons if the clothes I wear look ike the few bucks they’ve cost, and they all told me a

    resounding NO. And people are often astonished at how cheap the stuff I’m wearing actually was. But I actually don’t

    thrift. I don’t think of thrifted items in terms of “Oh, what interesting things this one might have seen!” but rather

    as “Eww, who knows where this has been and what has been done with it!”

    I also would rather buy 20 cheap itmes than one expensive item.

    I always felt best in my newest purchase, but then I came upon the thought that no one will notice if I wear something

    older, because most people have not seen this yet, either. Epiphany!

    Over the years, I came to prefer shopping alone. I’m such a perfectionist it drives other people wild! I absolutely

    will not buy an item if I don’t 100% like it (ok, unless it is supercheap and I 90% like it…). And so, I feel bad for

    rejecting a lot of ideas from the people I’m going shopping with.

    I wash almost everything in the machine. I just put dainty items in laundry bags. I even tumble dry a lot of items that

    are not meant to from time to time. Works like a charm.

    I wash every clothing item I buy before I really wear it out and about. Sensitive skin.

    I don’t iron anything.

  68. Gillian

    Every few years I grow my hair out. Then I realize that it’s pointless to have long hair if I’m not going to style it, get sick of going out with a lot of wet hair or drying it, or just generally get fed up with the weight of all that hair, and hack it off. That lasts a year or so till I grow it out again. But I just turned 22 and am paranoid about looking too young if I grow it long again. I am very tiny and petite and would appear to be a high schooler. I think the bob will have to stay for now. I do the same cyclical process with cutting and growing my bangs. Sometimes I wish I had a distinctive hairstyle I could settle on.

    My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair because she said I’d ruin the color (I’m a natural brunette). This was maddening as she dyes her hair red regularly. To celebrate finishing finals freshman year of college a friend and I dyed our hair. I’m converted for life; I’ve always felt more like a redhead anyway. I usually just grab one of three reds from CVS and dye it myself, but lately it never looks red enough to me. Thinking I might splurge on an appointment with a stylist. Also, I hacked about a foot off my hair myself in the spring, so my ends could probably do with a professional cut. But I’m cheap about hair.

    I hate toenails, so I always keep them cut as short as possible and painted. I think French manicures on toenails are super creepy. I used to have long fingernails, but within the past few years I’ve started getting this antsy feeling when my nails get any bit of length. Now they stay short and painted too. I am skeptical that people with very long or super manicured nails are able to actually be productive with their hands.

    I love thrifting and will happily buy bags and bags from thrift stores before I would ever buy clothing at a superstore like Walmart or even a department store like Penney’s. I prefer used but quality to new and cheap.

    I am often rationalize buying things I love but don’t need on the basis of “how likely am I to find this item ever again?” So I own a lot of impractical party dresses or unique items with specific uses and very few good dress pants, skirts, or skirts. Buying practical separates bores me.

    The only practical items I do have a surplus of are ballet flats and cardigans. I am always cold and really don’t like wearing shoes. Very flimsy flats are the closest thing to barefoot.

    I am obsessive about practical items being perfect, so they never live up to my standards. I can buy tons of random shoes and bags, but can’t settle on a good pair of boots or one designer purse.

    I am torn because I hate Vera Bradley and have long mocked the brand, yet my main purse is a Vera Bradley. My reasons to hate the bags (it’s like it’s mandatory for every college girl to own them, most of the patterns are hideous, I hate paisley, and they’re stupidly expensive) were overruled by my love of flower print and of kiss-lock purses. I justify it to myself because as a vegetarian I prefer not to buy new leather bags, so this one fits that bill, and because I got it very cheap on ebay. Everyone I’ve talked to who has this Poppy pattern has told me they don’t usually like Vera either. I still feel paranoid that people will judge me for carrying it.

    • Velma

      Aw, it’s cute! And I don’t usually like those Vera Bradley bags, either.

  69. eyeliah

    Sometimes I feel like a poser in those stores too, and I kind of am because I never buy anything 😉

    I narrowed my closet down to less than 50 pieces, its awful! I miss my clothes.

  70. Janiece

    I can’t bear tights with both a crotch and feet (aargh the discomfort!), so I either wear footless leggings or Over The Knee socks unless I really *have* to wear ‘normal’ ones.

    I tend to avoid wearing things that button up on my top half (unless it’s an undone/partly done up cardi) as I have disproportionately big boobs which distort the top and make it gape between buttons.

    I have way too many handbags – I fully intend to use them but then can’t be bothered doing the contents transfer for everyday use.

    I have too many heels I don’t wear enough as the discomfort outweighs the glamour too often.

    I don’t have enough of a bum, so pants don’t look so good on me, too much wrinkly fabric behind – so I prefer skirts & dresses. (If only I could magically move some of the flesh from my chest to my buttocks!).

    I have had a sewing phobia since primary school when I was spanked and belittled by the teacher for doing a bad job, and so have been known to repair garments in all sorts of ways – the piece de resistance was a jumper (sweater) which I repaired with staples!! It lasted for years, BTW.

    I spend a lot of money at the hairdresser because I have awful hair and I feel less self-conscious having it looking it the best it can.
    I never style my hair because it is straight and fine, so after washing I comb it and let it dry and it sits perfectly.

    I don’t care if a thing is in fashion or not, my like/dislike for it is enough for me.

    I could never wear any of these 80s revival fashions, as I wore them first time round!

    I do not understand many trends, including shoes which look like animal hooves.

    If I have to pay full price for anything new I feel ripped off!

    I have colour matching obsessions which probably border on a pathological condition.

    I don’t iron. Life is too short. If it can’t drip dry without wrinkles, (or at least an ‘acceptable’ level of them), I don’t want it.

  71. Stacey

    To avoid making a decision on what to wear I wear my clothes in the order they are hanging in the closet (clean clothes go to the back) I have 4 different closets (spring/summer) (winter/fall) (pants/capris) (jackets) I do enforce some rules (I know I know)
    Rule 1: I do not wear the same shoes or jackets two days in a row and my undergarments must match the outfit (my shoe collection I have the basic colors that I wear)

    Rule 2: 65 degree and above is short sleeves from the spring/summer closet
    75 degree and above I can wear sleeveless and sandals
    below 65 is from the winter/fall closet but thin clothes unless below 55
    55 and below thick full winter clothes
    Do you think I’m crazy? I have done this as long as remember

    I love capri/gouchos and wear them all year long (I put these fabulous wedge heal boots on in the winter)
    I have been told I look great in red but for some reason own very few pieces of red ( I tend to buy oranges, browns, and yellows)
    I have also finally embraced my curly hair and have cut my prep time in half and my hair looks and feels better, no more blow dryers 🙂

    I love this fashion blog!!

  72. Crissy

    I have never shopped at Forever 21.

    By the time I was 12, I owned over 100 pairs of shoes. Now I only own 4.

