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Reader Request: Working those Colorful Tights

How to wear colorful tights

Waaay back in February, SarahN dropped this one into the suggestion box:

I’d love a feature on how to dress around colored tights. I just bought a teal pair and have no idea what to with them. You wear them with such aplomb, I’m sure you have some great tips.

I know many folks are still dealing with summer heatwaves, but fall is just around the corner! The time is ripe to tackle tights, and so we shall.

I adore tights, and consider them a quick and easy way to inject even MORE color into my cold-weather outfits. But I was interested to discover the I have posted relatively few bright-tights outfits to the blog! I figured this was one of my staples, but it’s really not. I rely on neutral tights and colorful garments more often than not. But here are some outfits that included vibrantly colored tights, and why I think they work. read more

Originally posted 2010-09-07 05:10:00.

Dressing for the Beastly Heat

Tips for staying stylish when it's HOT out!

Mana G popped this request into the box:

How to dress in ridiculously, stiflingly hot weather… And still look fashionable.

I wore the outfit above on a day when it was 95 degrees with a heat index of 105, and humid as hell. I was indoors most of the day, it’s true, but this outfit still fits my main criteria for a stylish hot weather ensemble. And they are …

Washable: If you’re like me, you sweat mostly from your armpits. If it’s hot out, there’s no WAY I’m putting on something that needs hand washing or dry cleaning. read more

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How to Make Thrifted Clothes Look Spendy

How to make thrifted and secondhand clothes look expensive

I’ve been thrifting since I was in middle school. I remember rifling through the racks of moth-eaten sweatshirts and paint-stained jeans as a girl, hoping to unearth something marvelous. And I nabbed my Pentagon Officers Athletic Club running shorts and hilarious red twill mechanic’s jumpsuit back then, so treasures did come to hand. But the shops were disorganized, the merchandise was a bit shabby, and it took loads of patience to find anything worthwhile. I think that many thrift shops have improved conditions and become more discerning about what they’ll sell, but some are still messy and packed with damaged garments. read more

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