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Covered-up Warm Weather Looks

How to create summer and warm weather outfits with coverage

As as the weather turns warmer here in the Northern Hemi, many gals are pondering how to dress for summery temperatures without exposing their extremities. Self-consciousness about upper arms, knees, exposed leg veins, cellulite, and all manner of biological normalcy gets forgotten in the midst of winter layering. But that self-consciousness is awakening now. Which breaks my heart because LADIES if you get hot you are allowed to wear less clothing. You are! You do not have to have Angela Basset’s pipes or Angelina Jolie’s legs to wear tanks and shorts. You do not have to subject yourself to a summer’s worth of heat rash just because you aren’t a Goddess of the Bicep. If you want to wear shorts and short-sleeves, DO IT. Period. read more

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Reader Request: Styling Silk Scarves

How to style and wear silk scarves

Portia, Laura, AND lindykatherine all had this request:

Different ways of using scarves! I have a wee bit of an obsession with vintage scarves. I can’t resist buying them when I see them, but never seem to be able to work them into my outfits in a way I feel happy with. So I never wear them. Also when I try them in my hair they always slide out. If you have any ideas on this I’d be so glad!

I began collecting silk scarves before I really had any idea how to style them. There are loads of scarf-y resources out there – MaiTai’s Picture Book and Deja’s video tutorials among them – but here are some of my favorite ways to style and wear silk scarves. And you’ll notice that these images span the seasons and showcase many hair lengths … I dug deep into the archives to make sure I had visuals for each example! read more

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Closet Orphans: What, Why, and How to Deal

closet orphans

Above, you’ll see an outfit featuring a pink, ruffly skirt that I bought at Anthropologie in 2005. I saw that skirt on the rack, keeled over from object lust, picked myself up off the shop floor, and forked over $80 for it quite willingly. And although I hung onto it for six years, it rarely got worn. By and large, this skirt qualifies as a closet orphan.

What is a closet orphan?

“Closet orphan” is a term that I picked up from Angie, but I think we define it slightly differently. To me, a closet orphan is an item that you love, but that proves very difficult to pair with other items. It seldom gets worn because it doesn’t play nicely within the context of outfits. It just hangs there, lonely and sad, languishing away while your wardrobe workhorses get worn again and again. read more

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