    I have been obsessed with Fluevogs circa 1994, although I have never owned a pair. My feet are wide, so I have been too afraid to mail order. Thank goodness a store will be opening in Portland!

    I used to dye my hair blue-black all the time to cover premature graying, although I’m severely allergic to black hair dye. Now I’m embracing the gray and white, although I hate finding brown highlights.

    My hair used to be so perfectly coiffed that it was frequently mistaken for a wig. I grew my hair out and pretty much stopped using my flat iron, because I’m usually broke and can’t find the time to while raising my two-year-old. Also, I have problems settling on a hairstylist, because I have a difficult and huge head of kinky, Asian hair. I can’t spend less than $40 on a haircut and can’t help but overtip even if I’m not sated. I guess I’m a salon whore, because I have not been able to settle on a stylist or a salon since I have lived in California.

    I’m allergic to jewelry, so I pretty much don’t wear any.

    I usually have the best luck thrifting and finding sartorial jems at vintage stores, but these usually get destroyed by something really stupid, such as my old cat had kittens and they decided to use my coats, dresses and shoes as a litter box.

    I’m very sad that cats really like to urinate on my best clothes. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life.

  73. Susan

    LOVE this idea!

    I have extremely short hair because I cannot bear spending more than two minutes on it. Luckily, it’s flattering. I get it cut every three weeks. I dyed it platinum ten years ago. Now it’s brown and gray and I probably won’t dye it again.

    I now own 2 pairs of Tsubo Acreas because of you, Sal, and I LOVE THEM TRULY MADLY DEEPLY.

    I live in Texas and wear most of my clothes year-round. I buy basics and then layer. For years I didn’t own any patterned clothes, only solid colors.

    I firmly believe in the cost-per-wear concept.

    I’ve had one manicure in my life. I love friends’ brightly polished fingernails (Opi: “I Am Not a Waitress”), but not my own. I paint my own toenails.

    I always pack more than I wear. I like having choices.

    I’m also shy about shopping in high-end stores. I have a friend, an ex-model, who just sails right in, leaving flabbergasted clerks in her wake. I admire that.

  74. Amanda

    – I refuse to buy shoes that aren’t leather (except for sneakers and snowboots). Leather just feels better on my feet. And it wears better, I think.

    – Likewise, I refuse to buy acrylic sweaters (well, I have one. But it was too awesome to resist). They pill so badly…

    – …and I hate pilling. I hate it so much. I sit down with all my sweaters about twice a month and shave them with a nifty little fabric shaver thingy.

    – I love stripes. So much.

    – I am obsessive about my bangs. Really obsessive. And I’m currently suffering the consequences of the world’s worst trim, which I got at a pretty freakin’ expensive salon. I mean, I was a walk-in and the trim was free, that doesn’t give the stylist the right to be rude (and when I say rude, I mean RUDE. Never in my life have I been treated so poorly in a place of business) and do the exact opposite of what I ask…sorry, I’m still really angry about it.

    – Even though I adore them, I cannot wear classic button-down shirts. I just…can’t. I always end up with permanent pit-stains or lost buttons or unraveling seams. It’s a curse.

  75. Bethany

    1) I never dry clean my dry clean only clothes. I take them off as soon as I get home, wipe off any spills and turn it inside out to let it air out. I do make my husband do a sniff test to see if anything smells funky that I’ve gotten used to.

    2) I put some sort of decoration in my hair at least once a week, and always always take it out before leaving the house.

    3) I have 3 white button up shirts hanging in my closet that I never wear because I’m too lazy to iron!

  76. Anonymous

    I only wear black socks, because I can’t stand dingy white socks.
    I buy a new black sweater every winter and then wear it obsessively.
    I go to a different hairstylist every time I get my hair cut. Because I hate small talk and wouldn’t know what to say after the normal intro stuff. But I only cut it twice a year.
    I don’t own shorts, sweatpants or tennis shoes.
    I can’t stand sitting around in my pajamas.
    I avoid sales clerks at all cost and feel out of place in expensive stores, I’m sure they know I’m really just a farm girl.
    My winter coat lining is full of holes. I know how to sew, but I’m waiting for enough time to sew a new coat for myself.

  77. Cynthia Brown

    * I dry clean all of my jeans (and my husband’s). The color and shape last forever so it seems to be working for me.

    * I’m a sale whore, pretty much will never EVER buy anything at full price.

    * After writing a research-style blog post on jeggings I now live in the pair I bought along with some recently purchased boots that were inspired entirely by Sally…because Sally rocks the boots casbah. If jeggings are a passing fad then in the words of a wise woman, I will gladly continue to hang in the “trend faux pas” period with these pants.

    * I think it’s annoying that “new trends” are just old trends recycled with a bad zipper addition or some such nonsense. Capris are in for spring 2011? Really? That’s classic Audrey and will always, always be in fashion. Next.

    * I still wear a stretchy cami that I bought in high school.

    * If I’m feeling anxious at bedtime I put myself to sleep by thinking about an upcoming event and then I plan an outfit by methodically walking through my closet item by item. Always fast asleep before anything gets accomplished.

    * I own the perfect pair of (splurge) nude pumps. They go with everything.

    * I have a NZ baseball hat purchased in New Zealand that I wear far, far too often.

    Realizing that this list could get long, which amuses me. Great blog topic, Sally!

  78. Jennifer

    I don’t “get” designer bags . . . ever. They just look like leather or quilted cloth bags with lots of jangly bits to them.

    I have maybe five things in my closet I paid $50 or more for. Two are bridesmaids dresses, two are coats, and one is a three-season dress I probably wear at least twice a month.

    If I didn’t care about what people thought, I would be one of those dresses only girls. Even though I was on the floor about 70% of the time in my last job (pre-k teacher). Dresses feel the most me, I buy dresses, I just don’t wear them, except for church. I’ve decided this year I’m going to wear more dresses!

    I respect your right to wear whatever you want, but I personally find the thought of wearing leather icky. (I’m vegetarian, what can I tell ya?) But I love wearing zebra print and I’m really wanting a peacock feather something. I worry people would judge me for wearing feathers.

    I’ve been to my stylist since I was 5, I love her, she charges $15, but she does not understand my curly hair. I hate to do it, but I think I’m going to have to make the break.

    I’ve had mani/pedis twice–both times I didn’t like the people touching and rubbing my body parts. Haven’t been back since.

    I own nothing that is dry-clean only. I don’t think I have any handwash either, but I do my tights.

    A thousand years from now, there will be a puddle of oozy oil where my wardrobe used to be. I can’t quit you, polyester. Sorry ozone.

    I don’t iron.

    I have enough earrings to wear a different pair for a year. Seriously. Necklaces could last me a month. I feel naked without both a necklace and earrings. The dangly ones are my favorites.

    I would have way more room in my closet for clothes if not for the craft supplies. Still, it’s crammed full and overdue for a purge.

