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Shame and Motivation

When I visited Green Mountain at Fox Run back in May of 2012, I learned so much. About body image, mindful eating, social pressures, psychology, stress, rebellion, tenderness … it was a very intense education compressed into a single amazing week. During my stay I was also reminded of many things I already knew. I was reminded that women are AMAZING at supporting and caring for other women, especially in times of need and crisis. I was reminded that our urges to care for others often eclipse our urges to care for ourselves. I was reminded that depriving a physical body will only work for so long before biology and nature win out. read more

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Reader Request: Family Vacation Style

dressing for family vacation

Reader Ursula posted this question to Facebook:

Have you written about how to dress for family vacations (Disney specifically) and not look like you are trying too hard (or too little as the case may be)? Struggling with function and body image on this one.

I’ll admit to never having entered a Disney theme park and I don’t have kids myself, but I’ve been to loads of amusement parks for day trips and taken plenty of vacations – with family and alone – that require similar amounts of walking and standing in line. (Think art museums in Florence in June. LINES, people, oh the lines.) So although I can’t speak from direct Epcot-based experiences, I will make my suggestions and ask those of you who have done Disney or similar family trips to lend a hand in the comments! read more

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Vital Imperfections

quotes about perfection

Growing up, T.H. White’s The Once and Future King was my absolute FAVORITE book. I must’ve read that giant tome a dozen times during my preteen and teen years, and even now its gorgeous prose still haunts me. White’s take on the Arthurian legends included numerous unexpected twists and bizarre plot devices, but this one was by far my favorite:

At some point in the course of the Camelotian hoo-ha, everybody decides it’s time to hunt down the Holy Grail. And the knights get all jazzed and pack up their knightly belongings in preparation for the big quest. But there’s a catch, and it’s a doozy. Not only is the Grail fairly hard to track down, but the person who actually finds it will immediately achieve total perfection … and, therefore, cease to exist.* read more

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