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Reader Request: Outside Opinions

What do you do if you have an item of clothing that everyone else seems to dislike, but you love?

Reader Louise e-mailed this question to me a couple of months ago:

What do you do if you have an item of clothing that everyone else seems to dislike, but you love? Do you wear it? Keep it in the closet, but wear it rarely? Get rid of it?

Here are the specifics of my case, but in a way they aren’t really important as it is a style philosophy that I’m interested in: I just bought a denim skirt to replace one that wasn’t fitting comfortably anymore. I wear the old skirt at least once a week as it is a staple of my wardrobe. The new skirt is fairly long (mid-calf), full, buttons all the way up the front, washed/faded denim with the classic faded gold stitching/pewtery hardware. I thought it was classic, but when I showed my husband, he said it was matronly. He rarely has any clothing opinions, so that alone gave me pause. read more

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Casual Shoe Basics


Well! The responses to this post about shoe basics made it pretty clear that you lovely folks would like some casual shoe-specific input. Many of you have no need or use for heels, and others pointed out that great-looking casual shoes are FAR more difficult to find than great-looking dressy shoes. So here’s a short list of what I consider to be casual shoe basics, and some brand and style recommendations.

frye vera slouch

Frye Vera Slouch

Ahh, boots. Durable, comfortable, and stylish. Those of you living in hot, humid climes may want to pass on this option, but for anyone dealing with seasons, a great pair of casual boots will serve you well for most of the year. Boots can add polish to just about any casual ensemble in a way that flats or Mary Janes cannot, in my opinion. Opt for a classic, knee-high pair with a walkable (or non-existent) heel in a versatile neutral. read more

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Reader Request: Utilitarian Pant-based Ensembles

Tiffany said:

I have to wear pants to work (engineering/construction inspector). Unfortunately it’s a field of men, so I don’t have a lot of examples to look to, hehe. I would love to see a piece on how to make a utilitarian pants outfit more interesting (and no, I can’t do it with shoes…steel-toed boots are a must)! I just feel like I wear the same outfit in different colors all the time.

Ahhh, there are so many fun things that we women can do to jazz up pants-based ensembles. Here are just a few suggestions: read more

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