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Reader Request: Intermediate Style

Lovely reader Mar sent this question via e-mail:

I am working on developing my own clothing style and I’ve come long ways, and am not unhappy about the way I feel in my clothes, but seem to be a bit stuck in a rut.  It’s kind of like I stepped up from my previous simple (jeans and a top) dressing of a couple of years ago, had a lot of fun incorporating layers, dresses, accessories, belts, mixing patterns, acquiring some interesting and cute shoes, etc, but can’t seem to be able to step it up from here (sort of from ‘basic’ to ‘intermediate’), although I’ve started to grow bored with a lot of my outfits. read more

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Why Accessorize?

how to accessorize

At a certain point in my personal style evolution, I felt like I understood clothing. Shapes, colors, materials, combinations of pieces that worked for my style and my figure were all in my mental bank. I had long since mastered shoes, had finally landed on a hairstyle that really suited me, and still didn’t give a hoot about makeup.* When I pondered what to tackle next in order to continue to actively refine my style, there was one clear choice: Accessories.

While it’s certainly true that many a gorgeous minimalist ensemble has been assembled and worn with naught but simple earrings, most outfits benefit from a few carefully selected accessories. As I explored the vast and sometimes overwhelming world of belts, scarves, hats, jewelry, handbags, and hosiery, I quickly discovered that mastering the art of accessorization was a worthy pursuit. Here’s why: read more

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Styling Tricky Accessories

Friends, you know that the phrase, “shouldn’t wear that” gets my dander up, right? It totally does. I believe that women should wear clothing that makes them feel gorgeous and happy, and that style rules should be applied on a case-by-case basis and, even then, merely as guidelines. Wear what you love, the rest will fall into place.

But I realize that it’s often easier for me to SAY that than for you to DO it.  With all the magazines and TV shows yammering at us that we shouldn’t wear certain items if we’re shaped a certain way, and how some garments and accessories are “tricky” to pull off, it becomes difficult to maintain confidence. After all, these folks are experts, right? read more

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