Dressing for the Beastly Heat

Tips for staying stylish when it's HOT out!

Mana G popped this request into the box:

How to dress in ridiculously, stiflingly hot weather… And still look fashionable.

I wore the outfit above on a day when it was 95 degrees with a heat index of 105, and humid as hell. I was indoors most of the day, it’s true, but this outfit still fits my main criteria for a stylish hot weather ensemble. And they are …

Washable: If you’re like me, you sweat mostly from your armpits. If it’s hot out, there’s no WAY I’m putting on something that needs hand washing or dry cleaning. read more

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Elements of Self

Your style does not define you. Not alone. People look at you every day, whether you want them to or not, and the choices you make about clothing and grooming and accessories contribute to the overall impression you give. You can tell the world about your favorite colors and textures, about your favorite era in history, about your favorite aspects of your figure through the dressing choices you make. What you wear contributes to the first level of your public identity, and you can exercise some measure of control over that identity. But you are more than just your style. read more

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Reader Request: Before

LPC popped this question into the suggestion box:

I’d love to know how you dressed beFORE you started looking at style the way you do now. Or as a teen. You have a very distinct style now. Was it always that way? I know you’ve talked about it here and there, but I haven’t seen a full post, I don’t think, on this topic.

I expected to cringe and groan as I sifted through old photographs of myself, embarrassed by my obliviousness and ashamed of my formerly messy style. But you know what I learned? High school wasn’t much fun and I could barely scrape up a single photo from it, but MAN, I loved college. Loved it. I looked radiantly happy in every photo, even the hilariously weird ones. Which I will now proceed to share with you. read more

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