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Reader Request: Moving from Casual to Business Casual

change style from casual to business casual

Jenn threw this one into the Suggestion Box:

I would love some tips and ideas for transitioning into wearing business casual and more heels/pumps/dressier shoes. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 2 decades – and most of my “dressing up” has been for church or military functions. On a daily basis, I normally wear casual clothes – because doing errands, cleaning, volunteering, and taking care of my children (6!) requires casual (but no pj’s or yoga pants allowed – my rule).

However, I am starting my master’s in education and will be student teaching and teaching for real soon – all which require business casual every day! How do I make the transition without feeling overdressed? Especially in the southwest, where super casual is the norm (seriously – people wear shorts to the opera and theater here!)? I love to wear heels/pumps, but I always feel overdressed… read more

Originally posted 2012-11-09 06:12:48.

Reader Request: Cropped Pants for Cool Weather

cropped pants for winter

Reader Ali left this question in a comment:

I’m hesitant to buy all these cute short pants that are in style because I don’t know how to make use of them in the fall or winter, or on cool spring days. I realize it’s still stylish to wear in the winter, but it seems impractical. When would you wear a wool coat and scarf and NOT want to wear socks? So how do you wear those pants AND stay warm?

Ali, I feel ya. As a person living in a climate that regularly includes -30 degree winter days, I am bewildered and frustrated by the current glut of ankle-length and cropped pants. I have a couple of suggestions, but would love more if anyone has ’em! read more

Gracey Wears: Bright Flats

Although I have far more neutral shoes in my closet than colored, I am a sucker for brightly colored shoes.  Especially bright flats:

Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, Old Navy dress, Old Navy flats & a Banana Republic trench Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, an Old Navy dress & Old Navy flats

I could have worn black flats with this look, but I just love the bright flats with the printed tunic:

Gracey of Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings & an Old Navy floral shift dress Gracey from Fashion for Giants wears MetroStyle leggings, Old Navy dress & Old Navy flats

Although, full disclosure, these flats don’t match this tunic; they go.  You see, the flats are berry colored and the tunic has no berry in it:

Old Navy floral shift dress print close up

It has red, it has bright pink and it has blue, but no berry.  But, that’s the magic of bright flats.  They may not match, but they go with everything!* read more