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The Next Phase

Well, friends, the time has come: I need to step back from this blog.

Before I delve into my reasons, I want to take a few moments to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks. If you are reading this right now, I owe you a debt that can never be fully repaid. I decided to be a writer when I was in third grade, chased that dream through high school, earned a creative writing degree, then found myself in a job market that had no interest my my dreams and dumped me into marketing and communications jobs for more than a decade. I wrote on the side – an album review here, an artist interview there – but never got any traction … until 2007 when I launched this blog. I rediscovered my voice, uncovered an important personal mission, and connected with readers (like you) who believed in me. It was utterly transformative. Continues to be so. Because of this blog and the amazing people who read it, I finally became a writer. A professional writer with a portfolio and clients and books and – perhaps most importantly – renewed confidence in my talents and abilities. read more

Underutilized Wardrobe Items: Keep ’em Visible

keep clothes where you can see them

We all play favorites. We reach for the same skirt, the same jeans, the same flats again and again. And in order to make that reach less time-consuming, we move those favorites to the front of the closet, the nearest shelf, the top of the drawer.

And this? This means that we may be unintentionally creating closet orphans. Why?

Because if you can’t see it, you’ll forget about it.* That embellished cardigan that you snapped up on clearance after waiting patiently for the price to drop? It’s hidden beneath your gray and black ones. That pair of burgundy skinnies you simply had to have? Buried after one wear, overshadowed by its denim-y cousins. And unless you remind yourself – visually – that these items are yours for the wearing, they shall go unworn. And, eventually, you may apply a rule about length of time unworn and donate them without even giving them a fair shake! read more