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All I Want For The Holidays


By AP contributor Kristine Rose

I grew up with half my family celebrating Christmas, and half celebrating Hanukkah. Confounding theologically? Sure. Though my default answer for all things religious since the age of six could be summed up with “no thanks, I’m trying to quit” it’s hard to knock the double helping of holiday gifts. They’re the light at the end of the tunnel for sitting through many a mass and Seder.

I’m kind of an adult now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t gift myself something sparkly. Tis the season for shameless, rampant consumerism and limited edition Sephora gift sets after all. See, the plan was to make this a general gift giving suggestion list, but I looked inside my heart and I just can’t lie to you, dear reader. We’ve already been through so much together. So fine, here it goes: This is for me. This is a list of what I want for me. I mean, I threw myself three birthday parties this year, no one is shocked by this admission. But fear not if you are in fact looking for gift suggestions, I have good taste. read more

Exploring Skin Pen II

I continue to have a great relationship with the folks at Clinical Skin Therapeutics, the clinic that performed my laser hair removal treatments. The staff there is knowledgable and relaxed, happy to help with any questions but never pushy or sales-driven. So when Clinic Manager Kristina Pitre asked if I would be willing to try a relatively new skin treatment, I was all ears.

But once I heard a bit more, I’ll admit I was wary. The treatment – Skin Pen II – was touted as an anti-aging tool, and although I’ll admit to doing the retinoid thing as part of my nightly routine, I still have VERY mixed feelings about anything that bears the anti-aging tag. As I approach 40, I find myself becoming increasingly attuned to the messages older women receive about our faces, bodies, and beauty. Namely that we should do everything in our power to disguise or reverse visible signs of aging, or risk fading slowly into invisibility and irrelevance. (Amy Schumer’s “Last F**kable Day” sketch captures this phenomenon for actresses, but for the general population, too, I think. And, of course, it is riddled with f-bombs so don’t even think about watching at work.) I know that the anti-aging industry is making a mint off of women’s insecurities. I do my best to highlight and support bloggers who write about aging-related topics and the experience of being an over-40 woman in an under-40-focused world. And I would never want anyone who reads this blog to believe that their wrinkles, age spots, or changing bodies are anything to be ashamed of. read more