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Showstopping Style on a Pauper’s Budget

Style on a budget

I’ve received about 16 hillion jillion requests for ways to look awesome on a tight budget, and I hear ya, friends. I mean times are tight, for one thing … but shopping smart is a best practice no matter what the economy is up to. So here are a few guidelines that can help you keep your look fresh, fun, and affordable even if you’re hurting for cash.


Buy Muted Colors: Blaring brights are super fun but muted tones look more expensive. When you’re trolling Target for tees, pick out raspberry red instead of fire engine red, steel blue instead of superman blue … anything with a little less saturation. You’ll be amazed how much classier those tones will play when paired with your neutrals. read more

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Reader Request: The Tall Boot Dilemma


Every time knee-high boots come up – ESPECIALLY when they’re mentioned as a potential wardrobe staple – the hackles rise. So, so, so many of you have trouble finding tall boots that fit your calves correctly. And even if you love the look, you eventually give up the quest out of sheer frustration.

And honestly? I don’t have a solution. Because some of you have narrow calves and some of you have wide calves. Some of you aren’t proportioned for mass-produced tall boots and some of you are concerned about disguising your slender ankles. And even though there are a few minor workarounds for some of these issues, the bald fact is that some women may never find a pairs gorgeous, perfectly-fitting tall boots that flatter their frames. At least, not without getting them custom-made. read more

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Why You Should Befriend Your Tailor

Fact: Clothes off the rack may not fit you.

Like ever.

Retailers aim right for the middle, and they don’t give a flying rat’s ankle about outliers. If you are larger but not plus sized or shorter but not petite, you probably loathe shopping as much as I loathe trips to the dentist. If you are a pronounced pear or and extreme apple you may think that clothes do not exist that will fit you properly … not everywhere on your bod all at once. If your hips are waaaaaaay bigger than your waist, or your legs are waaaaaaaay shorter than your torso, or your shoulders are waaaaaaaay broader than your ribcage, you might not be able to buy pants at the Gap or dresses from Anthropologie. read more

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