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Skinny Jeans & Cheetah Heels

Top – White House Black MarketSimilar
Jeans – 7 For All Mankind (Slim Cigarette)Similar
Shoes – Kelly and KatieSimilar
Choker – From my mom – Similar
Bangles – TorridSimilar 

This was a funny evening outfit for me.  We had a really full weekend with all sorts of things to get done, but I wanted to go out to dinner.  I spent the morning working furiously on all of my various jobs around the house and decided to get ready around two in the afternoon.  While getting ready I asked Jules, my wife, what she was thinking about wearing.  She surprisingly said she was thinking of wearing a dress, and asked me what I was wearing.  This is the funny part, normally it is me in a dress and Jules in jeans, but this time I told Jules that I wanted to wear jeans.  As it turned out she was only thinking of wearing a dress because she assumed I wanted to, and thus we both happily wore jeans.  I know, thrilling story huh? read more

Kristine’s Skin Care Staples

Skin care is the one non-negotiable constant in my life. I can barely be bothered to put cream in my hair and let it air dry, I don’t floss nearly as much as a person should, and I’ve never been to a gym in my life, but the list of products I put on my face only seems to get longer and more expensive with time. Nearly half of my morning getting-ready ritual involves skin care, the other half is spent looking for things I have managed to lose in the house.

Even throughout the day I am constantly putting on oil and tinted moisturizer at the slightest hint of dryness or redness. As a person with sensitive skin, routine has been super important in appeasing the Pore Gods. The ritualistic sacrifice of my money is a small price to figuratively pay for piece of mind, even when the actuality gets a bit pricey. read more

Tutus, Tiaras, and Princess Dresses

It occurred to me the other day that I would really like to wear a princess dress with a nice sparkly tiara, or at least a cute frilly tutu.  I’m totally not going to wear any of those things, but I really want to.  Well maybe what I really want is to have been able to wear those things when it would have been acceptable for me to wear them, maybe somewhere around age five.  That tends to be the approximate age of the humans that I do see wearing those types of items and most people think it is absolutely adorable.
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