  79. Tabithia

    Let me add a couple:

    I absolutely despise wearing slips so as much as possible I wear men’s sliding shorts instead. The same sliding shorts I wear to the gym and dancing, I also wear to work if necessary.

    I often purchase things, realize when I get home they really aren’t flattering, then sell them to Plato’s Closet, (I did this more when I actually worked at Plato’s Closet) because I can’t return them because they are either thrifted or clearance.

    I don’t spend over $20 on ANYTHING. I did this past May, spent $30 plus tax on a pair of dress pants from WhiteHouse BlackMarket and guess what! They’re too big now!

    I have always had a large amount of summer clothing, but never enough winter clothing. I find myself having the problem though that I just bought a few more sweaters but will have no shorts for this spring!

    I don’t trust my hair to any one except the hairdresser I’ve gone to since the 4th grade and now a close friend of mine who cut it last. Unfortunately these ladies live 7 hours away from me. Everyone else that has ever cut it though has screwed it up. Halloween 2009, I bought an 80s dress because the woman who cut my hair made me look like Joan Jett.

  80. Cory Ellen

    I love handwashing my clothes. There is something really meditative about dunking my beloved silks/wools/knits into warm soapy water, bringing them out clean, and then hanging clean, damp laundry outside to dry!

    I adore thrifting and vintage shopping. Among my favorite finds are DVF, Derek Lam, an amazing printed silk sheath dress, Betsey Johnson, and handsewn ’50s party dresses. I almost always buy dresses, skirts, or really great blouses, but a piece has to be beautiful, unique, and able to fill some hole in my wardrobe for me to buy it. No thrifted Old Navy!

    Almost all of my socks are hand-knit. I also knit and wear a lot of shawls, but I usually wear them like scarves. I often plan outfits around a pair of socks.

    I can’t stand having my nails long. I took piano lessons for ten years, and although I don’t play anymore, the habit of short nails has stuck.

    I love combining bright colors, or using them as an accent in a more neutral outfit. I don’t like matching elements of an outfit unless it’s something small like socks and earrings.

    I have a large amount of ’50s style clothing in my closet, but I don’t like to go full-retro, in large part because I’m not a fan of the political and social atmosphere of the time. I love many aspects of the aesthetics, but I’d rather use one classic element and bring in contemporary accessories and layers to keep it exciting.

    My most expensive purchases ever: a black cashmere wrap coat and a handmade kimono-textile-inspired floral dress from Kyoto. Both were completely worth it.

    I don’t feel attractive or put-together when I wear jeans. It doesn’t stop me from wearing them, but on days that I want to feel pretty, I almost always reach for a skirt or pair of slacks.

  81. LisaT

    I buy way, way too many clothes because I get bored with pieces after about 5-6 wearings. I try to get around this by rotating my clothes from the front of the closet to the back of the closet about every 3 months.

    I also can plan outfits for hours on end, I find it very rewarding after I do the things I don’t like to do, like yardwork, or vacuuming.

  82. hillary

    I have the same summer winter pj issue. I have tons of winter matching sets I even got 4 more for christmas. Come summer I look slightly homeless.

    I am constantly touching my hair too and I feel like everything I own is covered in my hair.

    I regret every single thing I do to my hair no matter what it is. I go years inbetween hair cuts.

    I despise the laundromat (city living) so much I drop my clothes off for fluff and fold. I would give up a meal a day before I sat at the laundromat again. $1 and she separates clothes into his and hers piles by type! She folds everything so tight you don’t have to iron.

    if I do need things ironed my husband does it. He says I do it “wrong” (he went to catholic school)

    I have become very judgey about synthetic fabrics.

    I lay in bed and obsess if I haven’t at least considered an outfit for the next day.

    I assume I look bad in everything and it is a constant struggle to decide which is the least evil item.

    I do makeovers for people in my head.

  83. SueG

    Love this topic. Okay, I’ll play:

    I’ve never had a professional manicure, pedicure, tweezing or waxing — or even a makeover at a cosmetics counter.

    I dislike the process of getting my haircut. I feel self-conscious parked in front of a mirror in the middle of a salon. I like having had my hair cut, though.

    I have a sensible wardrobe built around black, with grey, red, white and a little blue. It looks good in the closet, like a professional styled it. I have scarves that blend well with these colours, and have pared down my jewellery to only silver tones. But I mostly live in jeans and black tops, almost always accessory-free.

    I have an enviable makeup stash, but only wear the stuff once in a while. I tend to fall in love with brands, and buy many items within the same line to feel like an authentic fan. Then I move on to another infatuation and start all over.


  84. T.

    I never buy used apparel of any kind, not even jewelry. I also buy most things full price. I shop online more than I do in stores.

    I have learned to stop buying something just because it is on sale.

    I have no patience to comb through the racks at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s, even though I have scored some really cute things at Marshall’s the few times I did have the patience.

    I do not own a single pair of shoes I could not easily walk 3 miles in.

    I have never had my hair colored or permed or straightened. I have never had a massage, mani or pedi. I have never had a facial. I have never had a make-over. I think I still manage to look pretty damn good.

    I have a patterned purse I carry in the winter. It looks fine with my solid-colored jacket and solid-colored boots. However, it clashes with 95% of my indoor wardrobe, so I can’t take off my jacket when I go shopping or I’ll look like a clown.

    This has been fun!

  85. Mary

    This makes me think of that Usher song (or even better Weird Al)–These are my confessions…

    I like to remark loudly that most mall shoe departments make me feel ill from the smell of all the plastics and chemicals (and it really does smell like chemicals in Payless)

    That I would never own a pleather purse–either cloth or real leather please. I would NEVER own a gaudy Coach bag (although they do have some nicer leather designs)–

    I only use Lancome products on my face even if there might be other counters with better products–the advertising and packaging just works for Lancome

    I own maybe one or two pairs of shoes that you can tell have been worn multiple times–generally gym shoes (only Nike Shox)

    I like truly only love bags and shoes that come with dust bags–I feel it is a mark of quality.

    I’m not a belt gal–I see how they work on all the blogs and I don’t even really own one–it just doesn’t compute with me somehow

    I would rather buy clothing from Goodwill than Walmart

    I make fun of my Macy’s as is a BAD Macy’s who doesn’t carry high end items…even though I’m a platinum card holder there LOL

    As I get older I find myself drawn to Ralph which is something I always hated when I was younger.

    I pretty much always want to wear nautical inspired or plaid clothing even though I own very little of either LOL!

  86. Kelly

    Why does everyone love Chanel! I do not get it! aarggghhhhh!


    -Ever since I discovered my favorite skinny jeans (like, at the beginning of the fall) I have worn them most of the time. Sometimes every day of the week. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.

    -I wear eye makeup to bed. I wipe off the rest of my makeup but going through the whole eye makeup remover thing is just too much of a chore so I wait for my shower the next morning. If we have a guest (or if I’m a guest somewhere else) I will take a q-tip and rub off my eyeliner, but the mascara still stays on.

