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Shouldn’t Wear That


“She REALLY shouldn’t wear that.”

I’ve heard it. I’ve read it. And back before I really considered the impact of casual language on self-esteem, I even said it myself. But nowadays when I hear that phrase, I absolutely cringe. It strikes me as more damaging than many of the other phrases used to criticize style choices related to figure flattery. And here’s why:

Delineating what others should or should not do is a very loaded action. It implies that what they are currently doing is wrong, bad, inherently destructive or negative. It implies that they aren’t smart enough to figure that out on their own. And therefore, it implies that you are superior, since you were able to draw the conclusion yourself. It’s judgmental and it’s harsh. read more

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Reader Request: How to Wear Leggings

How to wear leggings - tips and advice!

Looking for advice on buying quality leggings? Try this post!

Julia asked:

I’m not sure if this has been discussed, but a post on a “how to wear leggings” would be fantastic! Leggings are so comfortable and you always looks great in them. I have a couple pairs but I struggle with how to wear them. Maybe you could help with a few guidelines on shirt length?

Did you hear a happy sigh just now? That’s me warming to this question. I adore leggings and they are my go-to weekend choice for ultimate comfort. Not all women dig the look, but I do. Big time. In fact, I believe that leggings can look fantastic on a huge variety of body types, which just makes me love them all the more. read more

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What Will You Wear?


A pair of platform heels can make you feel like an Amazon. A slouchy sweater can make you feel comforted. A formal gown can make you feel like a princess. Black leather combat boots can make you feel like a badass. A tailored blazer can make you feel like a grown-up. Running shorts can make you feel like an Olympian. A pair of leggings can make you feel completely at ease. An heirloom locket can make you feel connected to your ancestors. A lacy bra can make you feel like a minx. A classic trenchcoat can make you feel like a starlet. Your favorite t-shirt can make you feel unique and present and happy to be alive. read more

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