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Legs, Skirts, and Footwear

A long leg line is one of my personal figure flattery priorities. I don’t always stick to it, but nine times out of ten I’ll choose outfit options that make my legs look as long and shapely as possible. And I’ve gotten many questions about how shoes and hemlines affect the leg line, so lemme boil it down for ya:

Basically, you want to consider your ankles and knees. If you’re wearing shoes that disguise the curve of your ankle, your legs will look more shapely if you can show your knees. read more

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Quick Fix: Silver Paint Pen for Hardware Touch-ups

For YEARS, I wore no gold. Carried no handbags with goldtone hardwear. Bought no shoes with brass accents. I was religious about wearing silvertone, and silvertone alone. Why? Who the hell knows. I’m a double Capricorn with Taurus rising, so let’s blame it on that.

ANYWAYS. Sometimes I would buy vintage stuff off Etsy that looked silver, but turned out to be faded gold. Sometimes the perfect piece of costume jewelry had one little brass bit that made me twitch with dismay. And eventually I found a solution: read more

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Mixing Gold and Silver Jewelry

How to mix metals, how to wear gold and silver together

Reader Wendy wrote to me a while back asking about style rules concerning mixed metals. At the time I wore silver exclusively – my engagement and wedding rings are white gold – so I had never grappled with this question myself. But I’ve since started incorporating some gold tones into my jewelry wardrobe and tinkered with mixing. So now I believe you can go one of four routes: Don’t care, wear all one or the other, mix intentionally, or include a bridging piece.


I know many women who have gold wedding/everyday rings and wear other jewelry in silver or gold without giving it a single thought. A single gold piece in a silver mix – especially something as small as a ring – is unlikely to seem jarring, so if you can accessorize without thinking about it, do. But if it bothers you … read more

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