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Ways to Reconnect with Your Body

how to reconnect with your body

Did you look at yourself in the mirror today and think, “Damn, I am GORGEOUS!”? Or did you think something more like, “My ass is the size of Cuba,” or, “Wasn’t acne supposed to let up after puberty?” or maybe just, “Bleargh!”?

Or did you even look at yourself in the mirror at all? I mean really look. More than just a passing glance to make sure your shirt wasn’t embarrassingly wrinkled or pants encrusted with dog hair. Did you see your own body today? Did you acknowledge it? Or did you take its miraculous workings for granted? read more

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Levels of Style

I believe that there are three levels to becoming a stylish woman:

  1. Learning to love and accept your body, just as it is
  2. Learning to dress your body in a way that aligns with your personal figure flattery priorities
  3. Learning to dress your body in a way that expresses your creativity and tastes

Accessing that third level through expressive dressing can help foster self-love and self-respect while simultaneously providing a fun and rewarding creative outlet. But tackling the first two is what makes that third one truly possible. Many of us try to skip to expressing our creativity through personal style, but in my experience, doing so before making serious strides toward self love AND sussing out how you want your style and body to interact often leads to frustration, confusion, and backtracking. read more

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Body Image in the Bedroom

Advice for those who struggle with body image issues in the bedroom with their partners.

A while back, Mar left this comment on a post about body image:

Have your negative body image issues ever affected your relationship with your romantic partner? This is what I am struggling with right now. I go through these cycles of feeling flabby, outright fat, you-name-it, totally unattractive. My partner loves my body irrespective of where in my body image cycle I am. But my body image issues affect me and by extension then him in terms of the physical aspects of the relationship. And it’s a huge issue I am not really sharing with him: I mean, who wants to constantly hear their partner talk themselves down? read more

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