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Covered-up Warm Weather Looks

How to create summer and warm weather outfits with coverage

As as the weather turns warmer here in the Northern Hemi, many gals are pondering how to dress for summery temperatures without exposing their extremities. Self-consciousness about upper arms, knees, exposed leg veins, cellulite, and all manner of biological normalcy gets forgotten in the midst of winter layering. But that self-consciousness is awakening now. Which breaks my heart because LADIES if you get hot you are allowed to wear less clothing. You are! You do not have to have Angela Basset’s pipes or Angelina Jolie’s legs to wear tanks and shorts. You do not have to subject yourself to a summer’s worth of heat rash just because you aren’t a Goddess of the Bicep. If you want to wear shorts and short-sleeves, DO IT. Period. read more

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When to Buy

When to shop for and buy seasonal fashion items like coats, swimwear, and boots

While I discourage buying sale items SOLELY based on low or discounted prices, I encourage savvy bargain shopping. And I’ve learned to monitor the price fluctuations of certain seasonal items. None of these will be shocking revelations, as the main pattern is that bargains emerge at the end of a season … but I thought I’d share my observations and see if you have any to add!

Coats: Late January

This is one of the few seasonal items that can typically be purchased relatively early in the season on sale. Coats often get marked down right after Christmas, so if you can bear to wear older outerwear until January, you’ll be able to nab a new coat for a song. read more

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Clothing Comfort Work-arounds

I’m willing to put up with some discomfort for the sake of a look. I have shoes that make my feet ache, blazers that make it impossible to reach for items on high shelves, and pairs of tights that transform me into a Segmented Worm. But I don’t LIKE being uncomfortable. It makes me crabby and scowly and entirely un-fun to be around. So I’ve found a few simple ways to achieve the looks I love by utilizing slight variations on the gorgeous-but-uncomfortable pieces I adore. Prepare! I will now divulge my secrets: read more

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