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Belts for Torsos

belt long waist short waist

We’ve talked about belting several times, but I completely understand why some of you still struggle with belting. The blogger-belt love affair is a long-standing one, and it can be colossally frustrating to see this fun accessory worn successfully by so many women, and STILL feel mystified as to how you might belt your own ensembles.

Well, recently I read something – in People Style Watch, of all places – that gave me a welcome jolt of new perspective on the world of belting. Something I should’ve realized long ago, but never quite did: read more

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Reader Request: How to Balance Undergarment Comfort with Clean Outfit Lines

How to balance your need to wear comfy underwear and bras with the desire to create a line-free silhouette (avoid "back fat," visible panty lines, etc.)

A frustrated reader e-mailed me this request:

Between visible panty lines and those funny back fat folds that my bra creates, I feel like my underwear often ruins my look. I’m not willing (or frankly able) to wear spanx all the time. I’m not comfortable in a thong. I often wear high-cut panties to match the waist on my pants and skirts even though on their own they look like granny panties. Cotton undies are good for health reasons, but I’ll do microfiber if the fabric on my pants or skirts is thin. How to balance comfort in one’s undergarments with a desire to keep a sleek line in clothing? I’m not terribly concerned that the undies look sexy on their own. I just want them to create a sleek line under my clothes without pinching me or compressing me too much. read more

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Imperfect Forms and Formless Masses Re-examined

oversized frumpy flattery
It’s taken me a long time to learn about my body. Both in terms of appreciating its lovely form as-is, and in terms of helping it look amazing as often as possible by wearing clothes that work WITH it instead of AGAINST it. And before I learned these things, I hid inside my clothes. Husband Mike and I even called a certain segment of my wardrobe my “hide-inside” clothes. They were oversized, bulky, thick, formless, and dark. They masked every lump and bump and I felt secure knowing that no one could see my supposed “flaws” through all that billowing cloth. read more

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