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Reader Request: Flattering the Petite, Curvy Figure

How to dress petite curvy or petite plus size figures

LynnieBee had this plea:

I was wondering if you could blog about some dressing tips for short curvy girls? Tips on how to elongate the line of your body, emphasize curves without looking lumpy, you know, that kind of thing. That would be awesome!

I had a few folks seconding the motion, so I could hardly refuse!

Monochrome outfits

A petite woman looks even smaller when she divides her body into chunks, which happens when tops and bottoms are in drastically different color families. Nothing creates a nice, unbroken line like a broad wash of a single shade. Now, don’t go thinking this can only mean “head-to-toe black.” Monochrome means one color, but it can be ANY color. Create an ensemble that is all shades of blue, or red, or gray, right down to the shoes. Mix in a few textures and multiple tonal values so you don’t look like you’ve been dunked in a tank of RIT dye. read more

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Building Your Style Through Basics

Why you should build your wardrobe using classic and basic pieces.

Once upon a time, an online makeover client came to me feeling a bit lost. She’d been an adventurous dresser in college, experimenting with punky/alternative looks and really embracing her quirkier side, but had fallen into a self-described Ann Taylor rut in recent years. She was bored of looking in the mirror and feeling bored with her clothes.

So we corresponded a bit, and she sent me links to tons of TOTALLY FANTASTIC dresses from Modcloth and Trashy Diva that were inspiring her at the time. Stuff with fun silhouettes and retro flair, gorgeous prints and fantastic detailing. I drooled over these dresses and skirts myself, and was excited for her to try ’em all. read more

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Breaking Out of a Winter Style Rut

How to break a winter style rut
If you live in the northern hemi – and especially if you live in the northern reaches of the northern hemi – you know that winter is like a marathon. Enduring cold temps and oppressive darkness for several months before December even arrives, then entering the true long haul at the beginning of January. The holidays are over, spring seems eons away, and there’s not much between here and there but loooooong stretches of grouchy shivering.

And this, my friends, is when most of us tend to start pulling out the same black slacks and gray sweater every single day. We feel sluggish and uninspired, cold and resentful, and we don’t want to invest any energy into … well, anything. But CERTAINLY not anything as frivolous as style. Eating heavy casseroles and watching “Pride and Prejudice” marathons, OK, but anything that taps our creativity can seem overwhelming. read more

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