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1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape

OK, OK, I exaggerate. Though perhaps I should keep a running list and eventually publish a book titled 1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape. I could make a fortune, people!

In the meantime, here are a handful of quick and easy uses for fashion tape to tide you over. Don’t go thinking that this invention exists for the sole purpose of preventing celebrity nipple slips. No indeed, double-sided fabric-friendly tape is incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful, as my hyperbolic post title implies. I keep a little tin on my person at all times and another in my jewelry box at home. It comes in handy approximately once a week, I swear. I’ve seen it sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond on occasion, but I get mine from Amazon. And I buy in bulk. read more

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Trying Too Hard

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The concept of “trying too hard” irks me. People are constantly being criticized for putting forth minimal effort, and yet we censure them for being overly enthusiastic, too. Talk about a lose-lose proposition.

And yet, I’ve gotten several reader questions about “trying too hard” stylistically, and I understand why. When I was 13, I felt certain that simply OWNING and WEARING cool clothes would make me cool … but when I got my hands on an entire Esprit ensemble and wore it to school, I was still shunned. And the feeling I had? Trying too hard. Specifically trying too hard to fit into a group that didn’t want me, trying too hard to adopt a style that had nothing to do with my own tastes, trying too hard to be someone I’d never be. read more

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Being Seen

Reader Martha sent me an e-mail telling me about her recent style reawakening, and I just had to share:

I have begun working with a stylist here in Austin over the last year, as a part of my post-40, post-motherhood self care. Yesterday, when she sent me the digital photos of our styling session I had a huge shame reaction. We are “stepping out there” with my style — which, honestly, is a more true expression of my inner self. But I had this “You can’t!” reaction about it when I saw the photos and I think it’s about being seen. I used to dress to hide. The more I dress to express my true, colorful, audacious inner self, the scarier it gets. Especially as I am determined to love the body I have now, instead of wishing it were 20 pounds thinner or 10 years younger. So, the suggested topic is “personal style as a way of allowing yourself to truly be seen.” And how to deal with the fear that comes up sometimes. read more

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