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What IS Flattering?

what makes flattering clothes

As I’ve said before, there is no one right way to look great. You do NOT have to buy into the tall, thin, hourglass thing if you don’t want to. It’s your body, and it’s your decision what to put on it. Wear what makes you feel like a luminous creature of incomparable beauty. Even if that happens to be a skirt that shortens your legs or a tunic that masks your waistline.

But you should still know what looks good on your figure, what highlights your favorite features, what works with your body. When the word “flattering” slides out of the mouths of style experts, it tends to do so on the tall, thin, hourglass side of things. So it becomes tempting to make “flattering” the new f-word. But instead, let’s do some reclamation and redefinition, shall we? read more

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Figure Flattery as a Limiting Factor

figure flattery limiting

Jennine left a fantastically thought-provoking comment on this post:

i really like the sentiment of this, however i don’t know if i agree whole heartedly. just because i hear so many women who use the word ‘flattering’ as an excuse to not try new things with clothing which is a shame because there are so many great designers who make garments beyond our conception of ‘flattering’ which are a lot more expressive, and pushes fashion into an art form rather than a function. read more

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Down with Shame


I have spent so long being ashamed of my cellulite, so long feeling like a mutant for getting five-o-clock shadow on my legs, so long convinced that my decidedly non-flat abs were an embarrassment. I have spent so much time and energy trying to measure up to the unattainable standard, tearing myself down for being different, consumed with the shame of being … well, a human woman.

Many¬†of the messages that cause women to internalize body hatred are shame-based. Shame is a slow-growing, timed-release kind of emotion that can linger in your system for ages. It’s a fantastic tool for lording undeserved power over people, or manipulating them into uncomfortable or unnatural action. Shame works on us like a virus, and can be just as hard to eradicate. Especially when it comes to messages about how bodies “should” be shaped, sized, and configured. Shame is what we feel about our bodies when someone else decides that they’re not good enough. And damn it, they’re ALWAYS good enough. read more

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