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How to Shop for Handbags

how to shop for handbags

I’ve been a shoe gal for years. Years and years and years. And then for some more years after those years. I never thought I’d give a hoot about handbags because I never had. Before I launched the blog, I hunted down and found my perfect everyday bag and I bought it and carried it diligently every day for the next five years. But then something shifted. I have absolutely no idea why, but I took an interest in handbaggery after ages of indifference and have been slowly accumulating a nice little collection for various occasions and uses. read more

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Reader Request: Accessory-free Outfits

How to create outfits without accessories that still look complete

threegoodrats asked:

I’d love to see something about creating interesting outfits without accessories. Although I hope to add interesting scarves and jewelry to my wardrobe, my budget pretty much restricts me to buying garments and shoes. I’m trying to use layers, and look for more patterned garments as opposed to solid colors, but I’d love more suggestions!

Well! I dug through a LOT of my outfit shots to find some accessory-free ensembles, and could only scrape together a handful. I lean heavily on jewelry and accessories to perk up and/or tie together what I’m wearing, and believe that exploring and employing accessories can help most women build eye-catching and expressive outfits. Minimalist looks done correctly will make a small group of extremely simple, unaccessorized garments look sleek and gorgeous. But few women seek true minimalism for their own looks, and doing minimalism well is a skill I’ve yet to acquire, so I’m more inclined to push accessorization. read more

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Reader Request: Styling Silk Scarves

How to style and wear silk scarves

Portia, Laura, AND lindykatherine all had this request:

Different ways of using scarves! I have a wee bit of an obsession with vintage scarves. I can’t resist buying them when I see them, but never seem to be able to work them into my outfits in a way I feel happy with. So I never wear them. Also when I try them in my hair they always slide out. If you have any ideas on this I’d be so glad!

I began collecting silk scarves before I really had any idea how to style them. There are loads of scarf-y resources out there – MaiTai’s Picture Book and Deja’s video tutorials among them – but here are some of my favorite ways to style and wear silk scarves. And you’ll notice that these images span the seasons and showcase many hair lengths … I dug deep into the archives to make sure I had visuals for each example! read more

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