Reader Request: Constructive Criticism in the Fitting Room

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Reader Nancy e-mailed this question to me:

I think it would be great if you would write an article about shopping with others. I have problems with this, stemming from shopping with my mom as a teenager. I have had more body issues from those awkward times than from most other experiences. What made me uncomfortable were the comments about clothing that didn’t fit or flatter. If I tried on a pair of pants that didn’t fit, she would say something like “your hip to waist ratio is off, those pants make you look out of proportion”, or if a shoe made my legs look stumpy, she would tell me I should go for a narrower shoe so I don’t look so short. Those ways of saying certain garments looked terrible on me did quite a number on my self-image when I was a teenager. After I moved out of my parent’s house and started to shop by myself, I realized I am completely smokin’! I look great with my own personal hip to waist ratio, and I don’t have to be tall with long legs to be pretty. read more

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Specialty Size Resource Bonanza

Where to buy specialty sizes, including petites, plus sizes, tall sizes, wide and narrow shoes, and more!
When it comes to shopping, I’m the first to acknowledge that I’ve got it pretty easy. I’m a 10/12, or medium/large in just about everything and a size 8M shoe, which means my biggest woe is that my size is often sold out. But I’m not petite or plus-sized or tall, my feet aren’t small or large, my calves aren’t wide or narrow … I’m shaped more or less how manufacturers want me to be shaped.

But I know that many, many, MANY women are challenged to find quality, stylish clothing that fits their marvelously unique forms. Many of you are petite or plus-sized or tall, or have feet that are small or large, or calves that are wide or narrow … and while I can’t help you out with brick-and-mortar recommendations in your hometowns, I can certainly round up a few online resources for those who require specialty sized clothing and shoes. (The Insomniac Sale Picks series also includes specialty sizes as often as I can possibly find them!) read more

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Invisible Me


Although I spend an inordinate amount of time and energy thinking about my body, cultivating awareness of my body, and trying to love my body exactly as it is, I have a confession to make: If I’m in a good place, body image-wise, I DON’T think about my body. After I’ve been feeling good about myself for a decent chunk of time, my body becomes invisible to me. I get dressed effortlessly, see myself in the mirror and feel utterly neutral, give nary a thought to my physical self unless I stub my toe or get a paper cut. read more

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