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Selective Focus

improve body image

Focus is a choice.

When you look in the mirror and see nothing but cellulite and wrinkles, chin hair and knee fat and tiny boobs, it may feel like you’re seeing these things because they’re SO obvious, or SO horrible, or SO defining. You may assume these things are all there is of you to be seen.

But you are, in fact, choosing to focus on those aspects of your physique. You need to learn about your entire body – both the things you adore and the things you resent – in order to nurture and understand it. But while acknowledging the aspects of your body you don’t adore can be a helpful practice if you want to maximize your figure and look and feel your best, obsessing over them can become dangerous and counterproductive. read more

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Reader Request: Stylish Interview Garb

how to dress for an interview

The lovely Kendra sent me this plea:

I was wondering if you could provide some ideas for interview wear beyond the basic suit and button down. I know alot of it has to do with what industry/field and what level you are interviewing for, but either way it can be hard to pump some creativity and personality into interview attire.

Well, Kendra, lemme tell ya. I actually tend to err on the side of conservatism when interviewing, as I believe that the best time to express your personal style and fashionable creativity is AFTER you’ve landed the job. I understand that showing up in a suit when you’re not a suit-wearing girl may seem dishonest, but you ought to be able to express yourself through what you say, your accomplishments, your humor and smarts. Interview clothes should establish your ethos, not your personality. In an interview, you want to present the most mature, impressive, hire-able version of yourself. You can slowly introduce your visual personality after you’ve been hired or your reputation has been established. read more

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Body Positive Music

body positive music

I’ve been trying to cook up a body positive music post for AGES and always hit a wall: Only a handful of songs came to mind.

So I chatted up my Facebook and Twitter friends and harvested a few awesome ideas. We’ll count ’em down backwards, Billboard style:

7. Lily Allen – Everything’s Just Wonderful
I do love me some Lily, and she’s definitely into subverting the dominant paradigm … but tends toward the whiny side of body image issues, which is why she’s last on MY list. Still, gotta give the girl credit for calling a spade a spade. read more

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