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Well, I Never

pixie cut from back

I will never be skinny
I will never have big boobs
I will never be tall
I will never have a six pack
I will never be able to go out in a high wind and look sexily windblown

I will never give up on fitness
I will never take for granted the fact that I have healthy boobs, small as they may be
I will never underestimate the power of platforms
I will never stop doing crunches and lower back exercises so that my core is strong
I will never forget that people would KILL for my curls

I will never understand
Why I can write this and know it and preach it and believe it
Yet only truly feel it on certain days, in certain lights, with certain caveats read more

Originally posted 2009-08-25 05:49:00.

The Internal-External Feedback Conundrum


When we discuss fostering positive body image – here and elsewhere – one of the practices that gets a lot of attention is learning to tune out external messages and focus on how you feel about yourself. There’s a lot of judgmental, shaming, comparative, hurtful imagery and discussion about female bodies floating around in the world, and finding a way to focus on yourself can help sort out what you are truly feeling, and what you only THINK you’re feeling because of external input.

Or can it? read more

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Wear What Suits You

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Our brains are constantly being filled with information about aesthetics, dressing, sexiness, trends, fashionability, fitness, and beauty. There are too many sources to count, and they’re all dumping powerful – and sometimes contradictory – messages about style and figure flattery into our psyches. It can get damned overwhelming, and make a girl want to wear the same black pants and gray cardigan every day from now until forever. And style blogs like mine contribute to that morass of confusing information, I know. So here’s a bit of an antidote: read more

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