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Reader Request: Balancing Contrasting Styles

How to balance contrasting styles within your wardrobe

Reader Chelsea had this request:

I’d love to see something on balancing different styles! I’m still struggling with feeling OK with having completely contrasting tastes in clothes. One day I’m wearing graphic shirts and jeans (I’ll even be specific…a UFC shirt, can’t help it, I love it!), or the next day will be a punk, stud-covered outfit, and the next day a cutesy knitted woodsy outfit. So it’s kind of a mix between confidence and style. Style confidence? The part that I especially have trouble with is going back to college and seeing people see me wearing things that appear to make me a completely different person every day, which is the awesome thing about clothes, but how do you do it without feeling unsure about it? read more

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A New ‘Do for You

When to change hair style

You might think that an annual review of your hairstyle is overkill, and that updating it whenever you feel the need for a change will do just fine. But I’m standing firm on this one, and here’s why:

Hairstyle impacts personal style

You may have a closet full of Prada and Chanel, or vintage gorgeousness galore, or killer shoes from all eras … but if you’ve got an outdated or incongruous hairstyle perched on your noggin, much of that style savvy can be cancelled out. I’ve seen impeccably dressed women with clashing tresses and it impacts their overall perceived stylishness in a big way. read more

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Reader Request: Dressing to Minimize a Tum

Reader R sent me this request via e-mail:

I love many of your outfits, but I’m larger than you with a not-flat tummy. Some clothes just make me feel self conscious because I’m not slimmer. Any suggestions?

So, I’ve talked about dressing around my particular type of tum, and how a figure like mine looks different from the side … but R’s question pertains to a body that is both larger than mine and possessing a more pronounced tum. And she’s specifically noted that she’s self-conscious about her tum and would prefer it be downplayed.  So here are a few ideas to get the conversation started. read more

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