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Workwear on the Weekend?

work clothes for casual

Do you have a section of your closet that contains super-casual, outrageously comfy, weekend-only duds? And do you wear these items as a set, never mixing them with your dressier weekday garments? And if so, do you occasionally feel like you’re leading a Jekyll/Hyde life and wonder who the hell you are, stylistically speaking?

I’ve been there. Oh, friends, I’ve so been there. For ages, I thought I was required to wear skirts and blouses to work, but switch to hoodies and jeans on the weekend. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – and, in fact, many women vastly prefer such a setup – it just didn’t FEEL right to me. I felt like I had two diametrically opposed looks going on, and it was messing with my sense of stylistic identity. Although I vastly preferred my weekday look, it seemed ridiculous to pull on a pair of heels and a dress for errands and Target-runs. And although my weekend garb was comfy and cute, it simply didn’t reflect the version of myself that I wanted to project. read more

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The Importance of Wardrobe Maintenance, Part 2

Wanna know how to keep your stuff clean? Head back for part 1 of this two-part series. Below are some tips for keeping your stuff pristine! Or, if not pristine, at least in wearable condition for a good, long time.

1. An organized closet
If you’re wondering why your shoes are getting scuffed and torn, consider how you’re storing them. Are they in a giant heap at closet-bottom, or neatly arranged in racks or boxes? If you’re wondering why those shirts that just returned from the cleaners are already rumpled, consider how you’re storing them. Are they hanging loosely in a spare, clean closet, or jammed in with a thousand other shirts that haven’t been worn since 1998? If you’re wondering why your jewelry is in a tumbleweed-sized knot … OK, you get the picture. An organized closet is key to keeping your wardrobe in wearable shape. read more

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The Importance of Wardrobe Maintenance, Part 1

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It’s a disposable world we live in … or so retailers would have us believe. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are cheap and abundant here in the U.S. of A., and we seem to like it that way. We turn a blind eye to cost-suppressing labor practices and schnarf up the low-quality, low-cost goodies. And since we can get undies for $3 a throw at Target, sundresses for $14 at H&M, and stilettos for $23 at Payless, we may not spend much effort caring for the items we ALREADY possess. read more

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