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Reader Request: Shoe Care 101


Gorgeous reader Ashley asked:

How about shoe care? I’ve only been buying quality shoes for the last two years or so and I don’t really know how to care for them. Before, all my shoes were inexpensive and synthetic so I didn’t really worry about up-keep. And I’ve noticed that in your shoe posts, yours are immaculate. I’d love some tips!

My shoes probably look immaculate because I’ve got a sizable collection and few pairs get worn more than once a week. But I am a careful steward of my collection, and do a few things to make sure my shoes STAY in good shape. You’ll be delighted to hear that none of those things involve stuffing my boots with newspaper or hauling out the shoe polish on a weekly basis. No way. Too lazy for THAT. But here are some shoe care activities I do engage. read more

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Jewelry Hacks: Alternate Uses for Jewelry

Jewelry hacks! These tips will help you make use of jewelry items in new and inventive ways.

Wrap a shawl around your waist, and that shawl becomes a sarong. Put a sweater over a dress, and that dress becomes a skirt. Scrunch a tube top around your neck, and that tube top becomes a cowl. Most of us are pretty open to letting our clothing multi-task. But what about jewelry?

Jewelry can do more than just adorn, and some very simple tricks can totally transform how certain pieces get worn. Here are a few ways that I and my fellow bloggers have retooled our jewels.

USE A BRACELET TO LENGTHEN A NECKLACE use-bracelet-to-make-necklace-longer

Any bracelet with a clip closure that fastens securely – like a lobster claw clasp or spring ring – can be used to lengthen a necklace. Clip the bracelet clasp to the jump ring of the necklace, and then use the jump ring of the bracelet to attach the necklace clasp. Voila! Your necklace is several inches longer. This can also work if both necklace and bracelet both have toggle clasps, but the links won’t be as secure. E has done this several times with her orange necklace. The piece is actually a bib-style, but she prefers to wear it longer. read more

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Know Your Body Before You Shop

How to tell if clothes will fit
I can generally pick up a garment, give it a quick once-over, and know whether it’ll make me look like a goddess or a garbage heap. How? Well, I shop frequently and try on a LOT of clothing, so some of it is trial and error. But I’ve also made a point of learning my measurements, my body type, and my personal failsafe styles.

Learning about your figure is key to efficient shopping. Shopping becomes exhausting when you have to try on 15 dresses before finding one that’s even passable, much less great. But if you can eyeball the racks and go for styles that should work in theory, you’ll have a better chance of picking items that work in practice. read more

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