Reader Request: High-Waisted Skirts

how to wear high waisted skirts
Reader Olga asked this question in a comment a few weeks back:

Perhaps you could find the time to write how-to post about high-waisted skirts? I have a pencil skirt similar to yours in black, but I always end up wearing my blouses above it instead of tucking it in. Otherwise, my upper body seems ridiculously short. Am I doing something wrong? I have an average figure (65 kg, 1,76m), few curves and H-shaped, so probably there is some secret that you know how to get the look right?

OK, I’ll tell you the secret to rocking a high-waisted skirt: Confidence. No, really. This is a style that is challengingĀ to pull off for just about every body type. Depending on your build, it can make your biggest bits look even bigger and create vaguely funhouse-reminiscent proportions. And besides being a challenging piece, a high-waisted skirt looks best with sassy, retro-influenced styles that are often pretty bold. This style is not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve got the chutzpah you CAN rock it. read more

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Reader Request: Making Uncomfortable Shoes Wearable

How to fix uncomfortable shoes

Reader Sue asked:

… what tips or routine treatments you may employ to “help” some shoes which may be adorable and perfectly compliment any given outfit, but do not feel like warm buttered slippers on the feet all day? I’ve noted your mention of the use of moleskin, but how exactly can this be used? I understand there is a certain amount of breaking in to be expected with a new pair, but when do you resign yourself to the fact that a particular pair may require “this” or “that” throughout their life in order to keep them as good shoe citizens? read more

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Dealing with Trash Talk, Part 2

trash talk body bashing

Read Part I right here!

Reader Laura wrote recently about HER experiences with body-based trash talking. In this case, a bit more self-focused.

… it can be difficult to maintain [a] healthy mentality when I am constantly bombarded by others commenting on their own/my/other people’s bodies. I have a group of several co-workers that I regularly spend time with. For various reasons the topic of conversation regularly turns to our bodies. It usually takes one of two forms, someone bashing their own body, or complimenting another on a certain aspect of another’s, often along the lines of “you lost weight and therefore look good.” Both of these make me uncomfortable, as the aspects that they are bashing of their own body are often in better shape than mine, and because I feel that commenting on anyone’s body is inappropriate when done to the extent that my co-workers do. read more

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