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Self Care and Self Love

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You know how, when you’re feeling kinda wretched about the current state of your bod, you tend to lose interest in shopping? And eventually, shopping apathy morphs into diminished interest in clothes? And sometimes THAT indifference becomes an inability to engage in basic grooming?

It’s a fun little cycle, and we’ve all been there. Usually, a girl’s gotta hit bottom to shake loose body blues this severe: A candid party photo of your unkempt self that gives you shivers, a morning weigh-in that elicits a gasp of dismay, a cutting comment from a coworker, or something equally traumatic usually throws our long-rusted self-care gears in the opposite direction. read more

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Professionally Pretty

celebrities are professionally pretty
I think that Jennifer Aniston is completely, 100% gorgeous. Pretty much all the time. I love her fantastically shiny hair, her classy, simple makeup, and her impeccable sense of style. And – on those days when I look in the mirror and feel puffy and disproportionate and downright horrendous, on those days when I just can’t seem to muster up ANY love for my own body – hers is the figure that I long to claim as my own. She’s got those gorgeously toned arms, fantastic skin with just a hint of year-round tan, strong flat abs, long slender legs, and a perfectly proportioned rack. It’s her body that I idolize, and sometimes secretly wish I could possess. read more

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Striking a Balance

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My body requires constant vigilance. At this point in my adult life, if I stop working out for a month, or eat nothing but cheeseburgersĀ for two weeks, or don’t condition my hair for a week, or forget deodorant for more than an hour … things go wrong. My body likes its routine. It demands very specific and regimented sets of care-activities to remain in my preferred version of “working order.” And when I slack off, when I stop paying attention, things change shape and texture. I get stinky and jiggly and sometimes I even get sick. I have to redouble my efforts to reestablish physical equilibrium. read more

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