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Workwear on the Weekend?

work clothes for casual

Do you have a section of your closet that contains super-casual, outrageously comfy, weekend-only duds? And do you wear these items as a set, never mixing them with your dressier weekday garments? And if so, do you occasionally feel like you’re leading a Jekyll/Hyde life and wonder who the hell you are, stylistically speaking?

I’ve been there. Oh, friends, I’ve so been there. For ages, I thought I was required to wear skirts and blouses to work, but switch to hoodies and jeans on the weekend. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – and, in fact, many women vastly prefer such a setup – it just didn’t FEEL right to me. I felt like I had two diametrically opposed looks going on, and it was messing with my sense of stylistic identity. Although I vastly preferred my weekday look, it seemed ridiculous to pull on a pair of heels and a dress for errands and Target-runs. And although my weekend garb was comfy and cute, it simply didn’t reflect the version of myself that I wanted to project. read more

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Reality Check

real women
Do real women have children? Do real women have C cups and above? Do real women have loads of life experience under their belts? Do real women have curves? Do real women have undyed hair? Do real women work for a paycheck? Do real women have sass? Do real women let their armpit hair grow long?

Yes. Yes.
All this and more.

Real women have children, real women cannot have children, real women choose not to have children, real women will have children someday, real women are unsure about having children, real women have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. read more

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From a Place of Love

body image

What if we viewed our bodies as allies instead of adversaries?

What if we didn’t wait until we’d hit bottom, but instead crafted our routines of self-care when we ALREADY felt great about ourselves?

What if we embraced positive body talk and promoted its use?

What if we doled out compliments to women we’d never met, and learned to accept the ones we received with grace and pride?

What if we accepted that actresses and models are paid to be slender and gorgeous, and didn’t make their looks the standard? read more

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