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Loose Style Guidelines for Women Over 40

over 40 style
I’ve had several wonderful women write to me requesting advice for dressing stylishly in the fourth and fifth decades. And first of all, I’d like to say that I’m HONORED by these requests. I am beyond flattered that women with more life experience than I want me to boss them around when it comes to style!

Secondly, I have written a handful of posts that delineate style for women of various age groups, but overall? I think it’s all down to the individual. How comfortable are you showing serious skin at 56? Do you feel confident and awesome in trendier styles, or like a total poseur? The only person who can really say what is appropriate for you at this age is YOU. Just you. So take every word written here with a grain of salt, and remember that you’re in charge. At any and every age. read more

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Transitional You

How to change your style

Beautiful Beckydropped me this note:

Although I’m in my 30s, I recently made some major life changes: I moved cross-country, took a new job teaching a different age group, and am renting my first house. I made the move back to my native Midwest, and so far, it’s been a WONDERFUL change … but even good change, I think, can be very disorienting. This disorientation is showing up in my clothes.

Old standby outfits that used to make me feel fabulous now often feel wrong. My hair and my makeup no longer seem to fit my new routines. Most of my shoes are sandals … now I’m facing boots and sweaters and long underwear for the first time in forever, and I feel so lost! read more

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Reader Request: Guidelines for Work Wear Across the Working Spectrum

Ages ago, reader Grace asked if I could weigh in on the ins and outs of workwear. She said:

If you wanted an idea for a post sometime, I think one on different types of work wear for different types of work environments would be great. I work from home now, but am soon going to be working in a fairly corporate environment, which will be very different from my past offices, which have been more like where you work. Because of that, I’m thinking a lot about the fairly wide spectrum of “work wear,” and I think it would be cool to see/read your take. read more

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