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Lovely Links: 9/29/17

Weekly Kitty:

One of each.

“We’ve all done it — commenting on a friend’s weight whenever it changes. When they lose weight, we say they look amazing and to keep up the good work, and when they gain weight, we assume they’re going through a hard time or there’s something wrong. Why are we so fixated on the idea of weight gain or loss in others, and why are these assumptions so dangerous?

A visual history of that 90s standby – and current fashion fave – the slip dress. Monroe looks smashing in hers. read more

The Importance of a Casual Wardrobe


When you peer into your closet, are you able to instantly envision approximately 57 gajillion casual ensembles and slightly fewer workweek ideas? Do you panic a little, thinking “I’m at the office all week long! How are all those cute-but-work-inappropriate outfits gonna help me?”

Take a few deep breaths and accept that it’s just fine to brim with casual creativity. Here’s why:

Three out of seven: I realize that some gainfully employed women are expected to look sharp all week, but many of us are lucky enough to indulge in Casual Fridays. That means that fun, casual dressing occupies three out of seven days each week. read more

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Reader Request: Where Did You Get That?


Reader AK e-mailed me this tough question:

I get a lot of compliments on my outfits at work, and I love my style. So what’s my problem? I get asked almost daily, “where did you get that [scarf, necklace, boots, sweater, bracelet, watch, purse]?” The questions are coming from my female colleagues, who are also friends. I have a really hard time answering this question depending on who’s asking. There are some people who ask simply as a conversation starter, and I don’t think they really intend to go out and copy me. There are others who immediately hop online to try to find the item, some going so far as to buy it. This bothers me because I spend a lot of time finding the perfect pair of black heeled wide-calf tall boots –I don’t want to see them on three other people in my office. Sometimes I lie and say “Marshalls!” knowing they won’t brave that store (which I love). read more

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