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Reader Request: Color Combos

Where to find color combination inspiration for your outfits!

[WANT THE SHORTCUT? I’ve got an entire Pinboard of color pairing inspiration!]

Many of you lovely folks have complimented me on the color combinations in my outfits, so first off, thank you! I’m delighted to hear that I don’t look like a circus reject. Well, at least not every day …

Many of you have also asked from whence my color inspiration springs, which made me realize that I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA. Which is to say that I don’t think about color pairings in an active, calculating way. And as impressive as I find in-depth explorations of color theory, I can’t often apply them in daily life. I’m a pretty organized girl and prefer to plan ahead, but when it comes to color, I generally improvise. I rely heavily on experimentation, my creative eye, and whatever looks interesting or compelling when I’m getting dressed in the morning. read more

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Know Your Body Before You Shop

How to tell if clothes will fit
I can generally pick up a garment, give it a quick once-over, and know whether it’ll make me look like a goddess or a garbage heap. How? Well, I shop frequently and try on a LOT of clothing, so some of it is trial and error. But I’ve also made a point of learning my measurements, my body type, and my personal failsafe styles.

Learning about your figure is key to efficient shopping. Shopping becomes exhausting when you have to try on 15 dresses before finding one that’s even passable, much less great. But if you can eyeball the racks and go for styles that should work in theory, you’ll have a better chance of picking items that work in practice. read more

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Well, I Never

pixie cut from back

I will never be skinny
I will never have big boobs
I will never be tall
I will never have a six pack
I will never be able to go out in a high wind and look sexily windblown

I will never give up on fitness
I will never take for granted the fact that I have healthy boobs, small as they may be
I will never underestimate the power of platforms
I will never stop doing crunches and lower back exercises so that my core is strong
I will never forget that people would KILL for my curls

I will never understand
Why I can write this and know it and preach it and believe it
Yet only truly feel it on certain days, in certain lights, with certain caveats read more

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