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How to Launder Tricky Items

How to clean delicate clothes
The lovely Bekster popped this request into a comment:

I’d be interested to see some tips for how to launder trickier wardrobe items. What might make it easier to keep clothes looking nice and fresh at home, and when is it time just to take something to the cleaners?

I hate dry cleaning. I mean, doesn’t everyone? Talk about an expensive hassle that ruins the environment. BAH! So I’ve got a few tricks in my bag to help me avoid Martinizing my garments as long as possible.

  1. Hand-washing: Check your tags, people. And if you’re willing to risk it, remember this – most natural fibers do not need to be dry cleaned. They may last longer and look better dry cleaned, but strictly speaking? Not necessary. Silk, linen, wool, cotton, and rayon can all be hand washed in very cold water and a mild detergent, then line-dried or laid flat to dry.*
  2. The Toothbrush Method: If you’re like me, your garments really only get stinky in the pits. Add a drop of detergent to a cup of cold water, then try a little scrubbing with an old toothbrush. It’ll take out old crusted-on deodorant and alleviate pit-stink.
  3. Febreze: I find this product to have limited use, but it can do in a pinch. For sweaters and blazers that only have a little bit of odor, I turn them inside-out, hang them up, spritz a few times, and let the Febreeze sink in for several hours.
  4. Dryel: Again, this stuff is not foolproof and truly works best on sweaters. But since most of my potential dry cleaning IS sweaters, I do invest in a box every few months.
  5. Layering: In winter, I put a short-sleeved cotton tee under my sleeveless dresses. Then I layer my blazer or cardi on top and no one even knows that tee is there. BUT! When I strip down at night? The tee goes in the wash, and the dress goes back in the closet, smell-free. Some creative layering with washables can save you loads in cleaning costs.

As for cleanliness guidelines, those are super personal. As you have probably gathered, I consider something dirty when it smells bad and am a big believer in The Sniff Test. Of course, stained or soiled garments are dirty, too, but that goes without saying. read more

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What to Wear When You’ve Got Nothing to Wear

nothing to wear

Most people spend 10 minutes per day thinking about style, clothing, and outfit assembly. Those 10 minutes are typically spent staring, panic-stricken, at the contents of a messy closet, wondering what the hell to wear.

Sadly, there’s no universal solution to morning wardrobe panic because each person will need to deal with the “I’ve got nothing to wear” crisis differently, depending on how she’s wired. But here are some possible starting points to consider next time sartorial stress begins to set in: read more

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1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape

OK, OK, I exaggerate. Though perhaps I should keep a running list and eventually publish a book titled 1,001 Uses for Fashion Tape. I could make a fortune, people!

In the meantime, here are a handful of quick and easy uses for fashion tape to tide you over. Don’t go thinking that this invention exists for the sole purpose of preventing celebrity nipple slips. No indeed, double-sided fabric-friendly tape is incredibly versatile and almost infinitely useful, as my hyperbolic post title implies. I keep a little tin on my person at all times and another in my jewelry box at home. It comes in handy approximately once a week, I swear. I’ve seen it sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond on occasion, but I get mine from Amazon. And I buy in bulk. read more

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