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Loose Style Guidelines for Women Over 40

over 40 style
I’ve had several wonderful women write to me requesting advice for dressing stylishly in the fourth and fifth decades. And first of all, I’d like to say that I’m HONORED by these requests. I am beyond flattered that women with more life experience than I want me to boss them around when it comes to style!

Secondly, I have written a handful of posts that delineate style for women of various age groups, but overall? I think it’s all down to the individual. How comfortable are you showing serious skin at 56? Do you feel confident and awesome in trendier styles, or like a total poseur? The only person who can really say what is appropriate for you at this age is YOU. Just you. So take every word written here with a grain of salt, and remember that you’re in charge. At any and every age. read more

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Breaking Into Belting

How to wear belts

Fabulous reader Elly recently asked for some general advice about exploring belts. She wasn’t necessarily looking for information about styles of belts or how to wear them best – topics that Audi covered thoroughly in her amazing guest post on belting – but instead, she wondered how to even begin experimenting with belts.

And since I’ve heard many of you say that belting intimidates you, I thought I’d share more broadly what I told Elly.

belts figure flattery

As with anything new, the best way to delve into belting is simply to experiment. For starters, you’ll need to figure out which styles work for your body type and where on your body to belt. And although Audi’s post is a great jumping-off point, you’ll need to do some in-person trial runs to find out for sure what works on your figure. read more

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Wear Everything All the Time

Why you should wear everything all the time. Even the fancy stuff.

When I wear white, I eat spaghetti. Or drink coffee. Or munch on Cheetos. Or write with Sharpies or open cans of motor oil or serve grape juice to passing children or basically do any and everything possible to STAIN THE LIVING BEJEEZUS OUT OF MY CLOTHING. But I wear white anyway because what’s the point of owning it if it doesn’t get worn?

I am trying to apply this philosophy to my fancy and special-occasion garments, too. I mean, that floor-length, shiny, beaded, chocolate brown bridesmaid dress with the spaghetti straps? I’m not completely sure I can pull that off for work. But my my long thrifted taffeta skirt, my drapey vest, and my brooch necklace? Why should those languish just because they’re flashy, or dressy, or stylized, or a wee bit more delicate than my standard boots, jeans, and tee-shirts? As many have said before me, none of my clothes are “too good” for me to wear them. If I own something, it should be fair game. Period. read more

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