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Reader Request: Resisting the Siren Song of Catalogs

catalog-shoppingrb wants to know …

How to not get sucked in by catalog images? I have a fairly tailored style but I get lured by relaxed clothing – Eileen Fisher, J Jill – because those models look great and relaxed and clean and really elegant. But when I get those items home and put them on, I look like I’m wearing my pajamas. Most models are my height (5’11”) but not my shape (curvy, bottom heavy) so I can’t usually imagine how these things will look on me. I’m sure others struggle with that. read more

Originally posted 2010-12-03 06:32:00.

Reader Request: Constructive Criticism in the Fitting Room

dressing room criticism fitting room

Reader Nancy e-mailed this question to me:

I think it would be great if you would write an article about shopping with others. I have problems with this, stemming from shopping with my mom as a teenager. I have had more body issues from those awkward times than from most other experiences. What made me uncomfortable were the comments about clothing that didn’t fit or flatter. If I tried on a pair of pants that didn’t fit, she would say something like “your hip to waist ratio is off, those pants make you look out of proportion”, or if a shoe made my legs look stumpy, she would tell me I should go for a narrower shoe so I don’t look so short. Those ways of saying certain garments looked terrible on me did quite a number on my self-image when I was a teenager. After I moved out of my parent’s house and started to shop by myself, I realized I am completely smokin’! I look great with my own personal hip to waist ratio, and I don’t have to be tall with long legs to be pretty. read more

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Reader Request: Layering Necklines

how to layer necklines

Reader Jori sent me this question via e-mail:

Now that we’re entering serious layering season, I was thinking it would be interesting for you to do a post on layering necklines. Specifically, I have a couple of pieces with sweetheart necklines, which I love, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what other types of necklines I can layer under them (other than a turtleneck). That’s a pretty specific problem, but then I started thinking about mixing v-necks with crew necks, etc, and was wondering if there are any guidelines for such things. Just layering v-necks with v-necks, for example, seems overly restrictive, but there are also plenty of times when mixing and matching just looks weird. read more

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