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Breaking Out of a Winter Style Rut

How to break a winter style rut
If you live in the northern hemi – and especially if you live in the northern reaches of the northern hemi – you know that winter is like a marathon. Enduring cold temps and oppressive darkness for several months before December even arrives, then entering the true long haul at the beginning of January. The holidays are over, spring seems eons away, and there’s not much between here and there but loooooong stretches of grouchy shivering.

And this, my friends, is when most of us tend to start pulling out the same black slacks and gray sweater every single day. We feel sluggish and uninspired, cold and resentful, and we don’t want to invest any energy into … well, anything. But CERTAINLY not anything as frivolous as style. Eating heavy casseroles and watching “Pride and Prejudice” marathons, OK, but anything that taps our creativity can seem overwhelming. read more

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Reader Request: The Stylish Twinset

How to wear a twin set

Reader Tricia dropped me an e-mail with this question:

I should admit up front that I have a cardigan obsession. It’s the one thing my eye goes straight for when I shop. I do wear some cardigans alone with different-colored bottoms, but I have a couple of matching twinsets as well. I didn’t realize that was a style no-no! Can you explain why and help me out with mixing and matching some? I have a black twinset (I do wear that cardigan with other things too) as well as a pale blue one and a grassy green one. I just found out that those latter two are of a length to wear with skirts (something else I learned from your blog!) but beyond that, I’m lost. Also, they’re V-neck in both the shell and the cardi. Crew necks look terrible on me. read more

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The Basics: Alternate Takes on Conservative Pieces

Creative ways to style your basics!
Basics are basic, and there’s no way around it.

If you’re building a style sandwich, basics are the bread: Necessary, sturdy, foundational, and often a bit dull. It’s up to you to fill that sandwich with tasty meat or cheese or veggies, and smear on some tastebud-tantalizing condiments and then poke a frilly toothpick through it all with a grand, “TA DA!”

So let’s talk about that, shall we? Here are a few ways to make your personal style-sandwich zippy and delish, even if you are building it atop two slices of plain old wheat bread: read more

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