Reader Request: Wedding Wear

Wedding guest attire: What to wear and where to shop

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Kate K popped this into the Suggestion Box:

I am at that age where everyone I know is getting married and so thus, I go to about four or five (or six or seven!) weddings a year. I have no problem dressing myself in every other arena of my life but when it comes to weddings, I’m stumped. I have no idea what fabrics are appropriately dressy enough or if I need take time of the wedding into consideration, and I always look back on what I wore and wish I’d worn something else. I’d love some tips on wedding wear! READ MORE

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Reader Request: Stylish Shorts

How to pick flattering shorts

Beautiful Anne sent this request via e-mail:

I just watched a blurb about shorts for every body type on the Today Show, except that they only showed 4 models and they all looked about the same to me, so it wasn’t very helpful. Can every body type really wear shorts? I know you tend to wear more skirts and dresses, but sometimes a skirt isn’t quite appropriate. With summer kind of approaching here in the Midwest, I’d be interested to see your take on this. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Shoe Alterations

getting shoes altered

Hayley popped this question into the suggestion box:

I’d be interested in knowing if you’ve ever had any pair of shoes altered in any way, and if you have any tips. I’m considering getting a pair of leather boots taken in a bit at the top around the calf area.

Why yes, I have! Here in the Twin Cities we have two leather shops both owned by various members of the George family – George’s Hockey Repair in St. Paul, and George’s Shoes & Repair in Arden Hills. The latter is now my go-to – and the shop that helped with my fringe bag – since they do great work and aren’t as mobbed as the St. Paul shop. But I’ve had one pair altered at each shop. This first pair was done at the St. Paul shop. READ MORE

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