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A Baseline

You do not need to love your body to lead a full and rewarding life. But it might help you to do so.

Feeling good about and loving your body is, in no way, a prerequisite for accomplishment, happiness, or a full life. In fact, I’d wager that the vast majority of people out there doing great things, chasing joy, and filling the days with amazing activities struggle to feel strong and lovely. At least some of the time. You can achieve amazing things in life while still feeling uneasy or unhappy with your physical form.

The reason that I encourage women to work towards body love and acceptance is based on my own experiences. As I’ve said before, I used to truly, actively, and completely hate my body. HATE. It is not too strong a word, I assure you. I avoided mirrors, glass doors, all reflective surfaces because every glimpse I caught of my physical self filled me with loathing. So long as I could trundle through my days without looking at myself, I felt fine. But the moment I was confronted with my own image, the second I was reminded of my unacceptable chunk and frump and pasty-clumsy awfulness, I spiraled down into a dark, miserable place. The amount of energy I expended in self-loathing was mind-boggling. I wore myself out with it. Literally and physically. I was exhausted all the time by how unhappy I was with my body and my looks and my self. read more

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How to Create Balance Within an Outfit

how to create balance in outfits

Sometimes you want to wear something that’s intentionally off-kilter. Sometimes it can be tough to create visual balance in a figure that has extremes. Sometimes balance just isn’t a priority. But for many women, balance is a key concept in dressing, and there are many ways to approach it so I’d like to examine a few common practices!

Balancing clothing volume

Already Pretty outfit featuring Yigal Azrouel leather jacket, asymmetric tunic, skinny gray jeans, Clarks Fernwood ankle boots, Alexis Bittar necklace

When I first became truly interested in style and dressing theory, one of the first things I learned was to balance voluminous clothing with fitted clothing. Wanna wear a loose, drapey, voluminous top? You might consider balancing that volume with a close-fitting bottom garment. This also works in reverse: A voluminous bottom can be balanced by a fitted top. If you do volume all over, the observing eye fills in body fullness where there is none. By wearing a voluminous top with voluminous bottoms, you mask the curves and contours of your figure and may make yourself look big all over. By pairing loose with fitted, more of your true figure shape is revealed. read more

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