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Dressed for: Tickly Breezes

Already Pretty outfit featuring Athleta dress, Eileen Fisher bubble scarf, perforated boots, Banana Republic hobo bag

Dress, Athleta (no longer available) – similar shape/style
Scarf, courtesy Eileen Fisher (no longer available) – similar style
Boots, BC Footwear In the Mood (no longer available) – more perforated boots
Wrap bracelet, Quince – similar
Earrings, via Opitzsimilar

This was the first time I hauled out the perforated boots this summer, and I was immediately reminded that they tickle. OK, the boots themselves don’t tickle, but the feeling of a screened breeze hitting the calves feels surprisingly tickly. The boots provide a marvelous way to downplay unshaven legs while still allowing for ventilation. Ahhhh. read more

Reader Request: Adjusting to Formfitting Clothing

how to wear tight clothes

Emily e-mailed this request:

I wonder if you’d be interested in doing a post about the discomfort, early discomfort anyway, involved in making the right choices for your body type. When you wear flattering clothes, clothes that fit to the body, well, they show the body shape. And as many many guests on What Not to Wear show with their reactions to belts and waisted dresses, it’s uncomfortable, at first, to wear things on your waist when you’ve been hiding your waist under baggier clothes, or bloused clothes, or what have you. read more

Lovely Links: 7/27/12

A few quick notes:

I am having some issues getting a Nook version of my new book
properly formatted and submitted, but I SWEAR it’s in the works!
Should be available in a week or two.
In the meantime, the print and Kindle/iPad versions are up and running.
More news soon, I hope.

I will be speaking on a panel at BlogHer ’12 in New York NEXT WEEK!
Let me know if you’ll be attending, as I’d love to connect.

Huge thanks to The Beheld and Weightless for their incredibly kind words about my new book! read more