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Reader Request: Easy Thrift Alterations

how to repair thrift store clothes

A few weeks ago, Gladys asked me this:

Have you or do you embellish your own thrift store or items in your closet to change them or make them more “current”? Would you mind showing us some of your tips?

When Husband Mike and I bought our house, we were SO EXCITED because it didn’t need any major repairs or cosmetic alterations. It was just what we wanted, as-is. When I shop, I generally buy an item if it’s just what I want, as-is, too. But thrifting does offer a wealth of almost-perfect options and, if you have an eye for embellishment and the right skill set, you can transform trash to treasure quickly and easily. read more

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Reader Request: Accessorizing All Black

how to accessorize black outfits

A few weeks back, I got this inquiry from lovely reader msmeta:

My question is about livening up a basic black wardrobe. I have a lot of really nice, classic pieces — sweaters, pants, jackets, leather and even a couple of dresses — that I enjoy wearing and that make me feel comfortable and even chic. But I know I’m playing it much too safe with accessories: basic silver or gold hoop earrings and necklaces, and some fairly conservative scarves.  How can I get out of my rut without calling too much attention to my middle-aged self? read more

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Homework That’s Actually Fun to Do

outfit homework
Audi plans all her outfits a week in advance and hangs them on a roll rack for easy morning access. Kimberly outlines style inspiration calendars that encompass an entire month’s worth of themed ensembles. And me? I make myself late to my appointments by pawing through my closet post-shower, scrambling to assemble a not-boring, seasonally-appropriate getup in the 15-minute window that I allow for dressing.

OK, OK, so I actually do spend some time planning my daily wearings. I have my inspiration workbook, and my outfit list. And instead of counting sheep to lull myself into slumber, I lay in bed and mentally assemble possible outfits. But sometimes those imagined ensembles fail, and I am left without a plan and without inspiration. read more

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