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Forgive Your Body

positive body image forgiveness
When my self-image bottoms out, I get adversarial: I pit my inner self against my body as if they are two are separate entities. I deem my physical self the enemy – a foreign, hostile combatant struggling to suffocate the true, non-corporeal me. I catalog its crimes, and read them out like a series of charges at an arraignment. Why can’t my belly firm up and shrink down? Why can’t my skin stop breaking out? Why can’t I be hairy on my head and my head alone? Why can’t my arms be slender and strong instead of meaty and strong? Why is my body DOING this to me? It’s all a plot. It’s all a cruel scheme meant to keep me from feeling beautiful and attractive¬†and good. It is outright betrayal. read more

Originally posted 2009-06-17 05:47:00.

Reality Check

real women
Do real women have children? Do real women have C cups and above? Do real women have loads of life experience under their belts? Do real women have curves? Do real women have undyed hair? Do real women work for a paycheck? Do real women have sass? Do real women let their armpit hair grow long?

Yes. Yes.
All this and more.

Real women have children, real women cannot have children, real women choose not to have children, real women will have children someday, real women are unsure about having children, real women have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. read more

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From a Place of Love

body image

What if we viewed our bodies as allies instead of adversaries?

What if we didn’t wait until we’d hit bottom, but instead crafted our routines of self-care when we ALREADY felt great about ourselves?

What if we embraced positive body talk and promoted its use?

What if we doled out compliments to women we’d never met, and learned to accept the ones we received with grace and pride?

What if we accepted that actresses and models are paid to be slender and gorgeous, and didn’t make their looks the standard? read more

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