    -I have tons of shoes that have only been worn a couple times. I love how sexy heels look but they don’t really fit my lifestyle.

    -I hate socks so to make the experience happier I wear totally ridiculous ones, with sparkly penguins or lollipops or valentines on them. No matter the time of year.

    -I have a dress that has sat at the bottom of my laundry basket for MONTHS because it is such a pain in the ass to wash.

    -The tights I am wearing right now have a huge hole in the crotch. And today when I went to the bathroom and pulled them back up, I made the hole even bigger. Like halfway down my thighs bigger. I know I need to get rid of them but they are just the most perfect pattern.

    Perhaps my worst confession:

    A lot of the things others have said *totally* apply to me, but they never would have occurred to me to qualify as “confession” material – I just thought they were normal!

    (Also, totally unrelated, is there any way to subscribe to comments anymore? I don’t think there is but I wanted to make sure because I miss it.)

  87. Jenna

    I’ve never seen anything from Louis Vuitton that I’ve even remotely liked, and I just plain don’t like the look of Hermes bags.

    Sometimes I cut my own hair, and if I mess it up, I call it choppy chic. I only go to the stylist to have it cut every 1-2 years.

    I say that I don’t like to heat style my hair because I don’t want to damage it, but it truth, I just don’t have the patience.

    I’m surprised so many people on here hate Coach bags, because I thought so many people loved them. I’ve always thought they were way overrated.

    I don’t like wearing scarfs. They look alright on other people, but it’s just not an accessory that speaks to me. Belts not so much either.

    I avoid blue eyeshadow because I think of over-made-up pageant queens when I wear it.

    I take great joy in wearing the most ridiculous socks I can find under my boots. My favorite pair has glitter rainbows and parachuting pandas on them.

    Sometimes (not all the time), I’ll go up to a week without shaving my legs in the winter. My boyfriend knows better than to notice.

    I don’t even own an iron.

    It’s apparently surprising to other people that I’ve never thought about what kind of wedding dress I might someday want to wear. I think my boyfriend knows more about wedding customs than I do…I suppose I’m just not the wedding type.

  88. Audi

    What a fun post!

    I don’t like Missoni prints. I don’t know what it is; they just do nothing for me.

    Many a hole in my tights or nylons has been concealed beneath a pair of socks or boots. And on a similar note, more of my socks have holes in the toes than I care to admit. There have been many embarrassing trips through airport security as a result.

    I hate hippie style, and yet sometimes I find myself inexplicably drawn to items with a hippie vibe.

  89. chiara

    I agree with the Chanel comment: I can’t like their stuff. I admire it, as a piece of art, but I’d never wear it.

    I have promised to myself as soon as I have a non-temporary contract, I’ll go buy a Hermès Birkin handbag. I am saving for it, and I could afford it now. But that has to be my present to myself for my accomplishement.

    I can’t bring myself to wear too much color in winter. It’s just not me. So, I stopped forcing myself to do it.

    I sit down on Sun afternoon and write my outfits for the upcoming week. According to what I have to do and how much I have to walk each day

  90. Linda

    I’m interested by how some people “confess,” e.g. loving expensive handbags while others “confess” hating them. I guess we’re supposed to feel sort of embarrassed about everything, no matter what!

    On that note, I always wear a slip. A half-slip, at least. I just don’t get what people have against them.

    I just cannot deal with eye makeup on any level.

    I still think booties with straight skirts (or almost any skirts) look terrible.

    I have never colored my hair and am starting to wonder: when people tell me they really like the gray, do they mean they really like it, or are they nicely trying to tell me I’m living in a dream world if I think it’s not that noticeable?

  91. Kate

    I have a ton of fun with fashion and always try to balance shapes, textures, etc. EXCEPT for when I’m having my period: then I basically try to be comfortable carrying around the 8 extra lbs of water weight and I end up looking a bit ridiculous…so I’m pretty sure it’s kind of obvious to the casual observer when it’s “that time” for me.

    I inevitably get the most compliments on my hair when I’ve put it up in a bun sopping wet and let it dry on my train commute (rather than drying or styling it in any way), because taking it down means it’s curled (from the bun’s twist). People think it takes effort, but it is my lazy solution.

    I never hand-wash and almost never dry-clean anything. Most of my wool sweaters get cleaned once every year or maybe two!

    I really hate any bag that has a logo on it, whether Coach, LV, or some other brand. They all look tacky to me.

  92. Frankincensy

    I don’t own a single belt.

    I never wear mascara, eye pencil, blusher or lipgloss.

    I have bought too-short jeans from the children’s department because they were cheap.

    I get intense buyer’s remorse over purchases that were worthwhile and affordable. I can’t buy anything more significant than a pair of socks without mulling it over.

    I always notice when someone is wearing a jacket with pleats and they haven’t removed the stitch holding the pleats together!

    I just don’t *get* handbags. I mean, I carry a bag for practical purposes but I’m not interested in them as an aspect of personal style. I carry all my stuff in a canvas tote, and if I’m going somewhere smart I borrow a handbag from someone else.

  93. Rachel K

    I’m a little late getting back to this, but it;s just too much fun to pass up (i’m also typing 1 handed due to a torn tendon, so pardon my errors)

    I do not pay for haircuts, perms or color, I’m lucky enough to have a sister who is a stylist.

    I don’t remember the last thing I paid full price for – I pretty much refuse. I will wait for something to go on sale, stalk it for however long is required. If it’s no longer in my size then I wasn’t meant to have it.

    I’ve been known to hide an item while I’m deciding if I want to own it, go to all the other stores, then go back and buy it, possibly a day or two later. Does that make me terrible?

    I swear I’m not cheap, I love luxury items, I was just taught to be frugal and a bargainista from the age of 3. I am addicted to the thrill of the bargain hunt.

    I have a deep love of vintage clothing and the designer thrift. I won’t thrift items I can buy new for less than $50. To me, that defeats the purpose of the thrift.

    I will buy shoes over a handbag any day. handbags are pretty utilitarian for me.

    I have 37 pair of shoes, incl 12 black. it’s slightly ridiculous. some of them are over 12 years old, but fashionable again.

    I can’t stop buying navy blue and purple. Last week I went shopping and every single item I bought was navy. its got to end!

    I intensely dislike any article of clothing or accessory with the brand/designer emblazoned on it. I wouldn’t be caught dead with Juicy on my butt. That includes the classic YSL and Vuitton pattern. That type of “luxury”is not for me.

    I’m not very casual and tend to over-dress. I think this stems from my parents habitually under-dressing me for events/parties as a child.

    I belt everything – I really mean it, everything. I have over 25 belts, mostly vintage, mostly thrifted or from estate sales.

  94. Ashley

    I have over 60 black dresses and I couldn’t live without a single one of them.

  95. Lorraine

    I don’t wear much color. I do, however, own almost everything in black, white and several shades of grey and brown.

