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Lovely Links: 4/28/17

Weekly Kitty:

Cue the choir.

AnOther Magazine explores the history of the cape, which it deems “the Most Underrated Piece of Outerwear.”

3 Practices for Embracing and Connecting to Your Body

Ragini’s keyhole-back dress and neckerchief make such a sweet combination. Also love Joanne’s take on the neckerchief look, which is a bit more Western!

Leave it to Lyn to make a metallic duster look chicly casual.

The Curvy Fashionista team interviewed six six activists and influencers in the plus size community about the state of the body positive movement, including Sonya Renee Taylor, Founder of The Body Is Not An Apology; Virgie Tovar, Author of Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion; and Corissa Enneking, Plus Size Fashion Blogger and YouTube Creator for Fat Girl Flow. READ MORE

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Organize Your Wardrobe, Hone Your Style

organize wardrobe

As you stare into the depths of your closet, frustrated and overwhelmed, seeing racks of clothing and NOTHING you want to wear, you may be thinking to yourself:

  • Dude. I need to go SHOPPING.
  • I must have crappy taste. How can I hate everything I own?
  • Naught but closet orphans in here. Sigh.

And yet, my guess would be that you’ve got loads of amazing duds, that your taste is spot-on, and that your items are just dying to be remixed. AND that all of these things would be crystal clear to you if you invested some time and energy in organizing your wardrobe.

What? NO! I’m not kidding! No wait, LISTEN. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Closet Organization for the Large and Varied Wardrobe

How to organize a large wardrobe

Christine asked this question in a comment:

I am curious how you, Sal, and other style bloggers, who by definition tend to have a lot of pieces, keep everything accessible and in order. So much closet organizing advice seems tilted toward a minimalist perspective.

I’d never really thought about it, but she’s right: Even many of my own posts on closet organization describe tactics that I can aspire to, but rarely apply to my own large and varied wardrobe. Naturally, I can’t speak for all style bloggers – some of whom also own a lot of clothing, but many of whom aim for minimalism – but I’m happy to share my own tactics. READ MORE

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