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Shopping Questions You Should Never Be Afraid to Ask


I prefer to shop alone. I am a very focused, directed shopper and don’t like to be distracted by idle chit-chat or unrelated browsing. So I generally go alone and keep to myself. The people I am most likely to speak with while shopping? Sales associates.

Now, sales associates sometimes get a bad rep. It’s frustrating to ask a question about merchandise or availability and be met with blank stares and disinterest. But sales associates cannot be expected to know everything about the merch. Boutique owners and managers at smaller shops, yes. Associates at large department stores, no. And even if you encounter a sales associate who can’t help you, hopefully she or he can point you toward other resources. read more

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Reader Request: Hats Off to You

How to pick a hat

Lovely Bianca e-mailed me with this question:

Is there a way to find the perfect hat for your lovely head? I mean, are there right hat shapes for face shapes?

OK, I’ll admit to having to do some research on this one. I mean, I knew the answer: Yes, certain hat shapes work well for certain face and head shapes. But how does one go about determining WHICH hat shape for WHICH face? Here’s what I found out:

First consider your body shape and type. Like any garment or accessory, hats affect how your entire person will appear, not just your noggin. So you petite gals may want to avoid enormous, wide-brimmed hats or anything truly oversized that could overpower you. You’ll do better with a small brim and low crown. Tall ladies may want to avoid anything overly narrow, pointy, or high since they will just add to your natural height. You can sport the wide brim that petites avoid, and try a shorter crown. Plus-sized gals may want to embrace full-brimmed hats since they add balance to a curvy figure. read more

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The Last Great Deal


I feel like I’ve come a long way as a bargain shopper. Once upon a time, I’d happily snap up ill-fitting clothing in colors I didn’t like and styles I’d never wear simply because they were such fantastic deals. How could I pass up an $8 sweater at J.Crew? Even if it was a shade of chartreuse that made me look like a flu victim. How could I leave that $12 silk skirt behind on the Banana Republic sale rack? Perhaps because it made me look like a family of otters had settled in my nether regions. I am more discerning now, and shop knowing my needs, my wants, and my favorite styles. But the lure of stupendous bargains still beckons on occasion, and I am forced to pull out this mantra: read more

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