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Reader Request: Slippery Shoe Tricks

How to keep your feet from slipping inside your shoes

Reader Erin asked:

I have a pair of patent leather heels with patent leather insoles that are kinda treacherous to wear with betighted footsies (it’s kinda slippery). Can you suggest a product to add some grip to slippery insoles? This wasn’t a problem when I wore these kicks with bare feet in the summer. I would like to see a post on tricks to make shoes fit/work better, and I think you could talk a bit about how your feet change from season to season. You mentioned recently that a pair of shoes you bought in the summer now were pretty loose because of hot-weather swelling. Maybe you could tie in how to transition shoes from one season to another. read more

Originally posted 2009-12-22 06:56:00.

Loving Your Inner Self

Reader Parsley P left a comment a while back that seemed a bit too broad in scope for a comment-back response. So I asked her to drop me an e-mail, which she kindly did. Here’s what she wrote:

A lot of times when people talk about self-love, they mean bodily self-love. I agree that’s important, but it’s also important to like yourself in a more intangible sense. The best word I could come up with to describe that was “personality.” I think I overstated myself in my comment this morning (too little sleep) because I don’t mean to say I hate my personality or who I am. That isn’t true on a day-to-day basis. But sometimes I am overwhelmed by these moments where I feel like everyone is kinder, braver, more confident, and more socially adept than I am. I’m sure this isn’t true and I know logically that it can’t be. I’m also sure this isn’t a problem unique to me. Since I think of personality as easier to change than body image, sometimes I feel pressure to become perfect in a non-physical way. I really want to become secure in myself, but wanting that so badly makes me MORE insecure on the outside. Does that make sense? read more

Originally posted 2009-12-10 07:05:00.

Reader Request: The Stylish Twinset

How to wear a twin set

Reader Tricia dropped me an e-mail with this question:

I should admit up front that I have a cardigan obsession. It’s the one thing my eye goes straight for when I shop. I do wear some cardigans alone with different-colored bottoms, but I have a couple of matching twinsets as well. I didn’t realize that was a style no-no! Can you explain why and help me out with mixing and matching some? I have a black twinset (I do wear that cardigan with other things too) as well as a pale blue one and a grassy green one. I just found out that those latter two are of a length to wear with skirts (something else I learned from your blog!) but beyond that, I’m lost. Also, they’re V-neck in both the shell and the cardi. Crew necks look terrible on me. read more

Originally posted 2009-11-30 06:37:00.