The Body List

This simple list-making exercise can transform your body image.
Try this out.

No, seriously.

  1. Write a list of words that describe your body, both good and bad. Include anything and everything that comes to your mind, and keep going for at least 25 adjectives. Are you “strong,” “short,” “disproportionate,” “sexy,” “huge,” “clumsy,” “stocky,” or “delicate”?
  2. Next to each word, put a + if you feel that it’s a positive attribute, and a – if you feel that it’s a negative attribute.
  3. Now, examine your negatives. Next to each negative,write the reason you feel this adjective applies to your body. Be honest, and take your time doing this. (You can feel free to do this for the positives, too, but this is mainly meant to reverse ingrained negative body thinking.)

When forced to articulate your reasoning, you’ll see how much you’re unconsciously exaggerating negative perceptions of yourself. For example, let’s say you wrote “wrinkly.” What’s your reasoning? Are you seriously and deeply creased all over your body? Do passersby yell, “Raisin!” at you, and then scamper off, laughing? Say you wrote, “out of shape.” Are you comparing your current body to a body you once had? Or the body of someone else? Are you so out of shape that you can’t climb a flight of stairs, or lift a bag of groceries, or walk your dog? read more

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Style: Art or Science?


A few weeks back, Make Do Style left this brain-bender of a comment:

I worry when someone tries to link style with science. Science is the old paternalistic logical view of the world and fashion is a feminine space and offers a challenge to such traditional imposed views. Each to their own, but give me downright frivolity, creative indulgence any time – when it comes to style and fashion be inspired, take risks and avoid logic!

I completely agree that trying and experimenting and going with your gut are all vital to exploring personal style. If you only ever do what books or experts tell you to do, you may look as tall and thin and young as possible … but you might look deadly dull as well. Splashing out, being frivolous, and unleashing your curiosity and creativity help shape a style that is living and unique and vibrant. read more

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Reader Request: Casual Friday, with Style

Sweet reader Christen had this request:

I’d LOVE some advice on Casual Friday. Are there rules? Does the meaning of “casual” depend on how buttoned-up the normal dress code is?

Well, my dear, here’s the simple answer: Ask your HR rep. Any office that has a normal dress code will ALSO have a few guidelines for dressing appropriately on Casual Fridays. If you’re worried about getting busted for wearing your sweatshirt and sneaks, ask the authorities. Better safe than sorry, eh? read more

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