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Your body is part of your style. Knowing about it, respecting it, and dressing it with care are all part of being a fashionable woman. Never let anyone convince you that learning to dress your physical form is shallow, wasteful, or unimportant.

Your style is part of your body. Since you don’t walk around naked, what you wear influences how your body is perceived. Never let anyone convince you that your unclothed body is the body the world sees.

You may feel that you can control your body’s shape, color, and texture but absolutely flounder when it comes to your personal style. As you explore the world of adornments – seeking forms and styles and pairings that you can adopt as your own – try not to let pretty things mislead you. Clothing, shoes, and accessories can be breathtakingly beautiful, but they must make YOU beautiful if they are to become part of your personal style lexicon. read more

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Reader Request: Great Glasses

how to choose glasses
JunebugB sent me this tricky request via e-mail:

I’d love to see you do something about fashionable eyeglasses. I know it’s so dependent on the shape of your face, but it would be nice to get some basic tips on what to look for when picking out a pair. I’m soon to be in the market for a new pair and would love to hear your thoughts…

Dack! I’ve only ever worn reading glasses myself and feel pretty uncomfortable telling the bespectacled how to select stylish specs. So I asked Angie of You Look Fab fame to cook up a post, since she is both a professional stylist AND a wearer of glasses … and we’ve arranged for a little cross-posting! I’ll weigh in from the perspective of a non-wearer, and Angie will give you the views of a glasses-wearing gal. read more

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It’s All About Me

Disordered eating discussed.


Recently, Linda left this thought provoking comment:

It’s always a little hard for me to get my mind around how many perfectly attractive (to my mind) women have these huge body issues. It makes me think that if they apply the same standards to other people that they do to themselves, I must look like a monster to them! But most of them don’t apply those standards to me, and neither do I (apply them to me–or to them).

I took a fascinating biopsychology class about a year ago. I’m ashamed to admit that I no longer remember the names and functions of the 16 hillion jillion neurotransmitters that we studied, but I will always remember this anecdote from the unit on body image: A group of anorexic women was asked to draw chalk outlines of their own bodies. Then, they were shown a lineup of other women of various shapes and sizes, and asked to draw chalk outlines of those other women’s bodies. Although the outlines they sketched for the lineup were remarkably accurate, the outlines they sketched for themselves added a good 20% to 30% more body mass than was truly present. read more

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