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Reader Request: Styling Boxy Handknits

How to wear chunky sweaters
An anonymous reader threw this bad boy into the suggestion box:

All the women in my family are knitters and so I have a lot of hand-made sweaters and cardigans. The problem with these are they tend to be not very well fitting and also they somehow don’t look very polished. I would never give them away, but at the same time I feel bad for not wearing them enough. I know belting is one option, but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of sweaters. Mostly I end up wearing them when I’m going for the relaxed, slouchy look. Any suggestions on how to incorporate them more into my daily rotation? read more

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How to Prepare for a Shopping Trip

Know your budget: No, really. Do NOT shop without knowing how much cash you have, and how much you can comfortably spend. Shopping blindly leads to shopping regret of one kind or another.

Inventory your closet: Annoying, but worth it. Many of us buy duplicates or near-duplicates, and that practice can be avoided by familiarizing yourself with your current wardrobe. And before you buy anything, ask yourself: Do I love this because it’s perfectly “me” or because it’s incredibly familiar? read more

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Reader Request: How to Wear Vests

How to wear a vest stylishly

Shannon popped this guy into the suggestion box:

I’d love a tutorial on wearing classy vests. I have a very menswear style vest in my closet that I love, but have no idea how to wear it. White button-down shirts look awful on me for a number of reasons and would look too “suit-like” besides. Any ideas?

I’ve got a couple of menswear-ish vests myself, but they don’t come out to play often because, like Shannon, I find them a bit tough to style. In fact, I’ve drawn upon looks from my fellow bloggers to illustrate some successful vest ensembles! read more

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