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Forgive Your Body

positive body image forgiveness
When my self-image bottoms out, I get adversarial: I pit my inner self against my body as if they are two are separate entities. I deem my physical self the enemy – a foreign, hostile combatant struggling to suffocate the true, non-corporeal me. I catalog its crimes, and read them out like a series of charges at an arraignment. Why can’t my belly firm up and shrink down? Why can’t my skin stop breaking out? Why can’t I be hairy on my head and my head alone? Why can’t my arms be slender and strong instead of meaty and strong? Why is my body DOING this to me? It’s all a plot. It’s all a cruel scheme meant to keep me from feeling beautiful and attractive and good. It is outright betrayal. read more

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Reader Request: How to Do Business Casual

business casual dress code

Reader Kass had this request:

I would love a how-to on business casual! I have a hard time with the in-between look of either suits or non-office wear, beyond black pants and a button down! Ugh.

So. I used to push the envelope a little at my “business casual” office, allowing myself to don the occasional leopard-print miniskirt or nutty hairstyle. And my boss couldn’t have cared less, and even complimented me on some of my more adventurous ensembles. But every office is different, and although you’ll certainly want to capitalize on the leeway that this dress code affords you, be careful how far you push that envelope. Use your judgment, as I’m sure you always do, and if you’re ever in real doubt, consult HR. Most companies have an actual description of their workwear policy, and it never hurts to find out if you’re going to be breaking it by donning your corduroy minidress or jersey knit romper. read more

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Easy Peasy Stylistic Inspiration

(NOTE: This post is older, and I’ll admit that Pinterest has long since supplanted my Visual Style Journal … but if you’re old school or just hate recycling magazines full of inspiring images, this technique could still work for you!)

Although I would certainly cite blogs as my main source of stylistic information, I still adore my magazines. I love poring over them and marking pages that showcase styles or items of interest. And I love looking at them again and again, until I’ve figured out how to incorporate those styles or items into my OWN unique look. read more

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