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Is the Trend Life-Cycle Elongating?


When I first saw over-the-knee boots in my fashion mags more than five years ago, I swooned. But I thought to myself, “There’s no way that trend’ll last more than a single season.”

Last year when over-the-knee boots were shown again, I bought a pair, all the while thinking, “I love these and I’ll wear them well beyond their moment in the sun … but I bet that moment will have passed by next fall.”

And now, as I look at the billions of over-the-knee boots flooding the magazines, stores, and online shops, I marvel. Because my brain is still stuck in middle school, a time period in which trends lasted a month, and anyone wearing them beyond their window of trendiness was subject to ridicule. read more

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Shoe Basics

Shoe styles that (almost!) every woman should consider adding to her wardrobe

When I worked as a stylist, I was always puzzled when I visited a client with a wardrobe full of lovely, current, perfectly-fitting clothing and a tiny mound of outdated, weather-beaten, unloved shoes that in no way align with their owner’s style. To me, appropriate, interesting shoes are an integral part of an overall look and I believe that knowing your preferred shoe types is absolutely essential to building personal style.

But not everyone feels that way. Despite the stereotypes about women and shoes, I think that many of us struggle to track down styles that suit our tastes AND lifestyles. Shoes get worn harder than clothing in most cases, and that makes buying them far trickier. A dress has to work with body shape … but shoes have to be comfortable, affordable, stylish, AND work perfectly with a multitude of outfits under a multitude of circumstances. So cultivating a lasting, useful, beautiful collection of shoes can be quite a project, and some women would rather focus on objects of style that require less versatility and research. read more

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How to Identify a Bargain

How do you know if something you want to buy is REALLY a bargain? Tips in this post!The clearance rack has such a specific siren song, and it can feel impossible to resist. But have you ever contemplated what constitutes an actual bargain? Believe me, it’s not just a rock-bottom price. If you spend $10 on a skirt but NEVER wear it, that’s a waste, not a bargain.

Here’s a little quiz you can take next time you’re browsing the sale merch to make sure your money will be well-spent. Most are questions you’ve heard before, but all bear repeating.

Would you pay full price for it? Walking away from something that is dirt cheap can feel foolish, but it seldom is. I certainly get suckered into buying items simply BECAUSE they’re so inexpensive without contemplating how they fit into my overall style. So, as many have said before me, a great way to test the “why” of buying is to ask yourself if you’d ever paid full price for the item in question. If not, why are you so eager to snap it up now? read more

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