    I also own several types of shoes, let it be boots, heels, ballerina flats… but they’re all black, save for two converse, two pairs of boots and one pair of tennis shoes. I own about 15 pairs of shoes.

    I color-code my closet, then divide it by lenght of sleeve, then length of shirt if the lenght of the sleeve is the same. Hoodies and sweaters are separated in another part of my closet, divided by how many times I’ve used it, thickness and length of sleeve.

    I don’t dye my hair, curl it with curling irons or smooth it out with a flat iron. I only blow dry it because otherwise I’ll catch a cold, and despite awsome hair, a running nose is not sexy.

    Turtle necks are my saviour during most of the year. I layer them, I wear them plain, but they’re a great part of my wardrobe.

    More than half of my wardrobe comes from a Pimke store (french brand, like Forever21), where I buy everything. From simple turtle necks to my graduation outfit.

    I’m an earring junkie. I love not normal ones. My last purchase where F4/Esc earrings, in the shape of a computer key. I’m a nerd, and that’s how I roll.

  96. Jo

    I plan what I’m going to wear every morning between the time my husband’s alarm goes off and mine goes off.

    I love that tights allow me to wear mini skirts to work.

    I can’t wear stilettos. I long to be able to, and I’ve tried, but they’ve never felt comfortable to me.

    I have at least a dozen navy blue and white striped shirts – think French sailor – and I can’t stop buying them.

    Even though I’m an incredibly average sized woman I can’t seem to find boots that will fit over my calves.

    I always get a kick out of the fact that my shoe size is the same as my pants size.

    I wear dresses all the time because they’re easier than putting together any other outfit.

    I have extremely straight, fine hair that is impossible to style. I also have to wash it every single day or I look like a wet rat.

    I hate pink clothes. Especially pink athletic-wear. Just because I’m a woman does not make me want every article of clothing in pink.

    I can’t go out of the house without mascara on.

  97. Laura

    I might be the only girl in the world who hates wearing black. Colors just flatter my skin, eyes, and hair so much better…

    I love shoes and am willing to spend a lot of money on them. Unfortunately, my favorite stilettos inevitably always get ruined after too many drunk nights walking to far and even running in them on concrete. (I’m a college student.)

    At the age of 23, I still own, and wear, underwear from Limited Too. I only wear them working out and such, and would never let anybody see me in them, of course 🙂

  98. Sophie

    A bit late to the game but better late than never…

    I compulsively write down what every other person in a room is wearing when I’m in class.

    I’m afraid to repeat an outfit during the school year because somebody other than myself might notice.

    I’m afraid to go to class looking nice but boring. This fear stems from a strange social anxiety attack I had in the middle of the hallway in 10th grade when it suddenly occurred to me that I could go to school every day and no one would ever notice. I then wore obnoxiously large hair accessories until the middle of 11th grade.

    For all my dressing up and such I only own 3 pairs of jeans and 5 pairs of shoes.

    I never wear sandals because I hate feet, including my own.

    I hardly have any basic pieces in my wardrobe. Everytime I go to buy a wardrobe staple such a black cardigan I get a little bit angry and end up not buying it.

    I don’t like cardigans. I especially don’t like cardigans with dresses. I’m a blazer/jacket girl.

    I can never wear button-down shirts buttoned all the way up, they make my shoulders look huge. It is for this same reason I also don’t wear cowl-necks or crew neck t-shirts underneath jackets.

    I don’t carry a bag ever. I didn’t even have a wallet until last week when I decided I needed one since I kept losing my driver’s license.

    I think my nails look ridiculous when painted light colors.

    My fashion icons in high school were usually deceased male rock stars. I still managed to be best dressed in senior year.

    Of the 5 pairs of shoes I own, 3 are boots.

    I almost never shop in physical stores since salespeople annoy me.

    I dreaded going to Abercrombie/Hollister to buy gifts for friends because I thought the salespeople were racist and I’m Asian.

    I’m constantly fluffing my hair because I’m convinced it’s gone flat in the 5 minutes since I’ve last touched it.

    I have a very precise schedule for blotting.

    I secretly think the Gucci bag my dad bought mom is hideous.

    I have a bad habit of not returning things I buy online even if they’re terrible. I keep these things stashed under my bed.

    I will continue to wear things even after they have multiple rips/tears/holes.

    My accessories are minimal. My go-to necklace is my dogtags my parents had made for me at Disneyworld when I was 2. I have one ring, which is shaped like a crocodile, and two bracelets.

    I never wear brown with grey.

    I love fur but I’m afraid to wear it out in public for fear of getting egged.

    I’m also afraid of being called a poser when I wear my Iron Maiden t-shirt.

  99. Katrin

    I’ll never buy another button-down blouse. They never fit right and just make me feel self-conscious.

    Much as I claim to be against cheap sweatshop fashion, nothing beats places like Old Navy and Primark for plain basic layering items like t-shirts and leggings. I stock up and have been known to buy out every piece in my size (which I then wear for several years, and I don’t need to set foot in the store again).

    I never, ever tuck in my shirts, and I don’t own a belt.

    I was aghast the first time someone told me of the concept of a “blowout” and could not believe anyone would actually pay money to have their hair dried. I still have difficulty understanding why anyone whose hair is naturally interesting would want it purposely made dull and plain.

    I’ve sworn off high-heeled shoes. Not only are they painful; adding height to the lower half of my body makes me look disproportionate and throws me off balance. My comfort and safety are more important than following trends.

    I wear black leggings year-round, with almost everything.

    I noticed a couple years ago that most of the people I saw wearing jeans were middle-aged and seemed to lack much individuality. I’m in my 40s but don’t want to look as if I’ve given up on personal style. I own a couple pairs of jeans that will last for the foreseeable future; I’ll still wear them if they’re appropriate for the occasion. But I can be more comfortable and just as casual in a skirt and not feel boring and underdressed.

    I recently found a handbag in a thrift shop. It was large and well-made, and I liked its plain simple design and bright color. Only as I was paying for it (£10!) did I notice it was Coach. I’ve never gone for designer goods and was actually a little embarrassed to buy it – but it has no conspicuous logos and is just a really nice bag. So now I’m just pleased that I got such a bargain.

    An eventual goal of mine is to replace all my store-bought socks with handknit ones.

    Clothing that I’ve repaired somehow feels more special and “mine”. I’m actually happy when I rip or wear out something and have to patch it. More than once I’ve intentionally bought an item with, say, a broken zipper so I could have both a discounted price and the satisfaction of mending it myself.

  100. Amanda

    i look at others’ pictures on facebook purely for inspiration for outfits.
    99% of my wardrobe is navy or some type of blue.
    i find ripped jeans flatter me the most for some odd reason.
    i treat my louis vuitton bag like a small child.
    shoes are just not my thing.

