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Lovely Links: 12/29/17

Weekly Kitty:

Two feet in the box are better than none.

“I start my day agonizing over old pictures of myself. I’m all but drooling over her smaller waist, her pants size. I can taste the edges of jealousy, coppery on my tongue. But there’s something deeply unnatural and jarring about envying a former version of yourself. It introduces a decidedly modern and doomed competition. If I was that thin once, I could be that thin again. If she could do it, so could I.”

I love that Europeans call moto jackets “perfectos.” Because they are just about the perfect garment, in my opinion. Clearly Georgette agrees, styling a pink ponte perfecto and mustard velvet one back to back! read more

Dressing the Body in Flux

fashion weight gain weight loss

Creating a personal style is a rewarding and exciting journey. The processes of honing in on your ideal wardrobe, exploring your proportions, and building outfits that make you feel strong and gorgeous are all incredibly fulfilling.

But what if you feel in flux? What if you’re considering moving to another state with a wholly different climate? What if you have gained or lost weight, and don’t know if you’re going to gain or lose more? And what about those times when you feel like you’re still struggling to figure out what it is you want to look like? read more

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Lovely Links: 12/22/17

Weekly Kitty:

Love that little face.

Nicole’s bold print dress and sexy sandals are making me miss the warm weather!

And on the flip side, Lee makes minimalist winter accessories look alluringly chic.

How To Make Thrifted Clothes Look Expensive (My thoughts on this topic here.)

Lusting after Jenny’s boxy plaid coat, step-hem jeans, and combat boots. Also loving Allison’s take on the plaid coat.

Don’t forget that Dress the Population offers stellar holiday party dress options through size 18, and the brand is made in the U.S.! read more