Your Closet as Playground

Have fun with style!
How often do you spend time just PLAYING with your clothes?

I’d be willing to bet that 98% of you responded, “Ummm, I do that approximately … never.” And that’s normal! Because hey, we’re busy humans, and thimpling around with the contents of our wardrobes probably falls right between “clean out bellybutton” and “alphabetize old mix tapes” on the life priority list.

But here are some reasons to move it on up:

You forgot how much stuff you own

Whoa, where did that fuchsia, sequin-embellished tee come from? SO CUTE! Why haven’t I worn that yet? Oh yeah, it’s been squished between my pilly gray slacks and my oversized black duster from 1993. Now hold the phone, is that an electric blue miniskirt I see? I would look so hot in that … read more

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Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till it’s Gone

There is beauty in your body if you'll only let yourself see it.
Your body is constantly changing. It simply never stops. You may feel like you’ve grown into your final physical form – believe that the years of radical transformation have ended – but don’t kid yourself. In the coming months and years, your muscles will swell and shrink, and your skin will change its tone, and your hair will thicken and thin, and your weight will shift all over the damn place. Some of these changes will delight you and some of these changes will alarm you and many of them will surprise you. But whether you can see it or not, your body is changing right now. read more

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Reader Request: The Virtually Free Wardrobe Revamp

new wardrobe for cheap

A lovely anonymous commenter popped this doozy into the suggestion box:

I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before, but maybe a post or two about how to revamp your style *without* shopping. Using what you already have. I feel like my clothes are frumpy and unflattering sometimes, but I don’t have the cash to add new pieces right now. What can I do??

Now you might think that a shopping lover such as myself would balk at such a question. But no! I LOVE it! Because there are a billion ways to retool your look without ever spending a dime, and I implement my favorites whenever I get bored with what I’ve got. Here are some easy, cheap ways to amp up your style without emptying your wallet. read more

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