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How to Do Oversized

How to wear oversized tops, tunics, and other clothes

I remember being in middle school and seeing a scene from “Sleeping with the Enemy” in which a young, coltish Julia Roberts scampers around an empty house in nothing but a giant men’s button-down. And she looked SO SEXY, and I wanted desperately to be her. So I absconded with some of my dad’s old shirts thinking that all it took was … ya know, a giant men’s shirt. I could be coltish and sexy, too! And I was dumbfounded when I looked like an off-duty linebacker in my version. read more

Originally posted 2010-03-10 06:42:00.

Reader Request: Bending Trends

How to make trends work for your figure and style

rb wanted to know: What to do when current fashion isn’t right for your figure – pencil skirts, skinny jeans.

As I’ve said many times and with great fervor, you do NOT need to wear anything that you do not like or that does not flatter you. Period. And part of me wants to end this post right there because there should be no force in this world capable of coercing you into wearing garments or styles that don’t suit you, don’t work with your natural assets, and don’t make you feel like your own magnificent self. read more

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How Short is TOO Short?

Lovely April wrote with this question:

I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet, and I found an adorable skirt that I really want to wear. It’s high-waisted, which works fine for me, but it’s also very, VERY short. I never realized how short it was before, possibly because I used to wear it quite a bit lower on my waist than it was really intended. At any rate, it’s shorter than I’ve ever worn a skirt before (I’m usually a below-the-knee or just-above-the-kneecap girl). So, my question is this: How short is too short? Are there any style guidelines that I could follow that will keep me out of the red zone when it comes to skirt shortness? read more

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