  101. Becky

    I have a boot and bootie problem and my shoe shelf in my closet got so full I had to move the summery shoes to under the bed. Right now I can’t buy any more because there absolutely isn’t any more space.

    I am 5’11” and I refused to wear heels for a long time but a few years ago I got enough confidence to wear them. I even wear them around my fiance who is around 5’7″, he isn’t intimidated by a super tall woman.

    I used to feel weird when I wore skirts or dresses so I never wore them. In college I started to try to wear at least one a week unless its super cold out and still do.

  102. Anna

    I can’t wear jeans with blue, I think it’s disgusting.

    I only wear mascara because it gives me a reason to keep my eyes open.

    I hate pants, and everyone knows it. Tights and leggings are a staple in my wardrobe but I don’t know how to wear them with shoes.

    I’ve recently decided that I got fat. Because of this, I’d only buy medium-sized shirts and pants a size too big. Everything I wear is slouchy. At the beginning of this year, I tried on my old clothes. They still fit perfectly.

  103. a l w

    i love my uggs and will wear them forever no matter how much of a fashion “faux pas” they are

    i sincerely believe that i can color my own hair just as well as any professional stylist

    i dont feel comfortable boarding an airplane unless i have a new carry on

    i think blunt bangs make anyone look sexy

    i own at least 10 pairs of heels but usually just wear the same 3 pairs over and over again

    i think coach bags are overrated

    sometimes i will buy a new outfit for work just to save the 15 mins for sleep that i would normally use to choose my outfit

    as sad as it is one of my lifes desires is to own a pair of louboutins and not feel guilty about the price

    i never pay full price period.

    i so desperately wish i could style myself like those artsy/hipster chicks… like the kind who can pull off big geometric jewelery and the color mustard and look amazing…i always look like my great aunt

    i always long for winter just if only because it gives me an excuse to show off more of my wardrobe at once

    i sometimes dislike giving my old clothes away because of fear that someone else will style/wear them better than me. i always feel bad thinking this way

    sometimes i wear my reading glasses just so i dont have to put on as much makeup…i guess in my mind ive convinced myself that you cant tell

  104. Karen

    1. I love expensive eye makeup. My collection includes MAC, Urban Decay and Nars, while my foundation, moisturizer and cleanser are all from Walmart.

    2. I have an obsession with nail polish and want to go this whole year without repeating a shade on my fingers.

    3. My go-to outfit consists of skinny jeans, boots, a plain t-shirt and a cardigan with a long necklace and matching eye makeup.

    4. I highlight my hair but go 6 months between appointments.

    5. I have never thrifted because I’m worried I’ll buy things and they’ll be fake or really cheap.

  105. Melanie

    I secretly wish that I could wear nothing but dresses with petticoats and frilly girly bras underneath. Too bad I only ever wear jeans.

  106. S

    I love wearing heals, but I fear that they make me seem to tall and they make me feel manly wearing them unless I am with tall people.

    If I can get away with wearing an outfit two days in a row, I will do that. I relish in not planning an outfit every once in a while. I also work in scrubs, so usually don’t spend much time in non-work attire.

    I have a ton of jeans, but find myself wearing only a few pairs.

    I love wearing black, gray, and dark blues.

    I love boots

  107. Bethann

    I have too much black in my wardrobe, I keep buying black things because the color is so versatile

    I have a walk-in closet but I don’t use it — I use it for storage and I’m too lazy to clean it out because there is over 10 years of stuff that has accumulated.

    Every month or so I’ll look through my dresser and stress because I feel as if I have nothing to wear but I have tons of clothing items.

    I go to the sales rack too often but feel ecstatic when I pay for something that is like 70 or 80 percent off.

    I think any kind of clothing item/accessory with a logo plastered all over it (I’m talking about you Coach and Louis Vuitton) is ugly and reminds me of middle aged women trying to show off the money they have.

    I am a heels girl and of course I’m 5’2 but I don’t wear them because they make me taller, I wear them because they make my legs look amazing.

    I feel bad because I don’t want to give my old (yet still stylish — just not for me) clothes to Goodwill, I want to give them to places that’ll pay me for them.

    I have been cutting my own hair for over 3 years because I don’t even want to spend $15 to get it cut.

  108. Steph

    I only wash my hair once a week, but I can’t stand not to wash my face and hands every couple of hours.

    Since I work at home, I wear the same oversized men’s tees and undershirts. An XXXL undershirt makes a comfy housedress. I bought multiples when Anchor Blue closed here for 50 cents apiece.

    In winter I wear baggy tees and sweatpants around the house.

    I own more Swatch watches than anyone should reasonably expect to own or wear outside of the 80’s. I even have a wall display case with “Swatch” on it.

    I only wear makeup and fashionable clothes when I go out on weekends and just rehang in the closet after three- four hours of wear. I only wash when it stains or smells.

    I can walk into a craft store and go to the mall with a new pair of earrings if I left my pliers in the car.

    I’ve used eyeshadow for lipcolor when I discovered I didn’t have any in my purse on the way to a concert (I had lipgloss.)

    I have a vinyl boys wallet from H&M with Darth Vader on it in my purse. It’s cute. I had one with Hello Kitty on it, but it got more insane “I WUV Hello Kitty” comments from people than Mr. Vader. No one comments on Mr. Vader.

    I rank my outfits on “points” as in how many complements I get on a particular clothing item. My “high score” winter item for this year is a yellow scarf.

    I don’t wear orange or dark brown. Those were my mother ‘s favorite colors and she loved to dress me in them when I was a little girl. I hate my mother for that.

  109. cindy

    I don’t own sneakers. I absolutely hate the way sneakers look and make me feel when I have them on. I own flats, and many many heels.

    I love wedge heels. I’ve had the same pair since high school (9 years ago…) and they’re still going strong. I get compliments on them almost every time I wear them, and they go with everything. Much better than sneakers.

    I can’t leave the house without makeup on. I just feel naked. My husband rarely sees me without makeup – I’m talking about foundation/concealer, not the whole shebang.

    I wish I could wear more skirts, but I hate my legs. So my go-to outfit is always jeans and heels.

  110. m

    i’m a fabric snob & won’t buy anything clothing that is less than 60% cotton, aside from the stuff that is supposed to be made from other materials like wool, or a bathing suit

    despite the fact i’m in my mid-twenties, my mother still cuts my hair & she’s not a stylist

    i hate wearing make up & will only do so for special occasions – as a result, i really don’t know what i’m doing when i do

    i also think the Louis Vuitton pattern is hideous, as well as any obvious branding

    i tend to wear clothes more than once without washing them as long as it doesn’t smell & isn’t stained

    i have no idea how to mix patterns

    i’m still trying to figure out what colors & styles look good on me

  111. Raquel

    I change my hairstyle with almost every cut, but I blame this on being in college and constantly changing stylists. But I’m pretty happy with my current pixie, so maybe this one will stick around longer.

    I would also live in leggings if I had the ass to pull them off; instead I turn to skirts/dresses for comfort and jeans/cords in the cold.

