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Shoe Care Made Simple

easy shoe care tips

There’s a real art to caring for your wardrobe. Each item has its own needs in terms of cleaning and storage, and keeping track of it all can get overwhelming. Luckily, caring for your SHOES is relatively simple. While there are plenty of involved, advanced, and potentially preservative techniques you can engage to help your gorgeous shoes last a lifetime, these are the very basics:

Wipe them off if they get dirty

Unless you live in a network of carpeted tunnels, your shoes will meet the Great Outdoors. And that means they WILL get dirty. Water, mud, dust, sidewalk salt residue … shoes love to suck ’em all up and carry ’em all around. Before you put your shoes away at the end of the day, check for soil. Wipe with a dry cloth or slightly moist paper towel, depending on the shoe’s material. Easy peasy. read more

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Grouping: An Easy Route to a Happier Closet

organize your closet

A disorganized closet can cause SUCH style woes. Feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? That could be because you can’t find anything in that muddled¬†mishmosh of a wardrobe. At a loss for inspiration? Well, if you could see colors and textures spread out before you, your eye and imagination wouldn’t have to work so hard. Wearing the same combinations over and over? Maybe if you grouped your garments a little differently you’d be inclined to mix it up a bit more.

And it really is all about grouping. Yes, labeled storage bins and fancy hangers and neatly folded sweaters on well-spaced shelves are all grand … but many of us lack the money, time, and inclination to completely remodel our closets. If you’re looking for an easier way, here it is: read more

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Sorting Your Wardrobe

how to organize your closet

Fancy hangers, stacking shelves, and over-the-door racks are all marvelous for keeping your closet in order. But the absolute simplest way to keep track of your duds is to create a system for sorting your wardrobe: Organize your clothing …

Keep shorter skirts together, longer skirts together. Keep cardigans in one spot, pullovers in another. Keep long-sleeved dresses together, short-sleeved dresses together, and sleeveless dresses together. This system is helpful for those who build outfits on the fly: If the ensemble requires a miniskirt, you know just where to look. read more

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