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Reader Request: Incorporating Colorful Shoes

How to wear colorful shoes

An anonymous commenter said:

I’d be thrilled if you could talk about how you choose shoe styles and shoe colors to go with the rest of the outfit. I only recently become bold enough to buy shoes that weren’t black and by not black, I mean brown, gray, and beige/cream. I’m very unsure about how to approach colors as well as styles. Like how do you determine whether a pair of shoes goes with a skirt/dress, pants, or both?

Oooh, fun, fun, fun! I’m a huge fan of bright footwear and believe that there are many reasons to move beyond black shoes and embrace vibrant tones. For starters, colorful shoes are fantastic way to wear colors that don’t play nicely with your complexion; Yellow sweaters may make you look ill, but yellow shoes will just make you look bold. Colorful shoes allow you to wear conservative clothing, but still let your quirky side peek through. Bright shoes are a fabulous way to incorporate more color variety into your wardrobe and daily wear. And besides all that, they’re just plain fun. Times three. As indicated by my semi-coherent introductory sentence. read more

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Reader Request: Working those Colorful Tights

How to wear colorful tights

Waaay back in February, SarahN dropped this one into the suggestion box:

I’d love a feature on how to dress around colored tights. I just bought a teal pair and have no idea what to with them. You wear them with such aplomb, I’m sure you have some great tips.

I know many folks are still dealing with summer heatwaves, but fall is just around the corner! The time is ripe to tackle tights, and so we shall.

I adore tights, and consider them a quick and easy way to inject even MORE color into my cold-weather outfits. But I was interested to discover the I have posted relatively few bright-tights outfits to the blog! I figured this was one of my staples, but it’s really not. I rely on neutral tights and colorful garments more often than not. But here are some outfits that included vibrantly colored tights, and why I think they work. read more

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Adding Color to a Neutral Wardrobe

How to add color to a neutral wardrobe
Like many women, I love my neutral-heavy wardrobe for its endless versatility. There really is nothing so reliably chic as a closet full of whites, blacks, grays, and browns – everything goes together, and it all looks modern and clean and classy.

Living in a world of neutrals can get a little too serene and uniform at times. So here are some tips for adding non-threatening non-neutrals to daily wear, even if your base colors are all neutral themselves:

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Red shoes: Why red, you ask? Because red is a bright, vibrant color that plays nicely with ALL neutrals. Also red is a color that is challenging to many women, either because it does nasty things to their complexions or because it is too bold for their tastes. But red shoes will never make anyone look jaundiced, and always add some zip to a subdued outfit without feeling overpowering. I strongly believe that every woman should own one pair of red shoes. read more

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