    I have seasonal shoes: one pair of black ballet flats for fall/spring; one pair of boots for winter; and one pair of sandals for summer. I tell myself its more economical than having multiple pairs, but I have to buy replacements almost every year!

  112. Kate

    Love the idea of this! Let’s see…

    I am addicted to tea and will sometimes forgo that pair of shoes I’ve been dying for in favor of a quality tin of Darjeeling.

    I spend more on my makeup than I ever do on my clothes (with the exception of coats).

    I refuse to buy a coat that is not a peacoat.

    I only wear skirts and dresses out of the house. However, I wear shorts/sweats all the time at home.

    I love tights and wear them almost every day.

    Fall/Winter fashion is my favorite. I’m in the terrible habit of wearing it August-April.

    I hate the maxi skirt trend because it would mean not wearing my beloved tights.

    I have a difficult time making myself buy accessories/bags because I prefer to spend the money on clothes/shoes/makeup.

    I love scarves and wear one almost every day (this is the exception to my accessory problem).

  113. Ami Rose

    1.) I LOVE all things old-fashioned, especially Victorian, and thus have always wanted several chiffon or lace maxi skirts. But I’m just over 5’3″, and I’ve never even had the courage to try on anything maxi because I hate looking short.

    2.) I wear heels every day, all over my college campus, rain or shine. Even my weather-proof boots have treaded rubber wedges…because I hate feeling short.

    3.) I wear my fine, rather thin hair down almost to my waist (and always will) because I always wanted princess hair as a child, and my mom only allowed me to have a bob and bangs because my hair was really pathetic then.

    4.) I love nail polish unreservedly. I think I know every color of OPI on sight and from memory.

    5.) I always buy pretty eyeshadow palettes with inventive new colors, and then don’t like how they look on me. I do wear eyeliner in every color of the rainbow, though! But I should seriously resolve to just stop wasting my money on shadow.

    6.) I consider myself a fashionable and stylish person, despite the fact that I do not own even one single item of designer clothing or accessories.

    7.) I despise jeans. I find them uncomfortable, stiff, cold in the winter, hot in the summer. I wear skirts and dresses mostly, and a lot of tights, which I actually find very warm and comfy.

    8.) I own nothing solid black and nothing solid white, because I am very pale and feel more alive in colors or softer neutrals like grey, brown, and navy. I love navy.

    9.) I wear my full set of pearls – necklace, stud earrings, bracelet, on every possible formal and semi-formal occasion, even though most modern stylists consider this outdated and redundant. They make me feel so perfect and ladylike.

    10.) I have never in my life paid for a mani or pedi. I do my nails myself, cut, file, and paint. I consider it a ridiculous expense…that and my hands and feet sweat every time they get near most lotions, and I’ve always been too embarrassed to even try.

  114. Kaye

    1. I HATE DENIM. it’s so constricting. Bless was the day when leggings came out!

    2. ALL my scarves produce massive amount of lint that it actually gives me the sneezes; but i dont care because they go so well with my black pea coat.

    3. i do not own designer clothing. i shop at Old Navy, but so ashamed to tell anyone about it. i think the fact that i make wonders out of the clothes from the sale rack is something i should be proud of.

    4. i probably spend 75% more on makeup than i do with clothes.

    5. i plan a makeup look before i plan an outfit

    6. i raid my sister’s closet despite the fact that i hate her style.

    7. after wearing an outfit more than 3 times i feel like not wearing it anymore; im too scared of being called an ‘outfit repeater’ thanks alot Kate Sanders!

    8. i havent had my hair professionally cut since 2008. and 2 years before that. because it’s so long i feel bad for the poor stylist that would have to blowdry and straighten it.

  115. GG

    1) Every month I resolve to start focusing on quality rather than quantity, especially when it comes to my wardrobe.

    2) I find thrift shopping a great treat, so #1 above promptly is forgotten the minute I am in the vicinity of a thrift store.

    3) I love acquiring clothing more than wearing them. I buy clothes from charity shops, experience the thrill of seeing them in my wardrobe, then redonate or sell the ones I haven’t worn in a few weeks. That way, I get my thrill of shopping and acquiring without feeling too guilty.

    4) The dress that makes me feel a million dollars each time I wear it cost about 10 or 15 Euros from Tesco.

    5) In my experience, expensive shoes need not be always comfortable and vice versa. I have some expensive shoes that I find a pain to wear and some cheaper shoes that are extremely comfortable. I don’t know if it’s just me.

  116. Megan

    I have a closet that puts most of my friends to shame. But i wear about 10% of it.

    I hate skirts and dresses because they don’t have pockets. On the flipside, I can’t stand lounging around in jeans because they just suck.

    I hate purses. With a passion. Everything can go in your pockets. Minimize what you need, License, plastic, keys, phone.

    When I come home, I usually change immediately out of my clothes and into one of the boyfriend’s shirts. I hate being confined.

    The only jeans I will wear is a skinny cut.

    Leggings and jeggings as pants are inappropriate.

    I have Bearpaws. And I will wear them because the snow is cold and I don’t care how dumb I look as long as my feet are warm.

    I only wear earth tones, because colors make me look washed out.

    I have a secret love for knee socks. I have over 30 pairs.

    I have a pair of rain boots from Target that I’ve worn into oblivion. But can’t get rid of because they make me smile.

    I have secretly coveted a black or grey peacoat since I was 15 and never been able to afford.

    Or a high quality leather jacket.

    I have too many boots to count, and most of them are combat boots, simply because I like that girly/tough style combination. That and I could never walk in high heels because I have no balance whatsoever and my face would become best friends with the floor.

    I see my hairdresser three times a year, and never change my hair cut because it took me years to grow it out from a hideously botched pixie cut.

    I still wish I could rock shorter cuts though.

  117. Hannah

    – I always hate getting my hair cut, even when i say ‘just the ends please’ it always feels as though I’ve lost about half my hair.

    – I can’t wait to have my own place and credit card (i’m 16) where I can buy what I want when I want, with my own money. I most certainly won’t be spending £40 on a ‘practical coat’ when I’d rather be spending it on the beautiful white blouse I’ve been eyeing for weeks.

    – I’m not excessivley tall, in fact I’m probably of about average height. But most of my friends are shorter than me, for this reason I cannot bring myself to wear heels in public. For an irrational fear that I shall tower over everyone.

    – I often end up getting to school with wet hair, I say it’s because my alarm didn’t go off as I feel I have to have a reason for it. Actually, I was awake well before my alarm went off, I’d just rather spend more time in bed.

    – I sometimes worry that people think I’m the ‘unfashionable’ one out of my friends, despite them regularly asking me for fashion advice.

    – I prefer to go shopping alone. That way I don’t have another person’s opinion affecting my judgement. ‘I love these shoes.’ ‘but what would you wear them with?’ *have to explain how I would style them* totally not worth the effort.

