Per Request: Stylish Tattoos

how to choose a tattoo

Here’s a subject that is likely to raise some hackles, and rightly so: what is a stylish tattoo? Are there any that will be acceptable in both the boardroom and the bar? Does it matter? Should you ink yourself up to your heart’s content and the hell with squeamish body-art-conservatives?

Tattoos are permanent, expressive, and highly personal. The clothes you wear broadcast how you feel today, or this week, or this season. The images you have drawn on your skin broadcast information about your inner self every day of your life. So, as you can imagine, people feel strongly about tattoos in general, and their own tattoos in particular. READ MORE

Through Thick and Thin

Let’s assume for a moment that you are not Kate Moss. Let’s assume, too, that you have at least one physical feature that you’d like to downplay or even disguise. Finally, let’s assume that this feature is below your neck, and above your knees. Assuming all of these crazy things, it is likely that you have resorted to large, bulky, sack-like clothes in an attempt to mask your perceived “flaw.” I’m here to tell you that there is a better way. READ MORE

The Universe Says …

And now, PLOT EXPOSITION. Gobs of it.

About a year and a half ago, I had an identity crisis. After working for nearly 10 years in communications, I finally realized that switching jobs again wasn’t going to make me any happier. I needed to switch CAREERS. My loving husband sat me down, and rather forcefully suggested I pursue a career that involved animals, my great love practically since birth.

Within 6 months, I’d quit my heinous job as a marketing traffic manager, secured a job at the University of Minnesota (which meant free tuition), and designed a degree in Applied Animal Behavior. If I do say so myself, this degree I’ve mapped out will allow me to take the most fantastical group of courses offered at the U. I mean, I get to learn to tranquilize and radio collar beasties. How awesome is THAT??!?!? READ MORE

Originally posted 2007-09-14 08:45:00.