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How to Identify a Bargain

How do you know if something you want to buy is REALLY a bargain? Tips in this post!The clearance rack has such a specific siren song, and it can feel impossible to resist. But have you ever contemplated what constitutes an actual bargain? Believe me, it’s not just a rock-bottom price. If you spend $10 on a skirt but NEVER wear it, that’s a waste, not a bargain.

Here’s a little quiz you can take next time you’re browsing the sale merch to make sure your money will be well-spent. Most are questions you’ve heard before, but all bear repeating.

Would you pay full price for it? Walking away from something that is dirt cheap can feel foolish, but it seldom is. I certainly get suckered into buying items simply BECAUSE they’re so inexpensive without contemplating how they fit into my overall style. So, as many have said before me, a great way to test the “why” of buying is to ask yourself if you’d ever paid full price for the item in question. If not, why are you so eager to snap it up now? read more

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Defining Your Body

The world expects you to define your body in certain terms. Waist size, bust size, height, weight. These measurements should figure into your holistic view of your physical self, but they needn’t be the only factors. And spending some time in front of the mirror looking at and learning about your shape can completely transform how you conceptualize your body.

Why is it important to become familiar with your personal physical terrain? Well, how can you love something that you don’t understand? Seeing yourself is key to accepting yourself, and accepting yourself is a huge first step toward loving yourself. read more

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Reader Request: Working those Colorful Tights

How to wear colorful tights

Waaay back in February, SarahN dropped this one into the suggestion box:

I’d love a feature on how to dress around colored tights. I just bought a teal pair and have no idea what to with them. You wear them with such aplomb, I’m sure you have some great tips.

I know many folks are still dealing with summer heatwaves, but fall is just around the corner! The time is ripe to tackle tights, and so we shall.

I adore tights, and consider them a quick and easy way to inject even MORE color into my cold-weather outfits. But I was interested to discover the I have posted relatively few bright-tights outfits to the blog! I figured this was one of my staples, but it’s really not. I rely on neutral tights and colorful garments more often than not. But here are some outfits that included vibrantly colored tights, and why I think they work. read more

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