  118. Lindsay

    After three years, I still can’t find the perfect pair of tan colored skinny jeans.

    I have an old *NSYNC t-shirt I got back when I was 12 and I still rock it.
    Even at school.

    I don’t have the eye + hand coordination to try different styles on my hair, so it almost always looks the same.

    I love collecting bathing suits. I have so many that I hardly ever wear the same one.

    85% of the time I don’t spend my money on something that I can’t resell (with the exception of F21 tank tops and leggings).

    Zooey Deschanel is my fashion and beauty idol. I want to be her <3

    I've thought about starting a fashion blog about a gazillion times but have always backed out because I don't have a lot of confidence in my fashion sense XD

    I have way too much jewelry for my own good.

    I am also one of those girls who prefers to go shopping by herself. It's like therapy to me, and I'd rather not be disturbed while I'm doing it 🙂

    I'm addicted to thrift shopping.

    I feel sexiest in my favorite outfit: a pair of flattering skinny jeans, cute flats, a loose t-shirt, a bright scarf and maybe if I'm having a bad hair day, a fedora.

    Out of everything from Coach I have ever seen, I have only ever liked ONE Coach bag.

  119. Linya

    I don’t pay over 20 dollars for hardly anything. I buy all my shoes from payless. I found a way to own over 16 vera wang’s. Almost all my clothes are vintage and I fall over vintage by accident. I hate it when the hairdresser cuts my hair, even trims. And I almost want to cry when it falls to the floor. I really like ribbon and once I had to choose between ribbons and heavenly white chocolate at a store and I choose the ribbon. It was satin.And four yards long! I got pale blue and also red.

  120. jessica

    I can put together outfits online and style other people like a genius, but I have the hardest time picking my own outfits. They never end up being as stylish as the outfits I put together for others.

    Leggings are my go-to piece. And I wear them as pants.

    I hate American Apparel. Why would I pay $24 for a basic white shirt that I can get for $2 at Forever21?

    Speaking of, I worked at Forever21 for 3 days to help open a new store. My job was to go in and tuck price tags in to garments, and to make sure all hangers were a finger space apart. I feel bad for those who work in retail for a living.

    I have a pair of platform knee high boots that I have only used once. And that was to use the heel to reach a spider in a door way to kill it.

    I’d spend all my money on lingerie if I could. Especially thigh- high stockings that require garter belts.

    I’ve never dyed my hair in my life. My hair is a beautiful red with mixtures of blonde, brown, and platinum blonde. I love it.

    I love my freckles, although I have tattoos planned out to cover most of my body.

  121. Luisa

    I have bought the same pair of flats three times in the last 6 months — a pair of beautiful black patent leather flats. The first pair was stolen from my car on Thanksgiving (who does that?!), the second I bought online on final sale only to find they were defective, and the third time around I paid more for them than the first two pairs combined. But there’s just something magic about these shoes, and they never fail to make me feel cute, confident, and put together. I would buy them again in a heartbeat!

  122. Josefin

    I’m very fair haired, fair skinned and always casual in my style of dressing, but my nails are always painted in opaque tones of burgundy or black. I love the contrast it creates.

    I have never found a mascara that doesn’t give me panda eyes. Instead, I have my eyelashes dyed a couple of times a year – it’s the only makeup I’ll ever wear, it costs less than a tube of mascara, and I feel so indulgent doing it!

    I’m really scared of bold block colours in clothing. On the other hand, I absolutely love mixing prints.

    The first fashion trend I remember falling in love with at the tender age of twelve was wearing a dress with pants – and even though it’s been considered a style crime ever since, I never stopped loving that look. Skinny jeans with a full velvet skirt, or wide linen pants with a bohemian floral sundress – anything goes, as long as it’s not too dressy.

    I hate 80’s makeup, hair and the general colour palette of that decade, but I’ve always loved the legwarmers and the flashdance-y sweathers.

    Even though I love the idea of wearing a great dress and done hair in theory, I’m terrible at dressing up. I’m terribly uncomfortable in heels or anything dressy, and I have no idea what actually fits me, so I always dread any event where I can’t do boho chic.

  123. meghan

    I think color looks fantastic on other people but the color in my own wardrobe is extremely limited. most of my clothing is black, grey, white or blue.

    My OCD requires me to wear at least one white item of clothing per day, whether it be a white cami under a shirt or a white scarf to complete an outfit, I feel out of balance if I can’t wear at little bit of white. it makes me feel clean.

    I am self-conscious about my (perceived) large upper arms and shoulders.

    I refuse to wear crewnecks or turtlenecks, they make me appear shorter than my already short 5′ 3”.

    I window shop online multiple times per day.

    I love anything striped. Sailor shirts are probably my favorite item of clothing.

    I wish I could pull off floral patterns or ruffled, girly clothing but I feel most at home in solid, basic pieces.

  124. Jasmine

    I am always drawn to cardigans and thin sweaters, in shades that usually range from dark blue to heather, maybe a bright green if I feel crazy. Hence, my entire closet is filled with gray grandpa cardigans.

    I love looking through fashion blogs and browsing through Youtube videos on makeup, hair, and DIY tutorials, yet I gravitate towards ripped jeans and a Hanes shirt for daily wear. It’s frustrating, especially as I am slowly amounting a considerable amount of makeup products that I seldom touch.

    This goes the same for shoes. I love looking at pretty flats and teetering heels – they are my impulse buy, along with ridiculously priced handbags – yet I nearly always can be found wearing sneakers or flip flops.

    I am seriously influenced by bloggers and their reviews, so I tend to follow their favorite products and convince myself that I love them and that they suit me.

    I love menswear and secretly wish I could pull of the whole androgynous style just so I can wear a pin striped vest or preppy argyle cardigans… While at the same time envying my sister like crazy who can pull off all kinds of girly clothing.

    I steer clear of anything that is Chanel or Louis Vuitton because I have never ever understood their appeal.

    My secret fashion ambition is to be able to pull of a glitzy sequined mini, preferably in gold. And rock it.

  125. Khrystine

    “Planning outfits relaxes me. And once I get sucked into it, I can plan for several hours at a stretch.”
    Me too. Unfortunately, rarely do I end up wearing them. Or if I do I forget the jewelry (which was the best part).

    I really like playing up my curves, but I never feel like I look as good as I did in my head-some day I will get over that.

    I find Ralph Lauren really boring.

  126. Ash

    I always, no matter what, wear makeup. Even if I’m going no where, I will put on light powder foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara. I guess I’m obsessed.

    I have 3 stores that I probably shop at too much: Hollister, American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch. But I don’t do it to ‘fit in’, I just like their styles.

    Even though I’m only 5’1, I rarely wear heels. I love them, but I can’t walk in them at all.

    I tend to try to match colors a little too much.

    I probably will never again have short hair. I had a short cut back in early middle school and I. Hated. It. I think long hair looks much better on me.