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The Wondrous Belt

Sweater – Ann TaylorSimilar
Jeans – GuessSimilar
Booties – Madden GirlSimilar
Belt – ?? – Similar

I like the simplicity of this outfit; jeans, booties, sweater, and a belt.  I do have a bit of jewelry on as well: necklace, earrings, bracelet, and rings. But most of that is not really visible unless you are fairly close to me.  The four basic clothing items though, those are quite visible from a  distance.  The thing I like the most about it all?  How much the belt helps to make this an outfit and not just some clothes. read more

Story of a Yellow Shirtdress

@InMyJoi, plus size style blogger @InMyJoi, plus size style blogger @InMyJoi, plus size style blogger

I love a good vintage piece, and this yellow shirt dress caught my eye almost immediately while perusing a thrift shop one afternoon. Its bright color seems to instantly pour on good vibes, no matter what the current state of affairs may be. On this occasion I kept its pairings simple so this bold color truly could stand alone. I added my favorite red lippie (Sephora 01), a matching belt, a fun statement bag, and a pair of comfy sneakers. Check out more of my vintage scores here!

Similar dresses here & here|Red leather belt|Statement clutch|Similar sneakers read more

Disapproving Looks

Top – Patty Boutik
Leggings – GuessSimilar
Boots – Nine WestSimilar
Sweater – 69th & MadisonSimilar
Belt – ?? – Similar

The other day while wearing this outfit I experienced something very new.  So new that I don’t know if I have ever experienced it.  On occasion people will look me in the face and give me an obviously disapproving look.  It is quite clear with some people that they do not approve of transgender people and it is obvious that is what they are reacting to.  On the Internet some people tell me that if they saw me in public they would never know that I was not born a woman.  While I know that there is a wide range of possibilities for how humans look, I also know that I have figured out how to take a halfway decent picture, and that in real life, if you interact with me long enough, you will eventually know without a doubt that I was born as a male.  Thus when people look me in the face and give a disappointing look, it is obvious to me why. read more