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Shopping Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Shopping for clothing, shoes, and accessories can be incredibly fun and rewarding … but it can also be hazardous to your health. Your mental health, emotional health, financial health, ALL of your healths can be menaced by the mall. Because when you shop, you become vulnerable: Influenced by ads and marketing, nudged by sales associates or friends-in-tow, convinced by your own inner voices that you absolutely do need orange platform sandals that are half a size too small. Or yet another black cardigan. read more

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Your Thrifting Checklist

Thinking of thrifting up a storm this month? Here are some tips to ponder before you hit the shops:

  • Check organization websites for coupons or deal days (50% off purple tags on Thursday, and the like).
  • If you’re shopping at a place that takes donations from the public, bring YOUR giveaway pile. Often, you’ll get a coupon to shop just for donating.

  • Either wear something that’s easy to tear off (a dress and slip-on shoes) or underlayers that will serve as a bodysuit (leggings and a tank) in case you end up somewhere sans dressing rooms.
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    Reader Request: Shopping for Quality and Longevity

    how to shop for quality clothes

    Bubu asked:

    I wonder if you might do a post on shopping for quality/longevity. I find some stores, like Ann Taylor or L.L. Bean, have pretty good and consistent quality in construction and holding up to washing, etc, or really good return policies. But the Gap, for example, is much more uneven, and I’ve just stopped shopping at Old Navy because everything loses its shape after a wash. Especially when thrifting or buying at a place like T.J. Maxx, which have a hodgepodge, how can you assess how the piece will hold up with wear and tear and washing? read more

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