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How to Do Oversized

How to wear oversized tops, tunics, and other clothes

I remember being in middle school and seeing a scene from “Sleeping with the Enemy” in which a young, coltish Julia Roberts scampers around an empty house in nothing but a giant men’s button-down. And she looked SO SEXY, and I wanted desperately to be her. So I absconded with some of my dad’s old shirts thinking that all it took was … ya know, a giant men’s shirt. I could be coltish and sexy, too! And I was dumbfounded when I looked like an off-duty linebacker in my version. read more

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How to Make Your Legs Look a Mile Long

elongate flatter legs

Even when my winter weight is clinging to my bootay and tender midsection, I can generally count on my legs to remain lean. So, on days when it’s above zero, I do my best to accentuate those gams. Nothing makes me feel quite as powerful and strong as an outfit that makes my legs look a mile long. Especially because my legs are NOT a mile long and I get such a charge out of the optical illusion. I am fake-tall! Check me OUT.

Here are some of the tricks I use for artificial leg-elongation. Take a peek and see which ones might work for you. read more

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Reader Request: Flattering the Petite, Curvy Figure

How to dress petite curvy or petite plus size figures

LynnieBee had this plea:

I was wondering if you could blog about some dressing tips for short curvy girls? Tips on how to elongate the line of your body, emphasize curves without looking lumpy, you know, that kind of thing. That would be awesome!

I had a few folks seconding the motion, so I could hardly refuse!

Monochrome outfits

A petite woman looks even smaller when she divides her body into chunks, which happens when tops and bottoms are in drastically different color families. Nothing creates a nice, unbroken line like a broad wash of a single shade. Now, don’t go thinking this can only mean “head-to-toe black.” Monochrome means one color, but it can be ANY color. Create an ensemble that is all shades of blue, or red, or gray, right down to the shoes. Mix in a few textures and multiple tonal values so you don’t look like you’ve been dunked in a tank of RIT dye. read more

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