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Adding Color to a Neutral Wardrobe

How to add color to a neutral wardrobe
Like many women, I love my neutral-heavy wardrobe for its endless versatility. There really is nothing so reliably chic as a closet full of whites, blacks, grays, and browns – everything goes together, and it all looks modern and clean and classy.

Living in a world of neutrals can get a little too serene and uniform at times. So here are some tips for adding non-threatening non-neutrals to daily wear, even if your base colors are all neutral themselves:

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Red shoes: Why red, you ask? Because red is a bright, vibrant color that plays nicely with ALL neutrals. Also red is a color that is challenging to many women, either because it does nasty things to their complexions or because it is too bold for their tastes. But red shoes will never make anyone look jaundiced, and always add some zip to a subdued outfit without feeling overpowering. I strongly believe that every woman should own one pair of red shoes. read more

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Reader Request: Crafting Monochrome Looks

How to wear monochrome

Reader Cat e-mailed me this question:

Mixing different reds: can one? Should one? How does one approach it?

I love red, and as a paleish brunette there are a few shades that suit me. But then the subject of accessories comes up and I’m left wondering if I need belts, bags, heels and flats in cherry, poppy, wine, geranium etc (not that I mind the idea of building such a collection, but I think my bank manager might object if I try to acquire it too quickly!) or whether they can be safely mixed. I was always taught not to, but I can’t help wondering if this is one of those rules that can be broken. read more

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Reader Request: Color Combos

Where to find color combination inspiration for your outfits!

[WANT THE SHORTCUT? I’ve got an entire Pinboard of color pairing inspiration!]

Many of you lovely folks have complimented me on the color combinations in my outfits, so first off, thank you! I’m delighted to hear that I don’t look like a circus reject. Well, at least not every day …

Many of you have also asked from whence my color inspiration springs, which made me realize that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Which is to say that I don’t think about color pairings in an active, calculating way. And as impressive as I find in-depth explorations of color theory, I can’t often apply them in daily life. I’m a pretty organized girl and prefer to plan ahead, but when it comes to color, I generally improvise. I rely heavily on experimentation, my creative eye, and whatever looks interesting or compelling when I’m getting dressed in the morning. read more

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