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Reader Request: Summer Dresses in Fall and Winter

Reader Sarah wrote in with this plea:

I have a lot of sundresses (spaghetti straps, v-necks, pretty flowers) but very few fall/winter dresses, because until now I’ve gone into hibernation mode–jeans, uggs, sweaters. No more of that for me! But I am a broke college student and cannot afford to revamp my wardrobe all at once. So, my question is: How can I take a sundress and transform it into something appropriate for fall/winter without just looking like a girl trying to wear a sundress in the winter? read more

Originally posted 2009-10-21 05:41:00.

The Industry

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“Every woman dreams of having longer, fuller, thicker lashes.”

So proclaimed a voice that echoed forth from the mondo flatscreen as I bounced along on my stair climber at the gym. And I thought, “Not true. I don’t dream of having longer, fuller, thicker lashes. And I’m a woman.”

And then I thought, “Hm. But maybe I should consider mascara. Would I look better if I learned to apply and wear it? Do I look like a stumpy-lashed weirdo¬†now, and not even realize it?” read more

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Love You Tender

love yourself

We are trained from toddlerhood to love others. To love our parents and siblings, our family and friends, our teachers and peers. We know early on that we should love our bubbly neighbors and our ornery aunts, our bratty brothers and our best girlfriends. Our allies and enemies alike somehow deserve a dose of our precious love. And it can be challenging – because people are complex and cumbersome and unpredictable – but we muddle through because we are taught to love in this way. And, generally, we learn that loving other people feels good, and is rewarding, and the cycle perpetuates. read more

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