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Reader Request: Clothes that Move

Clothes for active jobs

Esti asked:

I’d love to hear your take on how to dress for a job where it’s important to look nice but be able to move. I’ve worked in libraries for awhile, and though there’s plenty of desk time, pencil skirts aren’t good for pushing book carts, sitting on the floor and stretching/climbing to re-shelve books. I imagine teachers (especially of young kids) have some of the same issues, and I’m sure other professions do as well. I’m pretty good at finding outfits that work for me, but I could definitely use some more ideas, especially from a fellow skirt-and-dress devotee. read more

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Wear What Suits You

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Our brains are constantly being filled with information about aesthetics, dressing, sexiness, trends, fashionability, fitness, and beauty. There are too many sources to count, and they’re all dumping powerful – and sometimes contradictory – messages about style and figure flattery into our psyches. It can get damned overwhelming, and make a girl want to wear the same black pants and gray cardigan every day from now until forever. And style blogs like mine contribute to that morass of confusing information, I know. So here’s a bit of an antidote: read more

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Reader Request: Prettifying Pantsuits

Reader Kristen dropped me an e-mail with this request:

I work in an INCREDIBLY professional environment. Typical workwear is a pants suit or separates with fun jewelry and shoes. Over the holidays, we don’t have to dress quite as extreme, so I had fun wearing different sweaters/pants combos that would normally be reserved for Fridays only. I would love some ideas on how to jazz up a pants suit or work separates.

I am not a suit-wearer myself, so I had to really use my imagination for this one. Then again, Kristen knew that, so I’m hoping she was simply seeking a fresh perspective! Many of things you can do to spice up your work-wear will totally clash with the clean, classic vibe of a pantsuit. But here are a few simple tricks that might add a bit of panache without getting too casual. read more

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