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Lovely Links: 6/30/17

Weekly Kitty:

Harriet has very specific views about distressed denim.

Monroe’s olive green wrap skirt perfectly complements her bold off-shoulder top.

Possibly the best title ever for a beauty product review piece: Adventures In Rubbing Gross Stuff On Your Face. (Reviews Korean beauty products containing snail mucin. Yum!)

How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit Interesting

Sandra’s lemon-print dress and denim jacket make a perfect pairing.

In a fascinating piece positing that obesity is a myth, author Katie McBeth consults with several scholars and says, “We can so easily jump on the bandwagon when it comes to deconstructing patriarchy, or even the myth of the ‘American Dream,’ but when it comes to deconstructing health myths we often get caught up. Why is that? read more

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Clothing Commentary

style comments

Oh, how I love this skirt. It’s romantic yet funky, playful yet sophisticated, and ever so fun to wear. It’s also, in essence, a grown-up version of a tutu. And whenever I wore it to the office, whenever I wear it now, it draws lots of comments. Lots of curiosity. It’s an attention-grabber, and causes people to come out of the woodwork to share their thoughts.

And no one has ever said anything nasty about it. Not directly to me, anyway. And I’m able to field whatever questions and opinions get thrown at me, no problem. But I’ve had years of practice and given it loads of thought. And several readers have mentioned that they love the idea of dressing smartly and stylishly, but worry about how peers will react. Specifically how often peers may comment upon or question any noticeable changes in personal style. So I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions for dealing with clothing and style commentary from your peer group. read more

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Does it Fit vs. Does it WORK

Figuring out form over function with your clothes

Below you see two outfits that never hit the blog. They’re both perfectly fine outfits, but their main players – the dress and the utility vest – have long since been donated. Because while they may have fit just fine, they didn’t actually work for me.

fit vs work

I had been searching for a magenta dress with sleeves for ages. I wanted one I could wear on its own without layers. And when this one arrived and it fit, I was filled with glee. But after a handful of wearings I discovered that half-sleeves are not nearly warm enough for winter wear, and that the deep V in the back was a very pretty feature but left me totally freezing. read more

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