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Reader Request: Stylish Shorts

How to pick flattering shorts

Beautiful Anne sent this request via e-mail:

I just watched a blurb about shorts for every body type on the Today Show, except that they only showed 4 models and they all looked about the same to me, so it wasn’t very helpful. Can every body type really wear shorts? I know you tend to wear more skirts and dresses, but sometimes a skirt isn’t quite appropriate. With summer kind of approaching here in the Midwest, I’d be interested to see your take on this.

This is quite a challenge to me, my friends, as I probably wear shorts twice per year. But I know they’re a summer staple for many, so I’ll weigh in on Anne’s questions as best I can! read more

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Counterintuitive Clothes

Non-skinny people can look fantastic in fitted, tailored clothes. Skinny people can look fantastic in loose, formless clothes.
Here’s something I learned firsthand from my style consultation business. It’ll be old news to many of you, but since it surprised the hell out of many of my clients, I thought it was worth a quick post.

Non-skinny people can look fantastic in fitted, tailored clothes.
Skinny people can look fantastic in loose, formless clothes.

Not a cut-and-dried dichotomy, by any means, as every figure is different. And, of course, taste and comfort levels influence decisions about looseness and fittedness as much as figure flattery does. But I’ve put plus-sized women in pencil skirts and petite women in flowy tunics, and both were amazed by how fantastic their bodies looked. read more

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Can’t Wear That

cannot wear stripes

I may weigh in on style rules around here, but I can’t say I’m terribly fond of them. Understanding them, knowing why they exist and how they work, and applying them occasionally as guidelines works just fine. But crafting every outfit around them? I’ll pass.

Especially since so many style rules are straight-up bullshit. Here are few of my infuriating faves:

  • Fat girls can’t wear skinny jeans
  • Skinny girls can’t wear chunky jewelry
  • Short girls can’t wear long skirts
  • Tall girls can’t wear platforms
  • Curvy girls can’t wear stripes
  • Boyishly-figured girls can’t wear pencil skirts
  • Busty girls can’t wear turtlenecks
  • Flat girls can’t wear bikinis

What a load.

As if a busty gal would BURST INTO FLAMES should she pull on a turtleneck. As if a short gal will sear the eyes of onlookers should she dare wear a maxi dress. As if there is one, and only one, choice for dressing and it is to create the tallest, skinniest, yet simultaneously most hourglass-y figure possible. At any cost. Including comfort, personal preference, and seasonal appropriateness. Makes me livid. read more

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