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Reader Request: Stylish Schlepping

How to carry everything you need, still look great, and avoid back injury

Reader Eva asked:

How do you schlep everything around while looking cute and not hurting your back? Carry everything in one bag, or more than one bag? Are backpacks terminally unstylish? I mean, once you add laptop, lunch, and book to the normal keys, wallet, phone, makeup, etc, you’ve got quite a haul. What do you do with this, especially if you’re smaller of stature or also need to shop, carry a child, etc.?

A fine, fine question and a tough one to answer succinctly. Especially as we all have different daily tasks, and different stuff that needs schlepping. But here’s how I managed my load back when I worked in an office: read more

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I want you to love yourself, today and every day. I want you to see how luminous, breathtaking, and flat-out gorgeous you are, just as you are. I want you to accept your body, and cherish it, and celebrate it with every breath you draw.

But I don’t want you to feel shame when you doubt that beauty or question that body. I don’t want you to find yourself wishing you were taller or bustier, and then spend hours self-flagellating. And I don’t, don’t, don’t want you to feel like a failure when negative body feelings crop up. read more

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Bold and Brave


Ya know what I love? I love a slightly outrageous moustache on a gent. Now, I know that out-there facial hair is all the rage with the hipster dudes right now, and I get a kick out of that, too. But mostly I’m referring to curly-tipped ‘staches on older guys, sculpted facial hair on dads, and the like. Because I see that kind of personal grooming decision as bold and brave, a cheeky way to tell the world, “Hey, I’m awesome. And maybe a bit eccentric. And I don’t care who knows it.” read more

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