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Reader Request: Styling Boxy Handknits

How to wear chunky sweaters
An anonymous reader threw this bad boy into the suggestion box:

All the women in my family are knitters and so I have a lot of hand-made sweaters and cardigans. The problem with these are they tend to be not very well fitting and also they somehow don’t look very polished. I would never give them away, but at the same time I feel bad for not wearing them enough. I know belting is one option, but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of sweaters. Mostly I end up wearing them when I’m going for the relaxed, slouchy look. Any suggestions on how to incorporate them more into my daily rotation? READ MORE

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Reader Request: College Wardrobe Basics

College wardrobe basics capsule wardrobe

Abby e-mailed me this request:

My request would be a post about college and fashion–suggestions, a basic wardrobe guide, anything like that. I don’t know how many college students make up your demographic, but as a college student, I would definitely appreciate some tips on how to maintain a stylish, ‘fresh’ wardrobe while being limited by both closet space and budget.

The timing of this post may be off depending on where you live and when your school gears up, but I wanted to take a stab at this request! READ MORE

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How to Broadcast Body Confidence

body love acceptance

In a culture that encourages women to engage in trash talk about their own bodies, in which body confidence is an act of bravery, it can be daunting to consider broadcasting pride in your own physical form. But you CAN do it, even in the face of an oppressive environment, reluctant peers, and your own hesitation. I swear! It’s true! Because broadcasting body confidence doesn’t have to mean wearing an “I Love My Body” tee shirt or responding to every compliment by say, “Oh, I know.” There are a million tiny ways that you can tell the world you love your body, just as it is. And in doing so, you may just encourage other women to follow suit. READ MORE

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