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Shopping for Your Imaginary Self

shopping for your imaginary self

This sequined butterfly blouse has been in my Etsy faves for AGES. It’s only $30 and I absolutely adore it. But I haven’t purchased it for two very important reasons:

1. I cannot imagine a place/event/reason that would allow me to wear it.

2. It is not suited to my actual style, but instead to my imaginary style.

Now, I will occasionally indulge my imaginary self and buy something that has no real place in my wardrobe. And those pieces may work their way into common use, and blend, and sometimes my style bends a bit to accommodate them. But generally speaking, I find that buying clothes for the person I wish I was – or, even worse, the person I wish I was SHAPED LIKE – is a fabulous way to generate buyers’ remorse. read more

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How to Dress Joyously

Dressing can be a chore. If you’re grappling with body image woes, work in a critical or intolerant environment, or are dealing with chronic pain, peering into your closet each morning may prompt more anxiety than elation. But I firmly believe that striving to dress joyously is a worthwhile endeavor. For all of us. Because we’ve all got to wear clothes every day, and the clothes we choose broadcast information about us to the observing world. And because the clothes we choose can be protective or celebratory or expressive or soothing, and what we wear can change the path we take for the day. read more

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Reader Request: Styling Boxy Handknits

How to wear chunky sweaters
An anonymous reader threw this bad boy into the suggestion box:

All the women in my family are knitters and so I have a lot of hand-made sweaters and cardigans. The problem with these are they tend to be not very well fitting and also they somehow don’t look very polished. I would never give them away, but at the same time I feel bad for not wearing them enough. I know belting is one option, but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of sweaters. Mostly I end up wearing them when I’m going for the relaxed, slouchy look. Any suggestions on how to incorporate them more into my daily rotation? read more

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