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Figure Flattery as a Limiting Factor

figure flattery limiting

Jennine left a fantastically thought-provoking comment on this post:

i really like the sentiment of this, however i don’t know if i agree whole heartedly. just because i hear so many women who use the word ‘flattering’ as an excuse to not try new things with clothing which is a shame because there are so many great designers who make garments beyond our conception of ‘flattering’ which are a lot more expressive, and pushes fashion into an art form rather than a function. read more

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How to Do Oversized

How to wear oversized tops, tunics, and other clothes

I remember being in middle school and seeing a scene from “Sleeping with the Enemy” in which a young, coltish Julia Roberts scampers around an empty house in nothing but a giant men’s button-down. And she looked SO SEXY, and I wanted desperately to be her. So I absconded with some of my dad’s old shirts thinking that all it took was … ya know, a giant men’s shirt. I could be coltish and sexy, too! And I was dumbfounded when I looked like an off-duty linebacker in my version. read more

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How to Make Your Legs Look a Mile Long

elongate flatter legs

Even when my winter weight is clinging to my bootay and tender midsection, I can generally count on my legs to remain lean. So, on days when it’s above zero, I do my best to accentuate those gams. Nothing makes me feel quite as powerful and strong as an outfit that makes my legs look a mile long. Especially because my legs are NOT a mile long and I get such a charge out of the optical illusion. I am fake-tall! Check me OUT.

Here are some of the tricks I use for artificial leg-elongation. Take a peek and see which ones might work for you. read more

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