Prerequisites for Beauty

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You do not have to be tall to be beautiful.
You do not have to be thin or long-limbed.
You do not have to have long, straight, shiny hair.
You do not have to be an hourglass or a string bean or a pear.
You do not have to be blemish-free, without freckles, scars, or tattoos.
You do not have to fit or demolish certain physical paradigms.

You do not have to be buxom to be beautiful.
You do not have to possess va-va-voom curves or full lips.
You do not have to resemble a movie star, or a lingerie model, or a porn star.
You do not have to sexualize your exterior to be beautiful.
You do not have to neuter your exterior to be beautiful. read more

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How to Make Simple Outfits Sparkle

How to make simple outfits more interesting

Several years ago, I ended up working with a style consult client who intimidated me. This woman had fabulous taste, a marvelous wardrobe that included both well-edited basics and funky accent pieces, and she had already figured out how she wanted to flatter her fabulous figure. What, exactly, did she need ME for?

Well, for starters, she was bored stiff.

My sweet client had her basic style totally nailed, but she had no idea how to use her wardrobe to express her creativity. She looked polished and lovely, but she wanted to look polished, lovely, and INTERESTING. And yet, as the mom of two young kids, she had to keep her ensembles simple, comfortable, and washable. In the end, we found three techniques that she could use to spice up her pared-down outfits, and since they can be applied to just about any woman hoping to make simple outfits sparkle, I thought I’d share ’em with all of you! read more

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Shopping for Basics

How to shop for basics

In my experience, there are two main philosophies of shopping for basics:

  1. Buy new basics gradually as the old ones wear out.
  2. Buy new basics in a big batch, typically every 2-3 years.

Just as every woman has a different set of personal wardrobe “basics,” every woman will have a different set of needs when it comes to procuring those basics. But in my experience, neither of these two commonly-implemented basics-buying methods is ideal. Both prompt the occasional conniption fit, complete with hair-tearing and eye-rolling. Why? Because quality, affordable, well-made, perfectly-fitting basics are a lot like fairies: We’re told they exist, we catch occasional glimpses, but they are nearly impossible to FIND. Especially when we’re actively looking for them. read more

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