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A Crash Course in the Golden Ratio

How the Golden Mean (or Golden Ratio) impacts your proportions and fashion choices

I’ve long used my instincts and eye to determine what looked best on myself and others, but over the past few years I’ve realized that there are some guidelines that can help aid my instincts and eye when I doubt myself. I still flub, the guidelines sometimes fail, and – just like everyone – I have my share of unfortunate outfits. But keeping a few of these guidelines in mind has helped me improve my batting average. The most useful guideline of the bunch has been the Golden Ratio. READ MORE

Originally posted 2012-07-05 06:17:10.

Transitional Season Cheat Sheet

season transitional dressing

Whenever the seasons shift, the vast majority of us find ourselves fumbling through our closets, plagued by doubt, unsure if we should dress for the current season, the coming season, or some bizarre hybrid of the two. Because transitional seasons are confusing. Do you dress for the weather or the season?  When do you rotate the coming season’s items into your active wardrobe? How do you look chic and timely when the temperature and time of year are clashing? READ MORE

Originally posted 2011-08-25 06:19:47.

Black for Summer


A few folks have mentioned that they’d rather learn how to summer-ize black clothing than omit it entirely from the repertoire. So, here are my tips!

Bare a Bit
Already Pretty outfit featuring COS layered dress, Antelope sandals, Rebecca Minkoff Jealous bag, bib necklace

Every woman has her own comfort level with skin exposure, so I’m not gonna manufacture some dumb rule about how bare to get. BUT! Imagine if this dress hit at mid-calf and the sleeves weren’t scrunched. Even in lightweight materials, that much coverage might seem too heavy and dark for summer wear. Balance with your own preferences, but remember that black works best in summer when balanced by a hint of skin. READ MORE

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